August 10 and HOT

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

Hello folks,
Everyone must be really busy lately, as there aren't a lot of posts. I just got in from watering all the flower beds, trees, gardens, etc. I am ready for a nap. It's been pretty dry lately but we've managed to catch a few showers here and there. There is a burn ban for most of the state. About 60 miles north of us and also to the west, the crops are in sorry shape. The corn is only waist high and brown already. The northern half of the state is dry as a bone. Most of the ranchers and farmers have sold most of their cattle as there isn't enough rain to fill the ponds and stock dams. The pastures are brown and whatever hay is cut is minimal. They opened up the CRP acres last month to grazing, but lots of it was too little, too late.Every time there is a storm that comes through, lightning starts fires and hundred of acres burn before it can get put out. It's a sad situation.

We went to the Camp Creek Threshers event last month in Lincoln, NE and I got to meet Nebraska Jewel. We really had a nice chat. Wish we could have stayed longer. It was so nice to finally get to meet someone from Dave's. Wish I would have thought to take a camera along. Jewel is the greatest!!

Summer is winding down and school will be starting in a couple of weeks. DS # 1 got married in July. DS #2 had surgery a few weeks ago and is doing fairly well. He had the tube coming from his kidney to his bladder reconstructed as his was too small and kinked in one spot. He had to go in to the doctor yesterday for a minor infection. Kids!! They think they can just jump out of bed after surgery and go back to work. He hasn't gone back yet, but two days after he got out of the hospital, he was painting his garage. His dad caught him in the act and read him the riot act and I think he learned a hard lesson. He was really hurting the next day. Of course, they don't think that we parents know anything!! ;) He hopes to feel good enough to work half days next week. I guess it depends on what the doc says.

Just thought I would pop in to say hello. Mary, how is your riding going?? EvaMae, have you had many storms in your neck of the woods?? KathyJo, how are all your critters? I had to get my Canadians a kiddie pool as the pond is totally dry. They really like to splash around in it. Hello to Kathleen and Badseed. Michelle, have you gotten any critters yet??
Take care everyone.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Hey Ruth, good to hear from you, even if the farming isn't great. Here, we've been wet enough, with a few dry spots. This next week looks to be sunny and cool - highs in the low to mid 70s and lows in the 50s. I'll not compain about that! A week ago, we had heat index readings of 105 - not my cup of tea. It put paid to some of my pansies and the woods plants won't be seeding this year. I am loving this cooler weather.

Stan is almost done with 3rd cutting. The hay mow is full - I'm not even sure he has room for the straw he's mowing tonight. Mostly, it's really weedy oats, not fit to combine. He's even going to have to chop the millet. The cows decided that they didn't want to eat it this year for some reason. He's about 2 loads from the 80 that he plans on in the silos, but I'm sure he'll find room for what ever needs to be chopped. My husband, the hay maniac!

We still have two puppies, Smudge and Susie. Smudge is a little male with a dark streak on one side of his lower jaw and Susie is a little female (no boys named Sue around here), with a half white, half black face. Susie is a little pistol. She was the one that figured out how to get out of the pen and she has been on the loose ever since. She has pretty free run of the place and has been very good about staying out of the way of vehicles and machinery. She's been teaching Smudge the ropes the last few days and it is funny to watch. Mitzi loves to play with them because she can lord it over them! I wish I could get Kathy Jo out here, she'd love these two!

I've been working on gardens a little, freezing some purple beans, and working on "fabric poems." I have some in a local gallery/shop/bakery (my kind of place!) and am going to enter another in a contest at a place in Ohio called the Dairy Barn Arts Center. I thought the name was a good omen. They are all the things I do: quilting, photography and poetry tossed in a pot and stired well. I paint the fabric and print photos on fabric and add a poem and I get a great deal of satisfaction from it. Now, if they will just sell.

Off to fix supper.

Social Circle, GA(Zone 8a)

HOT is an understatement! School started here 2 weeks ago. Kids on the bus here get home in drenched clothing and are puking from the heat. No clue why they make school buses here with no air conditioning.....One bus driver put a thermometer in her bus and it was 118. 118! Thank heavens my kids' bus is airconditioned.

We've finally been able to get a little rain. At least my grass is green.....

