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September 4, 2006
1:50 PM

Post #2689914

There are a total of 647 votes:

Newspaper article (which newspaper?)
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Search engine
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A link on another website
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Friend or family member told me
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Valencia, PA
(Zone 5b)

September 4, 2006
1:52 PM

Post #2689920

Google. Got here and never left :-) Karen (liebran)
United Kingdom
(Zone 8b)

September 4, 2006
1:57 PM

Post #2689940

I kept asking a friend what is this flower and she told me to come here, I too have never left. Left for where???...Lauri
Katy, TX
(Zone 8b)

September 4, 2006
2:16 PM

Post #2689991

just surfing and looking for info on some of my plants, saw your site and got hooked. Have since recommended it to my stubborn sil who always has theories but no knowledge or experience; he asks me for detailed info, I give it, he goes his own way and fails miserably. I'm no expert but I do have 60 yrs. experience and have made many mistakes but I "learned". For instance, he decided to amend the soil around the house for flower beds, carted in tons of top soil, dug out native soil down to approx. 3 ft., discarded native soil, filled in completely w/top soil and potting soil, didn't plant but covered the whole mess w/ mulch and then wondered why those areas became bogs and didn't drain. Also recommended it to our daughter who is trying to garden in San Antonio and anyone else who will listen.
Editing to add that the native soil is pure clay w/housing material from bulding thrown in.

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Franklin Grove, IL
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
2:28 PM

Post #2690032

My daughter found this site and loved it so much that she got me a membership for Mother's Day. Been here ever since.


Charleston, SC
(Zone 9a)

September 4, 2006
3:30 PM

Post #2690237

Google. I was looking for pictures of iris, considering purchase from website w/o pictures. Noticed that the really great photos kept turning up on this website. Registered while trying to view more photos than daily limit. Bookmarked site but did not otherwise pay it much attention right away. Later, in subsequent searches for plant photos and info, kept ending up here. Eventually decided to join - given the low cost of membership. At that time I did not plan to participate in any way other than viewing plants and plant info. Well that has certainly changed. Luckily, in time I learned that plant photos were just the tip of an incredible iceburg! Now, this is my favorite website.
(Zone 10a)

September 4, 2006
3:46 PM

Post #2690286

Googled for god knows what plant information and found this oasis... I'm here to stay!!!!
It's not just the information, but the community - everyone is truly gracious and ready to help. That beats any extra comprehensive static site! Because gardening is a day-to-day challenge, and it's great to have somewhere to "come home to" everyday!

Thank you Dave

Thanks all of you fellow gardeners all over the world!
Burlingame, CA
(Zone 9a)

September 4, 2006
4:20 PM

Post #2690379

I found Dave's while doing research for a school project. Loved it and joined up straight away. Now my days go like this: Wake up, make cup of tea in Dave's Garden coffee cup, sit at computer, read google news (takes about 1 minute - I like to keep on top of current events ;), go to Dave's, read watched forums, read other assorted forums, look up plant info in Plant Files, feel the sun burning my mousing arm as it comes through the windows and realize I've just spent 3 hours in front of my computer!!! No wonder my own garden is a mess.

Fall Resolution: Get off my bum and get out in my garden, visit with Dave in the evening!
Brimfield, MA
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
4:27 PM

Post #2690403

I found it by mistake when googling a question on gardening. When I first got on this site, I subscribed within less than 10 minutes of checking the site out because I was so psyched to see how much info on gardening was here. Then, through the following weeks, I learned how much EVEN more was in here than I could have ever imagined. I made great friends and have favorite forums, I love Everything and I am on here several times a day when I am at home. Dave's for me, has been a savior for me because I have so many questions and I love gardening so much and I can find out pretty much everything in here. I also feel safe buying on line with vendors because Watchdog is so helpful and I tend to buy on line once a month of so and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dave I LOVE YOU FOR THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!

Edited for spelling error.

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Los Alamos, NM
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
4:41 PM

Post #2690429

Google. I kept googling various plants that I wanted to grow or wanted to find a place to buy and I kept ending up on Dave's Garden. Finally I started going to it on purpose. Then I wanted to add coments and enter some of the discussions so I subscribed. It was a slippery slope but I flew down it going "wheeeee!".
San Antonio, TX
(Zone 8b)

September 4, 2006
4:47 PM

Post #2690448

Googling plants for Identification.
Saint Ignace, MI
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
5:08 PM

Post #2690503

Master Gardeners Course - During the section on flower gardening the forum was mentioned as a good source for getting references on mail order flower/bulb companies. What a find this forum has been!

(Zone 9a)

September 4, 2006
5:38 PM

Post #2690589

I was searching a plant on Lowe's database and found it in plantfiles. At first, I thought DG was part of Lowe's. I continued using the plantfiles, but could search only ten plants a day for me, so I subscribed.
Menasha, WI
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
6:02 PM

Post #2690653

I was checking to see if I got it right .
Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

September 4, 2006
6:08 PM

Post #2690665

So long ago, you think I actually remember? I am supposing that I found DG on yahoo! I had been an occational lurker at "that other place", but was looking for a home. I found it. It has been wonderful to see how DG has grown over the years but has been able to keep it's wonderful, friendly atmosphere. And now, Bug Files, too! Dave and all the other admins have done an excellent job at making sure that DG both grows, changes and stays the same :-) The people who choose to hang out here seem to be of superior quality and large of heart. Thank you, thank you, everyone!
Ferndale, AR
(Zone 7b)

September 4, 2006
6:24 PM

Post #2690719

I believe it was a link, but could have been Google. It doesn't matter...I'm here and glad of it! The only negative I've found about DG is it's addictive qualities. I spend way too much time here. Is there a DG Anonymous?

