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North Saanich, Canada

After making my own cards for about a year, I have now decided I should scan them so I have a record of what I have made. Did this one last night for my sister in law and hubby who are moving into a new house. This is the front. I used corrugated paper on the top bar with a fiber rope.

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North Saanich, Canada

This is the inside. By the way, I love Magic Mesh!!!! I bought the alphabet stamps a couple of weeks ago and really like the size of them. Great size for cards.

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North Saanich, Canada

I have an aunt who is turning 90 in a couple of weeks. Here is the front of her card. I have started using ribbon quite a bit now for the fronts of cards, and love this one. Got a roll of it at Costco for next to nothing.

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North Saanich, Canada

INside the card. The dragonfly square is set up on POP DOTS.

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North Saanich, Canada

Those are the only two I have scanned, but I am going to continue to scan as I make them, so I keep ideas to use again. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get ideas!!!! Anyone else out there make card?? Let's see them.

(This forum is very quiet lately!!!!!)


North Saanich, Canada

New card I made today for brother and sister in law for their 39th anniversary.

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North Saanich, Canada

Anniversary card inside. The red/yellow glow you see is weird. That paper is actually silver metallic, so it did some weird thing in the scanner. It has a bit of blue fiber attached to it, under the saying, which is raised with pop dots!!!

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Marquette, MI(Zone 5a)

Very nice. You have given me some wonderful ideas. I love to garden and have done some pressed flowers, now I have a new use for them. Thanks for sharing.

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

I especially liked the last two cards. I like the mulberry paper with the dried flowers. Very pretty. I have a couple friends that are really into the "Stampin Up" thing, this one gal designs her own paper and everything! Way to complicated for me. I just slap my pictures down in a album and hope my spelling is correct. (grin)

Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted to post and let you know that there is a new website at where you can go and submit images of your Cricut projects or other projects to the gallery for others to see and try out.

The site is completely free and community driven. There is also a forum and an articles section.

This is a BRAND NEW website, so any feedback and contributions are much appreciated. We need articles as well, so if you have any great tips or ideas to contribute, please let us know.


seattle, USA Minor Outlying Islands


You people are so talented, recently i tried to make card with batik hand made paper, and it was looking good, i think hand made papers are nice option for making cards. You can get hand made papers from they have a nice collection of handmade paper.


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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I like doing batik -- haven't done that since high school. We did fabric. I'd like to learn to do some on paper!

Saint Charles, IL(Zone 5a)

ggd Love your cards. I am new to scrapbooking. I am trying to do albums for my boys who are now older. I have tons of pictures and it can be very overwhelming. I don't have alot of time and that can be fustrating. Scapbooking I have found takes alot of time. I bought and bought a ton of stuff last year to get started. There's a store here for scrapbooking that always has "garage sales" and you can get some cool stuff very cheap.

North Saanich, Canada

Finally getting back to doing some cards. I think I will be like other people and make a whole pile of cards at one time, so I'm not in a big panic when somethign does come up.
First card of 2009: I edged the card with gold ink but am not really a big fan. Would have been better on a different colored card.

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North Saanich, Canada

Inside: I like using the matstack papers that are a bit textured. They are so nice to work with and a great size. The hummingbird is a rub on, and is set up with pop dots. Just a sticker border that I used there. I love those fine sticker borders, and I can't hardly find them anymore. The greenery is also a rub on. I like rub-ons but they are expensive. So I stock up when they are sale!

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I like that card. I think the gold looks fine. From what line did you get that hummingbird rub-on? I really like that!

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Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

Marsha, Great card, and I second that ? re: where did you get the nice H'bd rub on? How did you do your "It's Your Birthday" lettering? It looks embossed...