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I have done "heat and humidity in the south" - it does sound odd to not have a/c on the school buses...

Cooling off here - down in the mid 90's during the day, high 50's at night. The 40something degree swing in temps makes me think of menopause - the plants are all confused. I think this portents an early fall. I don't mind if fall comes early as long as it lasts a long time! I was going to start cutting back on the irrigation in Sept to ready things for their winter sleep, but maybe I should start cutting back NOW...

100+ acre fire in Reno making the air smudgy smelling - but should make for an excellent sun set. Too bad you have to have all those ash particulates to make such a pretty thing. Gusty winds to 30 MPH are going to make it tough on the firefighters, too.

Many blessings to you. Karla

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone. It's been hot here (not like Karla has but near 100 a few days) and now we had a cold front, lightening storms and today was 45 this morning and 75 this afternoon! It feels good. It's been a challenge to keep enough water on the flower beds and the vegie garden.

My endurance riding season isn't going too well. It started out good but then about 2 months ago one horse was lame and the other had a serious cough. I gave them time off, then rode again and the horse that was lame on the right hind was now lame on the left hind. The vet at the ride saw him both times and suggested that he needed some chiropractic work, so I hauled him to another ride where there was a vet that does that, sure enough, his pelvis was crooked, possibly from a fall I saw him take in the pasture before the first lameness. The other horse finally got over his cough and this week got a wire cut on his front foot between the hoof and fetlock. The first horse is back to work but isn't ready to do an endurance ride yet. The ride for this weekend has been canceled due to a fire in the area. The fire fighters have taken over the rodeo grounds that was to be our ride camp, and the area has 2 fires near where we would have been riding. The next ride I could go to is on Labor Day weekend and I hope to have a horse ready for it.

The vegie garden is doing fairly well, I have ripe tomatoes, enough cucumbers for eating, lots of zucchini and yellow summer squash, and the first planting of corn will be ready in about 2 more weeks. There are lots of beets, the potatoes could be dug any time, onions are ready, and I have green beans coming out my ears! We're going to have a lot of grapes this year unless the deer discover them. This morning there were 7 deer about 150 ft from the house. I hope they decided there is no reason to come back.

So far my neighbor has put about 8 tons of hay in our barn, that's 2 bale wagon loads. It's so nice, he just backs in, sets it down, and drives away, no wrestling bales unless some fall off the top of the load while he is backing in with the load ready to set down. The hay crop was good this year. We had a dry winter but a wet spring bailed us out, and the irrigation water lasted until about 10 days ago, a couple of weeks longer than usual.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Hey everyone! Glad to see a Journal post.

The word here is hot and dry. I actually started feeding hay to the livestock. One of my cows that I call Red has figured out that if she stands and kicks up dust on herself it is good fly control. Otherwise, they like to stand in an old pond and stay muddy.. When I come home from my payin' job, I go to the barn and set on some old junk ( or resourses , as NJ would say.) and just talk to the livestock.

Speakin' of traveling Kathleen, I am actually going to take a trip.. Now this is me , the ol' girl that would mostly be happy to stay put on the farm here.. But, no, the family has talked me into going to Bulgaria in September. One of my Son-in-Laws is from Bulgaria. I have never been out of the U.S. So Hubby and I had to get passports .. I am actually quite nervous about it. They live in the mountains and I know I will have a great time.. Just don't travel much! I am so glad to have my brother live so close to me , so he and his family can take care of all my stuff.

Farrier came yesterday while I was at work.. My sister-in-law, the family horse person, came over.. I couldn't catch the big old mare and have her up in the corral and Sis in Law couldn't catch her either.. but the mare's feet aren't in bad shape at all.

Well, I am getting a slow start this morning.. but off to the barn.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Yes, it is nice to see a journal started. Like KathyJo it is hot and dry here too. This morning is much cooler tho. It feels so nice. The thermometer reads 78*. I know the critters are glad for the break in the hot weather.

No real rain here for weeks. A few short showers now and then but Sedalia and on south about 40 miles it has rained most of the past 2 days. Sedalia is just 13 miles south of us. I was talking to a friend on the phone when it started pouring down in there. North of us about 12 miles they got a half inch the other day. We got a couple 5 minute showers.

