Why they call it Eagle Fern.

Bessemer City, NC(Zone 7b)

Until I looked at the developing fornds, I didn't think about the text that I had read that surmised that early botanists called Pteridium aquilinum "Eagle Fern" due to the "claw-like growth pattern of the crosier or the eagle-wing resemblance of the frond."

I vote for the depiction of an eagle in flight.

Our new national fern?

Thumbnail by raydio
Bessemer City, NC(Zone 7b)

Another view.

Thumbnail by raydio
Bessemer City, NC(Zone 7b)

My little brake of eagles.

Thumbnail by raydio
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I'm all for making this the national fern. That is a really cool fern! keep up the good work.


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