VA pay for daycare!

southeast, NE

My father has bipolar/dementia. After a recent manic attack leading to hospitalization, the doctor recommended that he need more socialization. My parents live in a small town; however, there is an assisted living facility that provides day care. My mother still works part time and needs to get out of the house on occasion. We were quite surprised when the day care provider asked if dad qualified for VA benefits and indicated that the VA might pay for his day care. We checked with the VA. It took about a month to certify the facility but they now pay the fees.

Mesilla Park, NM

Thanks for this info, this is really good to know for our family.. You never know when it will be needed. I wonder if they would pay for a nursing home too if needed?


Denver, CO

VA here has their own nursing home. It was making the news a year or so ago because of horrible conditions.

Moorhead, MN

Solitare- sorry to hear the Denver VA home not good. I care for my dad in Moorhead,MN we are so lucky to have the Fargo,ND VA 5 miles away! The staff there is so caring and giving- the facility is outstanding in every way. There are care centers at Lisbon,ND, SilverBay,MN, Fergus falls,MN and a large one in St. Paul that is really great. Nebraska Jewel -Any person who has served in the military is accepted but preferance is given to those with a higher disability rating. Seems like there is a waiting list quite often. I'm not sure how or if they charge. That is good to hear about them paying daycare.

san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

You can also apply for A&A (Aide and Assistance) Pay. The VA will give financial assistance to those who need full-time assistance to help them with the additional cost. Also, Solitare, there are many nursing homes who have contracts with the don't have to go to their place, necessarily.

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I take care of my disabled vet husband. I often wondered what we'd do if I became unable to take care of the house and him because of my own health. The VA nursing home isn't a good idea at all. He would hate it and of course the income from his 100% pay would not continue then, so financially I'd be in bad shape.

Crossville, TN

My DH received very good care at the VA in Tucson....he wasn't in the nursing home part, but was in the hospice type care....we were lucky we could bring him home...and the VA arranged for us to have Hospice care at home in our town....and provided us with a wheel chair and lots of supplies to take home with us.....I will always support the VA hospitals. Jo

NE Medina Co., TX(Zone 8a)

I'm happy your DH had a good experience. Care at VA hospitals vary from facility to facility and from doctor to doctor. The VAMC my DH goes to is a teaching facility. Medical students and residents learn as they go through their rotations there. My DH is totally disabled as a direct result of a long, very tragic experience as a patient there. It's a miracle he survived. Our veterans deserve the best care our country can give them. Maybe someday all of them will receive that kind of care if they come to a VA facility for treatment, but right now some do and some don't.

Myrtle Beach, SC

My DH is 100% VA disabled also. We have used the VA Facility here in Myrtle Beach, SC and also in Charleston, SC. I have only the BEST to say regarding his care. We are day patients: cardiac care, orthopedic and hearing aids, too. They are always very kind and considerate and on time, too ! Jack, my DH, is only 64, and a very special man. We both think the R. Johnson Facility is truly a blessing.
Thank you for the information regarding day care. I hope we don't need it but I am so glad it is in place for those that need it.
God bless everyone, Margo

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san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

Linda...give me a call...210-834-1760...I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I can help you. My husband is the Clinical Regional Director of 5 local nursing homes, and my mother is on Hospice. My father was active duty army, retired special forces...I was navy...I know a lot about Va benefits, but its a pain in the "a" to text everything, so if you'd like to talk to me, or if ANY of you would like to talk to me, please call. I have learned how to get the best care possible for my mother, the surv iving spouse of a deceased active duty army major with 70% disability...if you think I can help you too, please, please, call me because I promise you, I can, and I will.

Leakey, TX

I am a caregiver to my husband who has dementia.
He is navy retired. Did you know that if you make to much money the VA will have nothing to do with you I have checked with the local VA hospital and was told hubby is not eligible for the VA even after serving in the military for 22 years .
All I asked was could I use the resic care so I could get a little free time to myself and was told NO.

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