How much feed is to much

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

Well I'm sure most of you know that we lost one of our sheep this past week and now only have the one, we have been trying to find a friend for her but hopefully this weekend at trades day we will get lucky. My question is how much should I feed her (she is pregnant)? She wouldn't eat the other day and I just figured that she is greiving for your mate but someone told me I am feeding her to much and that might be true because I feel so sorry for her.They also told me that if I do feed her to much it will kill her is this true? I can't loose another animal.I have lost so much sleep over everything that has happened and can you beleive I wanted a farm.I think I would have a nervous breakdown if I did.LOL

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

There are a lot of factors in how much to feed - do you have any grazing this time of year? Do you feed 1st or 2nd cutting hay? Size of ewe? Type of grain?

We have very large ewes and feed them approx 1 qt of 18% sweet feed mix in the morning and again at night when they have lambs at their side. The ewes who have not yet lambed get slightly less. We feed 2nd cutting hay. Beware of feeding lots of DRY 1st cutting hay. A good quality hay is important. This is just what WE feed - your needs may be totally different.

You should check with someone in your area - an extension agent or vet, etc. Another source of great info is a 4-H leader or member that raises sheep. They are usually very proud of their livestock and eager to show and tell. You can ask the extension agent if there are any 4-H members raising sheep in your area.

southeast, NE

Our ewes get an average of a pound of ground corn plus a ration of Kent pellets. They also get about as much hay to eat as they want. As mamkane said, there are many factors. I would also suggest you contact an Extension agent or even your local feed coop. Just make sure they know what they are talking about.

Does your ewe have loose feces? This can be an indication that she ate too much. We've given our sheep pepto bismal to help with their stomach aches but if you think she is foundered or bloated, you might also want to check with a vet.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

The neighbor that I work for never feeds his sheep any grain. They get hay now, about a month before lambing it is alfalfa, earlier in the year it was grass hay. He has nice healthy sheep (about 250 ewes) and will have good lambs. Better to underfeed a little while you figure it out so that nothing goes wrong in the ewe's digestive system. The other people who responded to this question have good advice about asking your vet and other nearby sheep people because they are more familiar with the type of hay you have in your area.

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