Clawson, MI
(Zone 6a)

September 4, 2006
7:00 PM

Post #2690833

Found DG through a happy accident while searching for something...I don't remeber what. Now all my gardening searches start here.
Oak Hill, OH
(Zone 6a)

September 4, 2006
7:10 PM

Post #2690873

Like most I googled then was agog! Gardening Nirvana. I'm a re-beginner and now feel like this site has almost made it a gar- aaan - teee that I'll get it right. Everyone is so helpful. At first I was afraid that I' feel like a high school freshman at a grad school symposium.
(Arlene) Southold, NY
(Zone 7a)

September 4, 2006
8:12 PM

Post #2691017

The fellow who owns a local nursery, and for whom I grow several hostas, told me about Garden Watchdog. From reading GW it just naturally progressed into joining DG.
Panama, NY
(Zone 5a)

September 4, 2006
8:28 PM

Post #2691058

Lis and KathyJo told me to get my butt over here! I hemmed and hawed for a couple of months, popping in and out and in the dead of winter succumbed to all the good people here. I think there were two forums back then!
Cochise, AZ
(Zone 8b)

September 4, 2006
8:28 PM

Post #2691060

I have no idea!
Nantucket, MA
(Zone 7a)

September 4, 2006
9:00 PM

Post #2691127

I was goggling for information about reviews for different plant vendors when I came across DG site. I joined within hours. I am extremely pleased with it as my main source of plant information now. It is my primary tool (aside from my trowel and shovel) for my garden. I also have truly enjoyed the huge wealth of shared knowledge by all the members. I love having the co-ops (even when a couple have gone south) and being able to keep an accurate record of my garden in my journal is beyond my expectations. I lost, due to water damage, all my hand written garden records of over 20 years before joining, so having the journal on line is a tremendous asset for me. ( I need to check on how I can back this up for my own piece of mind) Being able to keep photo records of my plants is also a giant plus. I think it is a perfect combination of a social interchange between gardeners and an invaluable tool for record keeping. Every morning when I go online my DH says enthusiastically, "So, how is Dave this morning"? THANK YOU. (caps allowed when shouting from the roof tops!!!) Patti
Tampa, FL

September 4, 2006
9:31 PM

Post #2691242

Was bored and cruising around various plant sites and found this..only a month or so new..but already have had a successful trade! Found a past friend and said Howdy to! Enjoyed much conversation for about everything under the sun. Laughed alot at some wonderfully humourous posts! Made so many id's for various plants...went on fabulous garden tours...enjoyed giving info. and getting info. Sat in awe of some of the pictures members post! Learned so much...and look forward to much more! Thanks, Dave. A wonderful online website for so many subjects! sue
KC Metro area, MO
(Zone 6a)

September 4, 2006
9:46 PM

Post #2691289

Found this when a friend and fellow gardener recommended it to me. I came, never left, and have no intention of leaving. I am having way too much fun!!!
Springfield, OH
(Zone 5b)

September 4, 2006
9:55 PM

Post #2691327

was looking for info on a planting medium and pulled up a thread on DG about it. Went back later and was curious to read more. started noticing hits that brought up DG.. went.. trial subscription.. found the brug forum and it was allll over
Naples, FL
(Zone 10a)

September 4, 2006
10:56 PM

Post #2691468

I don't remember exactly, but I think it was through a link at another website. Once I found Dave's, my life was complete. LOL

Edit: Oh yes! That was it. I reached Dave's through Logee's, I think. The Garden Watchdog was my entry to this wonderful site.


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St. John's, NL
(Zone 5b)

September 4, 2006
11:22 PM

Post #2691549

Thnak goodness that when you Google a plant, DG is among the first hits. That's how I discovered DG and its been a regular part of my life ever since. How could an avid gardener not be a member?!
Lindsay, OK
(Zone 7a)

September 4, 2006
11:45 PM

Post #2691640

looking for info on TyTy and found the Watchdog... that was it got hooked and stayed
Wake Forest, NC

September 4, 2006
11:46 PM

Post #2691645

I was looking at other garden web sites on the internet and stumbled across DG.

DG is the Rolls Royce of the whole garden website crop.

There's DG and then everyone else.

It's so much easier to start a thread, follow other threads, post pics, get info, the whole nine yards. I could go on and on.

Thanks, Dave, for a wonderful experience.

Humansville, MO
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
12:14 AM

Post #2691726

I was over at the other place and kept hearing about this place called daves garden so i took a look never left
this was mar 22 2001
eddit to put date i join in
Dave 719

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Westchester, IL
(Zone 5b)

September 5, 2006
12:37 AM

Post #2691805

I found DG from a link in Wikipedia. Was trying to figure out if scientific names (for animals, as well as plants) are in Greek or Latin. (Turns out it's both!) After reading the article about binomial nomenclature, there was a link to the Botanary. Clicked on it, loved it, explored the site, and joined in a few days. I was aggravated non-members only got 10 searches in the PlantFiles a day, so I had to join, hehe. Oh yeah, and I also got iris borers for the first time ever this year and needed to join to use the forums and find out how to get rid of these buggers!