North Saanich, Canada

HI ladies. (by the way, my name is Glenda, not Marsha! : - ))
The hummingbird rub-on came from Michaels, I think it is called Royal E-Z Rub-on Transfers. I have some of birds, sunflowers, and some beautiful butterflies. I like them a lot.
The IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY is a rubber stamp, but I have used a Marcy Uchida marker on it, rather than ink. I love using the pens, since they stay wet longer, and you can use more than one color at a time. I often find that ink pads do not do a great job, although I do use them sometimes. I did a card this week with the same stamp, used a copper ink pad, and even though I pressed really well, the whole design did not come out clean. Hence.....the pens!!

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

Glenda (sorry!), Thanks, I will look for those rub ons - very pretty.

I am not familiar with the marcy Uchida markers or using markers at all on rubber stamps. So I will look into that as well since I have had 'coverage' problems when using stamps.

This sharing is great!

North Saanich, Canada

Oops, I did a spelling boo boo!!! It should be Marvy Uchida. Here's a link to what they look like:

I like using these way better than the inkpads!

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

ggd - Glenda,
Well, it took me a while -- life and work intervened, but I did get the Marvy Uchida markers and they are awesome! I really like them and now understand how people are able to do multiple colors on stamps. Thanks so much for telling me (us) about it. Funny that as much as I look at magazines and websites on scrapbooking, that DG was my source for this tool!

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

I decided to give card making a try. I am having trouble with verses. I tried printing them out and pasting, but I don't like the way it looks. I tried cutting a verse out of another card and pasting, but that looks worse.

Any expert advice for this beginner ?

Thanks !

North Saanich, Canada

Well, most of my verses are done with rubber stamps, but I have been know to print things out on vellum, then attach with eyelets or brads. Both work well. If you don't have stamps, then printing verses out will be okay if you do it on a nice paper, and maybe add another color behind it, then glue on , or use brads, etc then glue on. Gluing vellum does not look good. It needs to be attached by other means.
Hope this helps.
Ask more questions if needed!

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

ggd - Thanks ! I didn't think to put color behind the printed verse. Stamps are a great idea. I've seen quite a selection at Hobby Lobby.
I'll try stamping too.

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

ggd is right on re: gluing vellum -- even the special "vellum glue" shows through.
I do what she suggests also: printing off the verse on nice paper and matting it. I just bought a Crop-a-dile, so I may go back to vellum (colored vellum is very nice) and use eyelets more often.
You can also, with some planning, print your verse directly on the cardstock before you score it into a card. This takes some fiddling (for me at least) with your printer and Microsoft Word to come up with a template that works so that the sentiment prints where you want it to. But it makes for a nice look since you can choose your font style and color.

And thanks to this thread, I've started scanning or taking a pic of some of the cards I've made. Good idea, ggd -- Thanks!

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

I went to Hobby Lobby this morning and bought a few stamps and some ink pads.

I have a card making program for the computer, but you have to fold the stock in quarters. Most cards aren't made like that anymore. I used to print the pictures and make cards, but that uses up a lot of ink and gets expensive.

I will try experimenting with scrap paper and see if I can get the verse where I want it. I run Microsoft Works, but maybe I can figure it out. Printing verses wouldn't take that much ink.

This whole project began thinking I could spend less by making cards. It has turned into an art project instead - lol !

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

I sent my first home made card out today to a friend in Kentucky. It is her birthday. I am pleased with the outside of the card. I stamped Happy Birthday and signed my name on the inside, but I wasn't real happy with the way it looked. It was nice and neat, but...

Is just Happy Birthday and a signature enough ?

I saw a card with the signature stamped. I searched online, but could only find custom signature stamps from office supply places. Do you know of any sites that are more artistic ?

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

Countrymom, I don't know about more artistic signature stamps, but I think (just MHO -my humble opinion) that a special card, made with any non-standard things, is special enough. Signing it for real is a good thing! No signature stamp required.
that's just me.... :)

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

cedar18 - I hope you are right. I hope my friend opens the card and goes - wow ! Penny made it herself !. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ontario, CA

You can make more creative a card which will be very unique and decorate the card with colorful beads and ribbons all of the lovely messages tied on by ribbon to create a beautiful presentation of well wishes.

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