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lake water in garden

Louisville, TN(Zone 7a)

we live on the lake and as dry as it has been i have been pumping lake water for my lower portion of my yard and vegetable garden. what bad effects could i possibly be doing to my yard and vegetables? am i making more trouble than its worth the free water?

Louisville, TN(Zone 7a)

also, i have had quite a bit of my yellow squash grow "siamese twins" where 2 fruits are grown together. what freaky thing have i done or is this no big deal? we dont live next to a nuclear plant!

Clawson, MI(Zone 6a)

Only 2 things I can think of that would give you a problem.
If there is a lot of houses on this lake ( and depending on what size the lake is ) fertilizer and weed killer could run off of lawns and into your lake which you then pump on to your vegies.
Check with your local ordinances. Here in Michigan I believe you must obtain a permit to pump water from a body of water even if said water is on your property. Some places are just protective of water suppies. A quick trip to city hall could save you a ticket.
A city nearby to me just passed an ordinance that you can not drill a well on your property and use that water for plants and lawn. I'm sure they have a good reason but it sounds like a waste of resources to me.

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