(Edited to put the last sentence, heh.)


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Huntington, WV
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
12:43 AM

Post #2691831

I said "other" simply because I can't remember! I'm just glad I'm here.
Weedville, PA
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
12:49 AM

Post #2691854

ROTFLOL @ bigcityal!!

I found DG through searching for plant info and PlantFiles great info coming up. I also heard about DG on other sites. I tried DG for 2 months...let my subscription go, and missed it so much! I signed back up and make sure I pay my membership before it's due now. =^)
Paris, TN
(Zone 6b)

September 5, 2006
12:50 AM

Post #2691862

Started a vegetable garden in sand on the beach down in Florida while taking care of a daughter. Googled to come up with some help on onions - found this place and fell in love. Subscribed the first week I was here when I saw the reasonable price. DG is the place I spend the most time online these days (unless seed catalogs count...LOL!) The information caught me, and people around here have made it immensely pleasurable to begin (and end!) each day here. I learn more every day - and now have plants I didn't even know existed six months ago (and a serious seed addiction).

Great service, great people, happy to be here. Thanks to all of the people who make it work!!

(there are DG coffee mugs????)

Glad I found Dave's!


Thumbnail by Hineni
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Tellico Plains, TN
(Zone 7b)

September 5, 2006
1:17 AM

Post #2691976

Other... I was looking for seeds online , found a link to DG and now you know the rest of the story ;))
Edmonds, WA

September 5, 2006
1:28 AM

Post #2692016

I googled. I was looking for a plant and found a garden. I was signed up in ten minutes and I visit this site pretty much daily. I enjoy the sense of comunity you have developed here. This site is exactly the kind of thing I've always wanted to find. Thanks for providing it. Peaty
East Lansing, MI
(Zone 5a)

September 5, 2006
2:38 AM

Post #2692291

A few years ago I received a garden catalog from Select Seed. On the cover it mentioned that Select Seed was one of Watchdog's twenty best mailorder companies . This was the first time I had ever heard of "Watchdog" . I was curious to find out all I could about Watchdog . Was it a scam . I don't enjoy spending my hard earned money on just any magazine or just any plant ... I prefer to get information straight .
Piqua, OH
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
2:44 AM

Post #2692318

My DD, Salmonme told me about DG. Have been hooked for almost 2 years. Wonderful site full of wonderful people. So glad Jacci told me about DG.
Citra, FL
(Zone 9a)

September 5, 2006
2:50 AM

Post #2692334

Searched for plant info, landed in DG, subscribed that day.
San Francisco Bay Ar, CA
(Zone 9b)

September 5, 2006
2:52 AM

Post #2692339

Googled my way over doing research, then thought I'd explore the site. When I did a search, all the threads I wanted to read were only open to of course I signed up!


Denville, NJ
(Zone 6b)

September 5, 2006
2:57 AM

Post #2692353

I found DG doing a search for flowers and the plant files (which are wonderful) kept coming up... didn't take long before I got hooked

United Kingdom
(Zone 8a)

September 5, 2006
3:27 AM

Post #2692529

Found it on Yahoo while checking for Aconitums, and never left.
Aurora, CO
(Zone 5a)

September 5, 2006
3:52 AM

Post #2692626

I surfed in, basically. When I got the house and knew I wanted to put in a garden, I started searching on the web for information, and that led me here. I hung around as a nonsubscriber for a while, then got frustrated at all the information available that I couldn't get to unless I subscribed.

I wish I had known about Garden Watchdog before I made my first order, though.


Jasper Co., MO
(Zone 6b)

September 5, 2006
4:00 AM

Post #2692660

Just found out few year back which in Groups Yahoo...
Hendersonville, NC
(Zone 7a)

September 5, 2006
4:31 AM

Post #2692728

Google, for which I'm very grateful
(Zone 10b)

September 5, 2006
9:00 AM

Post #2693035

My Friend Kaleem(gumlla)has told me about Davesgarde.He is also member of DG.
Brother Kaleem.
Rutland , MA
(Zone 5b)

September 5, 2006
9:38 AM

Post #2693066

i first found daves garden while going online to find info on tomato seed catalogs and i have never left it.


Milton, MA
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
10:22 AM

Post #2693100

Same story... Google kept citing DG as a resource for plant info, So I went, and I liked it, so I stayed.

xx, Carrie


Lewisville, MN
(Zone 4a)

September 5, 2006
11:12 AM

Post #2693143

I've been here so long I can't remember how it started.
Some of the best people I ever met are here.

I see most that have commented are fairly new. I have attended 2 Roundup's & a 3rd coming up soon. If you haven't heard about Roundup's, go to Roundup forum & surf around. Also Roundup Pictures forum is a place to check out.
Roundups make belonging to Dave's a whole new way of life. You have met the people in person that you are visiting with online!