Jack had a dream of many years come true this past week. We got a 2 year old front tilt deck Walker mower. The price was right so I went to our loan officer at the bank and he saw fit to loan us the money for it. Holly is very familiar with these Walkers and loves them. It has a 9.5 bushel grass catcher which is something I have wanted for years too.

Ruth, I'm so sorry to hear of the terrible weather up in your area. I know lots of the country is too dry and others are way too wet. Here is depends on which side of a highways 50, 65, or I -70 you live on. The rains seem to follow those paths most of the time. One of our pasture tenents is already feeding hay too. One someone else's land he rents. Our fescue is in bad condition but the cattle and horses out there do seem to be finding something to eat.

Our pasture tenent has a 100 gallon poly tank out there and last week the cattle kept crowding around it and tipping it over. Such a waste of water in a drought time. So we rolled the old 6' X 3' metal tank we haven't used for 15 years or more and proceeded to caulk the bottom seam and the one down the side and gave the entire bottom 2 thick coats of the same stuff that is used on mobile home roofs. Holly and Kyle had over a gallon of it left from when they bought their mobile home when they got married. It had several rusted thru spots and Jack used JBWeld on them. He found a faucet from an old water heater to put into the drain hole because the bung has been lost for a long time. The tenent came up and moved it over to the pasture, laid down boards to make a solid surface for it to set on and put a new float on it. Filled it with water and it is doing fine. Eventually the tenent wants to put in one of the below ground watering units that are freeze proof. We've told him it is ok with us. There will be lots of jostling out there then because it is a one at a time type opening.

KathyJo, the trip sounds wonderful .Please let yourself relax and enjoy it to the fullest. Be sure to take your camera(s)and get lots of pictrues.

I need to go get some work done tho I would really rather go back to bed. GOD bless and keep each of you.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

KathyJo, Bulgaria is just south of Romania where my hubby is going next month. I have seen pictures of the countryside and the farming, it is like something from about 100 years ago. You will enjoy the experience and I hope you have a safe trip. In Romania the main highway for the whole country is shared with horsedrawn wagons, herds of cattle and goats, people walking, a few cars, and if you drive at night there is no warning for sharp curves, major road damage, etc, and the wagons do not have reflectors or any kind of lights in most cases. They grow pumpkins for animal feed and store them in huge piles in their yards, upper floors of houses have hay in them (animal feed which also serves as insulation) and the cattle are turned out in the morning to join a herd that somebody takes to the hills to graze all day and brings back to town at night. Every cow knows where she lives and gets milked, so the herd gets smaller as it goes through the villages, then in the morning the gate is opened after milking, the cow goes out and joins the herd again. Haystacks that are built outdoors have an upright pole in the center and the hay loose hay is stacked around it in a way that sheds the rain. Farmers do not live on their farms, they all live in the villages. You will likely find similiar conditions if you go out into the country.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Been catching up on the posts.

MaryE, In Bulgaria they do the same with the sheep as you are talking about with the cattle.. The shepard walks through the town ringing a bell in the morning and picks up everyone's sheep , takes them to the mountain to graze and brings them back at night.

It's raining here.. What a blessing!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Now that I live in Nevada and I'm trying to make baby trees survive in the desert, I know why people worshipped The Rain God through the millenia!

Have fun on your trip, KJo!

Ok, time to go see what is chewing on my bell peppers! Take care, all!

southeast, NE

Hello everyone!

It was great seeing Ruth and her husband, sister and brother-in-law. I enjoyed seeing wedding pictures of her son.

Ruth - did you get any rain since you last posted? We've had some wonderful rains. In the last two weeks we've had 4 inches of rain. It probably was too late for the corn; however, everything else looks great. Today it is hot and sticky out which is to be expected for August.

DH is teaching a class in Nashville this week. We put markers on the rams and turned them in with the girls on Saturday. Both rams are unbelievably gentle. I can go up to them and check their markers and they stand still for me. I did have to treat one old skinny ewe with Nuflor. I think she has some kind of respiratory thing.

Life has been hectic as usual. Many of you remember that my dad was diagnosed with bipolar several years ago. He is doing better for the most part but my sister or I go with him and Mom to every appointment.

Well I'd better get back to work. You all take care.

