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markleysburg, PA(Zone 5a)

Just starting rock garden. Would you please give me some sites or tell me where I might get print catalogs for rock and alpine plants> Thanks Shirley

Northeast, PA(Zone 6b)

Here's a site with lots of gorgeous pictures:


And the North American Rock Garden Society site provides articles on how
to build a rock garden and pictures & links


Are you looking for sites that will help you purchase alpines / rock garden plants?
I'll come back tonight to check... gotta get to work right now.


Wheatfield, NY(Zone 6a)

I'm a newbie, too. But I've been looking for a long time.

here's a couple of online nurseries


this one has some great links to other sites and articles


alpine plants database

markleysburg, PA(Zone 5a)

Thanks guys I appreciate your kindness in hunting these fo rme. Yes I am looking also for purchasing plants Just now starting so unsure of what I want. Also interested in seeds Shirley

Central, UT(Zone 5b)

My favorite sources for seed besides the NARGS seedex are www.rmrp.com "Rocky Mountain Rare Plants" and www.Alplains.com "Alplains". You'll have to call or e-mail Alplains for a catalogue as their website isn't up yet.

I've also been looking at the following as well.... still haven't ordered from them but they have some very interesting offerings:

www.jjaseeds.com/ "Jim and Jenny Archibalds site"
www.gardensnorth.com/site/index.htm "Gardens North"
www.silverhillseeds.co.za/ "Silverhill Seed"
www.mesagarden.com "Mesa Gardens" Cacti and assort. succulents

Another favorite plants source is www.rockgardenplants.com/"Beaver Creek Greenhouse"

If you are a member of NARGS the quarterlies also have advertisments with information to several other sources that I have yet to try.

If you search this link for "seed/plant sources you should come up with alot of information. https://listserv.surfnet.nl/scripts/wa.exe?A0=alpine-l. Hope this works.


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markleysburg, PA(Zone 5a)

Thanks Ally for so much info. Will be reading it all from you folks this weekend Blessings Shirley

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