Long live Dave's Garden!
Westmoreland, TN
(Zone 7a)

September 5, 2006
11:28 AM

Post #2693165

I'm another one that was looking for info on a plant and my search sent me to plant files and i have been here ever since.
Southern Mountains, GA
(Zone 6b)

September 5, 2006
12:48 PM

Post #2693317

Google, was researching something and came across Garden watchdog. Thanks Dave, DG is a peerless resource and a fun place to hang out.
Blyth, ON
(Zone 5b)

September 5, 2006
12:56 PM

Post #2693327

Googled for information on a particular plant. Result: Dave's Garden at top of list.
Googled for another plant, same result - again and again and again.
Googled for information on a number of catalogue nurseries. You guessed it - Dave's Garden was at the top of the list.
With that kind of track record, how could I not join - and I've never been more pleased with any of my decisions! --Ginny
Wayland, MA
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
1:05 PM

Post #2693341

my sister oceangirl told me about it and I have loved it since thanks everyone!
Pocahontas, TN
(Zone 7b)

September 5, 2006
1:07 PM

Post #2693345

Beachwood, OH

September 5, 2006
1:17 PM

Post #2693364

Looks like I'm the only reply that got here from Garden web. When they started their invasion of privacy I think there was a mass exodus over to DG. I hadn't heard of DG really before and didn't realize that the PlantFiles were part of DG. Great people over here. It sounds kind of silly even to me but I really have on-line friends.
Peachland B.C., BC
(Zone 5a)

September 5, 2006
1:35 PM

Post #2693420

Found it by accident, sure wish I had found it sooner. Have been a member for a year, but didn't realize its full potential until this spring. Have been here ever since. Thanks so much for the enjoyment.
Laurel, DE
(Zone 7a)

September 5, 2006
1:48 PM

Post #2693449

I said - would love to check it out - who or where is DG?

Response from:
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Feb 21, 2001
4:05 PM
Hi there!! DG is short for Dave's Garden. You'll find lots of info about it on the Dave's Garden Forum thread. Dave and Trish are really helpful and take a friendly and personal interest in the site. I think you'll like it here.

LOL, went back and found this, seems like eons ago, oh it was! Much like all the early DG'ers I was on that other site and sometold me that Dave left and was starting something on his own. I came to check it out and the rest is history. The above is an excerpt of my first post and as you can see I was on the site and didn't realize the DG (davesgarden) LOL, yes blonde.

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Ewing, KY
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
3:21 PM

Post #2693759

Oddly enough I found DG from a link on the other site by Dave himself, when he first started the trade tracker 6 years ago. From that trade tracker to what you see now. Wow how DG has grown.
Winchester, VA
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
5:21 PM

Post #2694161

I'm a Googler, too. I now time my lunch hours at the desktop 2-3 times a week!
-South Central-, IL
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
6:07 PM

Post #2694316

I met Yardbird at a plant swap a couple of years ago. She told me about DG, and how it is so much nicer than the other one I was hanging around in.

She has been a dear friend (with Lamar) ever since, and she gave me one of the bet tips I've ever had... to move to Dave's!!!

Now how could I ever live without y'all??? I don't know!!

Edited to say that Dave'sGarden is now my home page!!

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA

September 5, 2006
7:15 PM

Post #2694567

To tell you the truth...I forget how I found it!!!! If my memory (what little I have) serves me right, because I have an iris business, I was invited to join and was added to the Garden Watchdog for free so I felt the 15.00 was nothing.
Am here everyday since. I've met so many wonderful people, traded and have become quite close to quite a few.
Seward, AK

September 5, 2006
7:39 PM

Post #2694642

weezingreens sent me a "www" of the place and I subscribed the same day (years ago when there were about 500 members I think) and I've been here every day since almost. (It's my homepage)
Headland, AL
(Zone 8a)

September 5, 2006
11:25 PM

Post #2695355

My sis sent me a link to a photo she had posted on DG that a plant company bought the rights to use. I started looking around. Talked to sis about it. She told me how great it was. Signed up that night.

I'm an insomniac, so it is great for me. I can get up in the middle of the night and find SOMEONE, somewhere, who is also awake. And we automatically have at least one thing in common.

"The Gang" in my little circle are all great people...great friends that keep me smiling no matter how much I want to scream. LOL! And it is always nice to know that I am not the only person who has actually killed a philedendron (see what I mean about needing a spell check?).

I just wish DG had a spell check feature because my fingers seem to be dyslexic...and I tend to be in too big a hurry to go back and proof what I have written.
Alexandria, IN
(Zone 6a)

September 5, 2006
11:34 PM

Post #2695373

Some one of the good folks at GW mentioned the Garden Watchdog.
Tampa, FL

September 5, 2006
11:42 PM

Post #2695391

Pretty funny Bamabelle!! Yup, this is a great website for us got that word right!! lol sue
West Orange, NJ
(Zone 6a)

September 6, 2006
12:53 AM

Post #2695530

Was searching for help for some outdoor plant, I forget! Discovered DG and now I'm hooked!! Outdoor perennials, indoor tropicals, orchids, succulents... my husband blames DG for a depleted bank account these days... ;>D
Cardiff, ON
(Zone 4a)