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

Hello folks,
Jewel, we have been catching a few sprinkles here and there, just maybe .75 total, nothing like the 4 inches that you got. The northern part of the state got some nasty weather a few days ago with a bunch of tornadoes that did some damage, but we missed out on those too. The rains all seem to go to North Dakota and Nebraska. Glad you are getting some rain. Farmers are cutting silage here, but further north they cut it about a month ago already as it was getting so dry.

Helped a friend with her daughters wedding yesterday. Couldn't have had a nicer day for it. The dance was lots of fun with all the cowboys from West River here. Guess I should explain the east river/west river thing. The state is divided almost in half by the Missouri River. Anything east of the Missouri is nicknamed East River and anything west of the river is nicknamed West River. If someone is talking about someone else from West River, they could be from any town west of the Missouri River in South Dakota. West River has very sparse populations except for Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish and those bigger towns in the Black Hills. There are lots of rolling prairies west river. East River is more populated with more farms and bigger towns. Anyway, we got home about 1:30 a.m. and as we were walking to the house, I could still hear the hooting and hollering about a half mile away at the dance hall. There was even one guy that had a hat that said "Champion Wild Cow Milker".!!! I would really have liked to seen the contest where he won that!!! ;) LOL

We are back at school already. It's going to be different with the 4 day school week. We will see how it works. People are skeptical, but I think after they get used to it, they will like it. It was a long week with paperwork up to our eyeballs. Hopefully, all the schedule changes got done so we can have a normal week.

We are going to a neighbors to take his truck back that we borrowed for the wedding yesterday. Hubby was in charge of the hay ride for the wedding party after the ceremony. We got a friends car trailer, threw some straw bales on it and pulled the wedding party around town for about half an hour. That's about the time that the hooting and hollering started. When we get home, I'm thinking that a nap is in order. ;)

Take care, everyone.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Ruth, have you ever read Dakota by Kathleen Norris? She talks about how it would have made more sense to have East and West Dakota, rather than North and South.

A four day school week? That's intriguing. New York State keeps talking about increasing the school year from 180 days to over 200, as the schedule is anachronistic because there are no farmers who need their children to work the harvests. Yep, that's what they say. Some time, I'd like all the farmers in the country to take just one day off - and see what they think about whether or not there are any farmers who might need their kids to help out a bit. Not that we'd actually be able to take the day off, but you know what I mean!

It's been raining here for a couple of days, but should be clearing out for most of the week. Stan has some third cutting he wants to mow and bale. It will have to sit in the wagons as there isn't any room in the haymow. He's building a roof over the stack of hay in front of the barn. Julia was here yesterday and asked what he thought he was up to and he said he was going to add on 10 more cows when the straw was gone. She came in the house and told me I'd better watch him, he was at it again! Right now, he's bottle feeding 7 calves, four of which will go to the sale on Tuesday. I fed two for him this morning when I went out to get milk. He wasn't quite done, and we were between rain showers, so I braved the little creatures. I wish I could do that more often, but caught myself massuaging my hands during church. Everytime I go out there, I hurt something.

back to taking a little rest!

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

Kathleen, yes it would have made more sense to have an East Dakota and West Dakota. Either that, or just have one big Dakota. That would have been the second biggest state in the union. We grow 'em big up here too, not just in Texas. LOL

We are getting a parent delegation to the next school board meeting. They think that the teachers are giving too much homework. One 8th grade mom complained to me that after her daughter got home from volleyball practice, it was almost 7:00. She then had six hours of homework after supper. There are 7 periods in the day and the teachers are supposed to let the kids have the last 10 to 15 minutes of the class to study. There are no middle school study halls. When there were study halls last year, only 15% of the class would break open a book, the other ones only wanted to socialize. I think they will have to learn how to plan their study times and the teachers will need to look at how much homework they are giving. They could be doing some of that stuff in class. It's a trial and error thing this year. Plus, the kids can have only 6 absent days a semester before they have to write an appeal letter to keep their credits. There is one junior girl that has West Nile that has already missed 5 days of school. Poor thing. She's one of those that has such a hard time catching back up. Friday's are supposed to be tutor days where the teachers can have the students that need help come in and get that extra help. I'm sure she will be there lots of Fridays so she can catch up.

Well, it's already been a long week. I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to paperwork, but it was only the light on the train!! LOL I'm off to bed.
Take care everyone.

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