Cows in a Tornado

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

A 1000 cow Dairy was in line of a fierce tornado this past Thursday night. The man said they went to their basement, which had a window facing the barn. He watched as the cows were picked out of the barn & dropped elsewhwere. When it was all over 200 were dead & most of the rest had something broken. Every building on the farm is gone, also. Another dairy farm had a 80ft, full Harvestor silo knocked over & a couple others smashed.
Corn crops in this area are so flat it is hard to believe. They are like you went through with a rotory mower.
The weather bureau put it at F-3, up to a mile wide at times, & it traveled 30 to 35 miles on the ground at all times.
Only 1 man was killed when a tree fell on him. A few were hurt, but none very bad.
They are saying it will take 6 weeks to clean up, but there is a great number of volunteers so maybe not so long!

Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

That is incredible Bernie.

Was this close to your place?? How scary and sad...... I hope that it doesn't take that long to clean up and the family that has lost most all finds a silver lining in all this.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

That is just so sad ...

We had a tornado hit a dairy farm here this Spring and it was terrible, but i don't think it even sounded nearly as bad as the one you are talking about.

The whole community pulled together to help them clean up and rebuild..

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Wasn't to close to us, but, we were at Farmers Market when sirens went off. First touchdown was 10 miles NW of the market. The storm went pretty much due east. Our members, first one lives a couple miles west of the first touchdown. Next in line was omly 3 miles south of the path. Another was only couple miles from where all the cows were killed & 2 of his reletives lost everything. Next was a lady who lives a few miles from the last damage. She was on her way home & literally paralled it all the way. She kept going to the south of it. She said it was something to see. This was a very large storm.
Storm trackers from Oklahoma left there at 4AM Thursday morning, because the conditions were right for an outbreak. They were less tan a mile from where it started, so got pictures of the inital touchdown. a total of 40 + homes & farms were badly damaged. This is an area where lots of houses are in the country, but on small tracts close together.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Bernie, that's so sad... and part of Life unfortunately.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

6 weeks will never get the clean-up done. We had one that went about 3 miles south of us several years ago. It started in Ohio, wiped out an Amish settlement in PA and raged right on up into NY. The people who were hit hardest still have nails and boards showing up in fields and tires and choppers. It is horrible how it changes the landscape. You drive through and don't really know where you are - buildings that have been there for generations are gone without a trace.

The worse part is, that even if they do get cleaned up, getting back to farming will be nearly impossible. Even with insurance, it will cost so much to replace what is gone, and the prices are so "soft" right now, that it may well be another farm gone.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I'm so sorry. These storms are so devastating that it defys description. I can't even imagine the scenes you are telling about. May GOD be wilth those who have lost so much and the volunteers who are helping them.

Kathleen, I can understand what you mean by another farm lost. If there were that many homes in that area some reality developers will have a hayday buying up land and creating more housing developments.

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

sad sad is cruel...

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

This is very good land, & some of the biggest yields come from this area. All the farmers around here farm a lot of acres each, so I am suspecting most will continue.
Our state is real good about helping out in disasters. They are talking 1 or 2% money of a long term payback.
As for clean up, one farm had over 200 people there Sat. helping. I drove through part of it Sat. afternoon & there was lots of places that were mostly clean already.
As a afternote, they are finding houses that weren't so badly damaged, are actually worse than they thought. Plaster is cracking as the days go by, meaning the structure is in bad shape.

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

Tornadoes in Texas are one of my worst fears. They are so horrific.

That's very very sad Bernie.

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Bernie, You have had your share of tornadoes this year! Phew. Are people thinking about leaving your parts? That's what happens around here when there is an outbreak.

I'll say prayers for all your communities that this is the end of it for you, at least for a long while.

:) Kathy

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Just the opposite, everyones looking to rebuild & a bright future. One older man was killed by a falling tree, otherwise all were spared, which is the main thing. Thousands volunteered for clean-up & it's nearly done. Rebuilding has already begun.
Actually this was a low number of tornados season here. The 2 near here were the only ones in the state this year, I think.

Tabor, SD(Zone 4b)

Bernie, we had tornadoes in SD a couple of weeks ago. Nobody was killed, but 12 farm families are homeless. One young couple that spent 10 years fixing up an old farm lost all their buildings. They don't know if they want to start again. Insurance will cover some of the buildings and bins, but it's hard to start over after putting all that blood, sweat and tears into something that disappears in 2 mintues.

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