September 6, 2006
1:24 AM

Post #2695623

Every time I googled something about plants DG came up. It didn't take long to get hooked. Now I just need to get off my computer and actually garden.
Stratford, CT
(Zone 6b)

September 6, 2006
3:52 AM

Post #2696152

Someone mentioned the site on a local public access channel one night when I was channel surfing and landed on a gardening show so I decided to check it out.
San Diego-ScrippsR, CA
(Zone 10a)

September 6, 2006
5:24 AM

Post #2696375

Tho I thought I learned about DG from a web site it was probably google. And, there is no other friendlier website out there.
Lewiston, CA
(Zone 7b)

September 6, 2006
5:42 AM

Post #2696396

I was looking how to plant something & googled it. Google sent me to DG After finding out about what I was looking for, I browsed around & then spotted "those" flowers, (Brugs) I was smitten, became a member right away.
DG is a great place & now I have lots of Brugs & it's all your falt! LOL! Bj


(Zone 10a)

September 6, 2006
6:29 AM

Post #2696450

Google. 2001. Searching for a plant name. Since then, the way I looked at gardening has changed so much that it has changed my lifestyle!! That's how powerful this DG is, and has remained.

The Heart of Texas, TX
(Zone 8b)

September 6, 2006
7:49 AM

Post #2696480

Found a really cool plant ( a stromanthe tricolor) while shopping & wanted to verify it's name & care.

I search it & it sent me to DG's...that's been 3 years ago!
My how the time flies when we are havin' fun!

Concord, NH
(Zone 5a)

September 6, 2006
9:39 AM

Post #2696545

Google it
Wesley Chapel, FL
(Zone 9a)

September 6, 2006
10:29 AM

Post #2696568

As I remember, I Googled a plant.
Sumner, WA
(Zone 8a)

September 6, 2006
1:23 PM

Post #2696771

Google...and I signed up the day I found it! :-}
Decatur, GA
(Zone 7a)

September 6, 2006
2:09 PM

Post #2696867

I was buying some plants from a person who advertised in the Georgia Bulletin. While at her house she told me all about DG and the wonderful co-ops, information, great people, etc. I went home, looked it up, and immediately joined.


Albuquerque, NM
(Zone 7a)

September 6, 2006
3:35 PM

Post #2697101

Google. Oddly enough I was searching for "correct length for jeans" and Dave's Garden turned up! I was amazed that such a wonderful site existed, with everything that interests me -- from Southwest Gardening to Computers to Mineral Collections to genuinely friendly chat on many other topics. I promptly signed up, start every morning with this site now and love it. What a wonderful job Dave does of keeping the site clean, friendly and safe.
Bay City, MI
(Zone 6a)

September 6, 2006
5:09 PM

Post #2697371

6yrs ago today i was on GW and this gal "theresa" gave me a link to davesgarden where you could set up a plant trade list. So i clicked the link and the rest is history! I have seen everyone of you and every forum arrive here in the garden! Its been a great 6yrs with lots of friends and lots of plants I have gotten over the yrs.
I love this site-thanks dave,trish and or course Theresa!!
(Zone 4b)

September 6, 2006
5:23 PM

Post #2697407

Back in 2001, I got the clue from someone on GW, too!

That was shortly before the phrase 'Dave's Garden' was banned for use on GW...typing it in on a post on GW after that would get you sent to Disney, LOL!!

Hey,'ve just typed the words 'Dave's Garden' into a post on GW...what are you gonna do next? ... I'm goin' to Disney World!! LOL!!

I took a hiatus after DG began the membership fee (rough time) but I decided I and DG are worth $15 a year!
Kalamazoo, MI

September 6, 2006
8:03 PM

Post #2697845

I don't buy gardening books or magazines anymore . . . can get just about any info I want on DG. Have only been a member since May, but I use it every day.


waukesha, WI
(Zone 5a)

September 7, 2006
1:14 AM

Post #2698666

I was on another garden site, until the competition and backstabbing got to me, and I don't remember how I found DG. Musta been surfing, or asking for a plant ID. Didn't take me long to sign up and haven't been back to that "other " place ever. Best folks I ever met here.


Benton, KY
(Zone 7a)

September 7, 2006
3:42 AM

Post #2699286

I was at GW and not comfortable there...that was late Dec. 2000...a friend told me about this place that was much friendlier...Checked out DG on Jan 7th 2001...roughly 300 members. I've never left. Along with several of the 'old timers' that have already posted, I've watched this place grow up.

I've got dear life-long friends now from meeting them here at DG. Some I've actually met in real life (Kathleen and I are sisters who were seperated at birth, despite what both of our mother's say)...some are in corners of the world that I'll never get to see...but they are as close as my keyboard.

