Journal Jan 31 2001

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Good Morning, All

Looks like a beautiful day shaping up here. I have "lots" to do today! Sow some more annuals and plant some perennials. DH helped me get the "hang" of the Mantis tiller Sat, just hope the sunshine continues so it will dry up some and I can use it. Today is my mom's birthday - 75 years young, and as spry as ever.

Blessings and have a glorious day,

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all! Grits, I love my Mantis tiller! I use it so much! Happy b-day to your mom, my mom is the same age. I got plenty done outside yesterday. Lots of cleaning up the flower beds and garden. It is cloudy here this morning 30% chance of rain :-( Maybe we will miss it. I am low on critters. Last week we walked the goats down the road, my neighbor has a reg. Nubian male, so off went the ladies! Looking forward to the little kids running around and playing. Baby goats are so cute...Have a great day all! Bye, Lisa

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Good morning everyone,
Lots of fog today but it's going to be in the 50's! This morning I actually got to see my friend and her Great Dane dog and we got to chat for 5 minutes before I had to rush off with school duties. I can get lots done outside with the bunnies and chickens but the ground is still soaked solid. Did I mention before that trampling in the mud was never my favorite? On the road earlier, I saw some people getting their trees topped-ouch! The park road here is closed off due to mud. It was a nice sight, though, to see the mounted police up and around.
Hbby is startingto call our property Little Home on the city It's clearly different from the manicured lawns and estates around here. I'm adding to my wildflower area and ornamental grass area, and I cannot wait to germinate a bunch of Norway Spruce seeds, too. I just hope my pampas grass comes through this year. I would think that many of us here have big garden plans and animal plans, as well!
Lisa..the goats sound so sute. Reminds me of the ones I had that jumped over and out of everything until I cornered them in the neighbor's driveway, then gave them to my friend who owns a boarding
Grits..Happy Birthday to your mom!
Have a great day to all!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning peeps,
happy birthday mom! =]
today is cloudy with mild temps around 36 a lil windy, but im not going anywhere! =]
going to plant some more seed trays today and my oldest(21) is stopping by-his days off he comes home to play video games and visit with the 4yr old!
A new catalog came today--looks great, its from VanDycks!
kewl web site also! check it out.
hope everyone has a great day-best wishes

southeast, NE

Good morning! It's turning out to be a nice day. Just checked the ewes. On Sunday night (I think - days kind of run together) a ewe had triplets. One of the lambs was so small, we didn't think she would live. We gave her some colostrum and have been bottling it. She would lift her head but never get up. Last night dh felt so bad because he figured out it that her back leg was broken so he used a carpenters pencil to splint it. This morning the lamb is walking around trying to suck off the mom. I'm sure we will still have to supplement it. I wish I could show you a picture of this little miniature runty lamb. She is so cute. Better go - you all have a great day!

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

Good morning! We are digging out from 18 inches of snow. I know it's not as much as Buffalo, New York gets, but it's the most that we have had in a while. Will try to find the S-10 and the dog house later this afternoon. I'm sure they are under one of those big white piles. Cows stayed in the cattle shed most of yesterday except to eat. Duck and geese were missing until this morning. They were holed up somewhere. Nice, sunny day and melting. I wish it would all melt, but then we would have a lake in the yard. Good thing DS gave me that shovel for Christmas.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hello everyone. Today is beautiful, was 20* overnight, now up to 30. Sunshine is bright reflecting off the snow, sky has some blue patches, and no wind! I didn't see the bunny today, not even any fresh tracks. Hope he wasn't dinner for something. We saw a pair of bald eagles yesterday, they had been sitting in the cottonwood trees and took off when we went down toward them with the tractor. 2 night now with no deer in the garden. Yesterday afternoon I went riding for about an hour and a half, long enough to get my feet really cold. Today would have been better for riding, but today I am helping build some cabinets. Maybe I can go tomorrow. See you all later, have a good day.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Spring must be here - 1st lupine blooming today! Mustard weed getting in the the act, too. First CA Poppy, too. Can't wait for the springtime color riot... will be stopped along dirt roads with my camera soon!

Take care, everyone.


My new John Deere was delivered today! Tomorrow I plow my 14,000 sqft!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

All right Dave!! I know you are going to have a blast. My DH & I both are getting an itch for a bigger tractor with ALL the attachments...have fun!!! Bye, Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

dave-sounds like you will be busy n having fun. I know you are happy today!
plow on!!! hehee

Yup - I'm thrilled. I spent the past hour pouring over my manuals so tomorrow I'll be ready to till till till!! I have a 50" tiller that is going to rip that turf into tiny shreds! I can't wait till tomorrow! :) I hope the weather stays warm and the sun shines enough to finish drying the soil out. It was _almost_ tillable today, so I'm expecting tomorrow to be perfect.


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Whee-dogs! Glad you finally got it! (By the way, is it a new tiller?) Sometimes what I do whent the ground is still a bit damp is to just till a few inches or so then let it sit for a day (or more, depending on the wind and sunshine)...the ground will dry out very quickly. Then till a few more inches down and let it do the same again. In less time than you realize you'll have perfect ground to work/plant in (just be sure you don't turn it into powder by tilling too slow across it). Going to the photo forum next to see if you have a pic posted yet!

Vashon, WA(Zone 8a)

I can garden and farm vicariously through you guys as I Dispatch Fire and Security calls...nothing too exciting so far, one Chest Painer. It is 39.4 and damp here so I couldn't do much outside, anyway. We have a few fowl but they are home, they keep pooping on the keyboard when I bring them to work. Oh, and I am a John Deere and Mantis Tiller fan myself, but my John Deere is just a really nice walk behind lawn mower...a tractor or tiller?....hmmm someday!

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