Repositioning in bed

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I have taken care of my mother now for 10 years. She has multiple problems, which includes Osteoporosis and I think we just broke the double digits as to the number of compression fractures in her spine. Due to the pain it has been hard to get comfortable, and it isn't easy to help postion her in the double sized adjustable bed. My cousin and I put our heads together with the loast fracture and put the old proch swing frame up and over her bed with a rope handle attached so she could pull on it and moves herself up like she would have if she was in the hospital with a trapeze over her bed. With this topic and the fact it is on a gardening site, there are probably several people who have parents in bed, and or an extra old swing frame they don't know what to do with.

Only problems we have had are ran the cats using it as a balance beam!


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is she now in a hospital bed at home?

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Take to your doctor about Forteo injections for your mother. I inject myself daily, however, you could do it for your mother if she can't. Forteo is a fairly new drug that causes you to rebuild bone rather than just maintain it as other medicines do. It comes in a premeasured dose with a needle so fine you can't even feel it.

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A hospital bed would be easier to use.You can rent them.Put a turn sheet under her.(fold a flat sheet in half)It should be just below her shoulder and end under her thighs.With practice one person can turn her and move her up in the bed.If you are using a hospital bed elevate the knees and lower the head-makes it a lot moving her up in the bed.When turning her side to side,pull the sheet across her and place a pillow behind her back.Fold the turn sheet over the pillow.I have been a nurse for 27 years and don't mind helping you.I am new here,Hello...

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If your alone and need to pull her up in bed use the turn sheet method that forcingflowers discussed and if ya can pull the head of the bed away from the wall enough for you to get behind it.....reach down and pull her up with the turn sheet. Having her bend her knees would help alot but anything else she can do would just make the turn sheet slide out from under her.

Is she able to go to bathroom on her own or does she have a bedside commode?

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Excellent advice! We are not at a point where Mom is in bed yet, but I will save this information.

Dave's is a wealth of great information on all topics.

LA, So CAL (Northrid, CA(Zone 10a)

You should always use a hospital bed, if needing to turn someone, for convienience and so that the caregiver dosnt get hurt.
There are "chucks" pads, that one can lay under a person, that makes it easier to lift and turn someone, They are also great
for accidents of urine, etccc so it dosnt we the whole bed.

If you need more info on chucks let me know.

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