I cherish all of you. You share your lives and your gardens. My life is richer because of DG.
Spokane, WA
(Zone 5b)

September 7, 2006
3:44 AM

Post #2699294

Search engine - most likely Google. I was looking for information on certain plants and voila!
Emory, TX
(Zone 8a)

September 7, 2006
4:39 AM

Post #2699402

I am another Googler!!! Same story...I googled a plant and here I am... And I've never left either. I pull up DG at work, at home, when visiting friends and family LOL. I AM A HOPELESS ADDICT!!!
(Laura) Olympia, WA
(Zone 8a)

September 7, 2006
5:36 AM

Post #2699477

I was looking up information on plants for a database and kept on getting Dave's garden. I liked what I saw, decided that the member's only resources would be useful to me, so I signed up. Then I found the forums. I've been really busy at points, but I have always come back. I love it here more than any of the other web communities, and many of the "real" world communities, that I've been part of.
Linden, VA
(Zone 6a)

September 7, 2006
11:46 AM

Post #2699754

Organic Gardening had a blurb on the Garden Watchdog and I checked it out since I order many of my plants. I realized when I got here that it was a site I'd often been to after Googling info; but it was the existence of the GW that prompted me to finally join.
Buffalo, NY
(Zone 6a)

September 7, 2006
12:08 PM

Post #2699804

Like so many others, I was searching out a how-to about some plant, DG came on my screen, I remember being immediately surprised and taken in by the thoroughness of the information. Then clicked on something, don't remember what, and a whole new world opened up. I spent the rest of the evening looking around. I was hooked.
Decatur, IL
(Zone 5b)

September 7, 2006
2:32 PM

Post #2700107

I also like many others Googled for information on another seed, plant or something I dont remeber what for now. I am so glad that I found DG I dont know what I would do with out it. There are so many nice and generous people out there. And I have made some friends also.
I only hope that I am as generous as they are when I have something.

Many Thanks to DAVE and all those who have helped me so generously.


Thumbnail by rwmedic
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Minneapolis, MN
(Zone 5a)

September 7, 2006
3:46 PM

Post #2700310

If I remember correctly, someone on the "other" gardening site (GW) mentioned Dave's Garden in one of their posts and I saw the post before it was deleted by the gestapo, that was "guarding" the site. I've been a member ever since. Love this place.
Buffalo, NY
(Zone 6a)

September 7, 2006
3:52 PM

Post #2700328

I think I was on another garden web sight. Someone there mentioned DG. At first I was really surprised that there was an annual fee, but the more I saw ...well the rest is history. I don't think I need to buy one more garden book...ever.

Thank you Dave & thank you to everyone else here on DG that I've leaned from. Gloria
Baker City, OR
(Zone 5b)

September 7, 2006
4:36 PM

Post #2700491

I was on Garden Web back in 2000 and 2001 when it was free, but the webmaster there was very unreasonable, and noncommunicative, and treated people so badly that I became part of the mass exodus of folks who were looking for a friendly place. One of my cyber friends from there (who later came halfway across the US to meet and visit me for a week) told me about DavesGarden, which at that time had about 300-400 members and a General Discussion forum, maybe a couple of others. I've watched it grow and grow, and I remember when we got to 1000 members we were all excited! Several people helped design the DG logo which is the vine climbing the pole. That vine pretty much illustrates how DG was/is growing. We also had a population sign under the logo for quite a while and I miss that friendly little touch. It's a great place, and my gardens and house would look much better if I wasn't here so much.
Beaumont, TX
(Zone 8b)

September 7, 2006
6:37 PM

Post #2700800

I was trying to figure out what the name of my plant was. I described it in Google and DG popped up with all the information I needed to know. My plant was a Night Blooming Cereus. I signed up within just about 5 minutes of that google. I'm so glad I did. I've met some very knowlegeable folks here and enjoyed viewing others' gardens. I love photographing and plants. If there is a better website out there for those two passions, I haven't found it yet. This is one of my most favorite places on the internet!

Thanks Dave's Garden and it's members!



Nichols, IA
(Zone 5a)

September 8, 2006
1:18 AM

Post #2701969

Search engine. I was researching a plant and Allison from Nichols (on Dave's Garden) came up. I didn't know who she was and apparently she hasn't posted for a long time. I never join things, but I wanted to join Dave's! I'm so glad I did!
Austell, GA
(Zone 7a)

September 8, 2006
2:04 AM

Post #2702121

I traded seeds with Dave on GW when they lived in Lawrenceville (I think) and he encouraged folks to check out his seed tracker. That was six years ago and I have been here ever since.

Framingham, MA
(Zone 6a)

September 8, 2006
2:49 AM

Post #2702289

My dear friend Laura (laurawege) told me about and I came and I am not leaving anytime soon... I am so happy I found this site!!!! very nice people...
Utica, MI
(Zone 6b)

September 8, 2006
3:15 AM

Post #2702481

surfin the net for plant info...
Denver, CO

September 8, 2006
6:21 AM

Post #2702752

Hurrah for PlantFiles!
I actually joined for the sole reason of seeing full-size pictures. And to have more than ten PF searches each 24 hours, as I used them so fast...
Then I was sucked into this fantastic cult of plant-worshippers!
Fayetteville, AR
(Zone 6b)

September 8, 2006
8:40 AM

Post #2702789

I was searching for some info on plants and found the PlantFiles through Google. I signed up to get more searches for plants and to access some of the extra information available in the forums.
Everglades, FL
(Zone 10a)

September 8, 2006
2:52 PM

Post #2703155

Normally, I don't know how to answer the questionaires but this one is very important to me.
DG has given me a life. Thru cancer, it made me giggle. Thru hard times now that I am out in the middle of the swamps alone, it has given me the most incredible support group of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

We cry, we laugh and we do cyber-hugs!
Council Bluffs, IA
(Zone 4b)

September 8, 2006
3:48 PM

Post #2703251

I had discovered the Garden Watchdog online and it was a life-saver. One day as I was out weeding when my neighbor stopped by to see what I had planted. We started talking and she told me about this great website! I have gained so much knowledge and enjoy chatting with my neighbor online and meeting other members! I love the wealth of information available and the Plant Files - those are really amazing!
Boxford, MA
(Zone 6a)

September 8, 2006
10:07 PM

Post #2704046

Google all the way!

DG is usually the first or second link when you enter a plant name.
Columbus, OH
(Zone 6a)

September 9, 2006
12:01 AM

Post #2704259

Yay, Google! Dave's Garden was always there with the information I needed. I'm not a big joiner either, but being limited to only 10 searches a day was driving me crazy! This is the most wonderful site, it has EVERYTHING. Thanks, Dave!
Davenport, IA
(Zone 5a)

September 9, 2006
2:16 AM

Post #2704500

I managed a flower shoppe for 20 years, and frequently needed to print out plant care card for customers. Seemed like everytime I googled a plant, one of the first sites that came up was Daves Garden.
Finally, in 2004 I signed up as a Member, but didn't subscribe util early this year, after I retired.
Can't believe I "wasted" the last few years, before joining this elite membership.
I tell everyone who will listen what a great community this is. Horray for DG!!!
Kissimmee, FL
(Zone 9b)

September 9, 2006
12:24 PM

Post #2705402

I googled, because I had bought plants I knew nothing about, there was my answer - plumeria are now blooming,
Apple Valley, MN
(Zone 4a)

September 9, 2006
4:49 PM

Post #2706041

Google. I was looking for information about a new hosta that I had just purchased, and the Plant File information on that plant came up.
Saucier, MS
(Zone 8b)

September 9, 2006
10:42 PM

Post #2706995

In the first few weeks or months of daves, a plant trader from the other site emailed me about Daves new site.
Been here ever since!!

West Central, WI
(Zone 4a)

September 10, 2006
1:30 AM

Post #2707529

I was googling info on plants and kept being directed to DG. I'm here to stay.
Payneville, KY
(Zone 7a)

September 10, 2006
2:17 AM

Post #2707656

Well, I thank Shoe (Horseshoe) for my being here. It was at a time in my life when I needed friends that he thought many would be here for me; he was right. That was in June, 2003 and I'm still here :)

I have made so many friends here at DG; several have been to my home...I've met others on the road while traveling...been to a roundup and met several, and many that I loved have left DG for unknown reasons. I keep in touch with them.

:) Kathy
Valinda, CA
(Zone 10a)

September 10, 2006
3:01 AM

Post #2707798

I think it was mentioned in the L.A. TImes. Long before one paid to belong.

September 10, 2006
2:35 PM

Post #2708877

Late 2000 I was offered a trade on GW and was directed to the members seed list here. I thought it was only someones personal trade list page so didn't come back until the following April when a friend on GW told me DG had set up a UK forum (now European Gardening, perhaps the only forum ever to have expanded rather than split to specialise).

Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

September 10, 2006
9:07 PM

Post #2709961

In early October of 2000, I found myself repeatedly stumped while
using search engines to find things. Often the search would provide
results, but only a portion of them, with mention that I had to become
a member to access the rest of the information. What is up with
this membership thing, I thought.

After scoffing at such a message time and time again, I thought
I didn't have much to lose, after all, the only other gardening site was
quickly becoming bogged down with every Tom, Dick and Harry who
grew something. I felt that perhaps the folks who were willing to pay
for membership might take their gardening a bit more seriously and
know what they were talking about. I plunked down my membership
fee and have never missed a penny of it.

To pat Dave's on the back, I'm proud to be a member. It seems that
when one becomes a gardener, there is the starter site, which I shall
not mention, and then there is Dave's. It's sort of like learning to ride a
bike, then getting a Harley, LOL.

I'm not leaving until they push me out.

Thumbnail by WUVIE
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Rehoboth, MA
(Zone 5a)

September 11, 2006
4:47 AM

Post #2711262

Always having been a gardener most of my life decided to search for a garden web on MSN found GW and DG, thought DG was exactly what I wanted became a member at once. Cannot imagine being without it, thanks DG you are a bright spot in my life every day.
Assonet, MA
(Zone 6b)

September 11, 2006
8:01 AM

Post #2711434

My next door neighbor and gardening buddy told me of this site. I love it! It always makes me smile, and there is a peacefull feeling/carma to this site. I consistantly find the information I'm looking for, and frequently find new and exciting plants/ideas. As one other member said - it's not just the site , it's the community. You do a great job Dave. This site is almost as therapeutic as gardening! Thank you and all those who share so generously on this site.


Waukesha, WI
(Zone 5a)

September 11, 2006
10:24 AM

Post #2711502

google for me too. I'm here forever


Nichols, IA
(Zone 5a)

September 11, 2006
7:40 PM

Post #2713004

I find I'm getting lazy. I'll ask a fellow gardener for the answer, when I used to do a lot of research. LOL!
Wimauma, FL
(Zone 9a)

March 31, 2008
10:59 AM

Post #4734228

I was looking for Gomphrena seeds on Criaigslist and someone told me about the DG site. I found two very nice gardeners. Thank you!

Thumbnail by sumi43
Click the image for an enlarged view.


Nichols, IA
(Zone 5a)

March 31, 2008
4:43 PM

Post #4735504

Googling plant information. I couldn't wait for the check to cash so I could be a member. Picking my name was fun too!


Lewisville, MN
(Zone 4a)

March 31, 2008
5:31 PM

Post #4735756

billyporter, Are you planning or have you attended Iowa Round Up ?
Round up's make Daves the best.
Disputanta, VA
(Zone 7a)

April 1, 2008
1:48 PM

Post #4739919

Can't recall what I was searching for, but finding this site was a wonderful surprise. Now I've finally subscribed. YES!
Assonet, MA
(Zone 6b)

April 3, 2008
7:34 AM

Post #4749609

Good morning; My next door neighbor told me of the web site. We also share plants, products & info. I'm very fortunate, as you really can't choose your neighbors. :)


Nichols, IA
(Zone 5a)

April 6, 2008
10:26 PM

Post #4767627

Bernie, not this year. :((


(Pegi) Norwalk, CA
(Zone 10b)

April 11, 2008
2:20 AM

Post #4790017

I was surfing the web for gardening tips, etc. and found DG. Sure glad I did because I didn't realize how many subjects are discussed.
Spartanburg, SC
(Zone 7a)

May 16, 2008
6:19 PM

Post #4960505

I just signed up for DG today.
I planted a few wild flower seeds last year, and this year I have had to go online to look up what is blooming, and when I looked up Love In a Mist the search engine took me to several locations, and I chose the first one which was DG.

I just went in and signed up but will become a subscriber after the first of June.
Being retired on disability isn't all it's cracked up to be don't you know? Gotta wait for those checks to come in. LOL

Thumbnail by wildflowersplus
Click the image for an enlarged view.

(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN
(Zone 7a)

May 21, 2008
7:44 PM

Post #4984444

A friend of mine gave me a few of the pregnant onions. I'm on a High School Alumni site and said I would like to know more about them. One of the other alumni posted the link to this site and I was hooked!
Like Wildflower I'LL be a member after thethe first week in June!
Dahlonega, GA

June 4, 2008
4:12 PM

Post #5052225

research into japanese maples on different sites .i stuck it into favorites to refer back to .kept looking, reading but there were too many sites i couldn't get into,was gone all winter without computer, and when i got back,middle of march,first thing i did, become member. sally
South Coast, RI
(Zone 6b)

June 6, 2008
4:23 PM

Post #5063099

I received some plants in a grab bag and didn't know what they were. I used google to find some information on the them and this site came up. Today is my first day and I've be able to get a lot of good information in only a couple of hours.
Dahlonega, GA

June 6, 2008
6:15 PM

Post #5063675

good to meet you will enjoy the information more and more as time goes on.just think what a wealth of information a membership would bring.i was amazed at the help i got on the different forums. enjoy!! sally
Chichester, NY

September 7, 2008
1:35 AM

Post #5518356

I Googled Salvia elegans and the second listing was yours. Thank you to all who provided info on Salvia elegans. The nursery had not labeled it as annual or perrenial, with no zone indicator, so a review of all the comments answered my question about that and gave me a zonal range I could use to gauge the possibility that it would overwinter here in mild zone 5 and under what conditions.
SE Arky
United States
(Zone 8a)

September 13, 2008
2:31 AM

Post #5545007

Mermentau, LA
(Zone 8b)

September 15, 2008
2:23 AM

Post #5552804

Searched for a plant by bot name on google and up it popped. Now search here before google.
Jacksonville, TX

September 26, 2008
4:14 AM

Post #5600728

(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH
(Zone 6b)

December 10, 2008
7:25 PM

Post #5878414

I was looking for seeds catalogs and with almost every search came up the Garden Watchdog. I started looking around Dave's Garden and found seed and plant trading! I bought from a few catalogs the have good ratings on the Garden Watchdog. I now get almost all my seeds and plants from the trading services. This is the ONLY place for Gardening online!!! ;)

United States

January 11, 2009
10:14 PM

Post #5993617

You know what I have no idea it was like the tranformers movie but the creepy part is that it was real.
Brooksville, ME
(Zone 5a)

June 20, 2009
6:22 PM

Post #6715525

like many other DG members it was purely by accident. I knew as soon as I found it that it offered the most. I don't even think any other website can compare to it. Where else can you find people who are interested in talking about gardening. Nobody at my past employment was interested at all. I have a few of the Nurses at my new job that are inerested but not at the level as the people at DG.
Falmouth, ME
(Zone 5b)

June 20, 2009
8:19 PM

Post #6715925

search engine for me... but I have a couple friends who convinced me to join as a paid member... glad I did!
Albany, GA
(Zone 8b)

June 29, 2009
10:55 PM

Post #6755601

search engine. love this website. this is the only one i go right to whenever i need to know something. i tell everyone about it.
Falmouth, ME
(Zone 5b)

June 29, 2009
11:24 PM

Post #6755713

daylily, look ups on the internet... then many friends encouraged me to get a paid subscription... Very glad I did!
Roscommon, MI

July 23, 2009
2:50 PM

Post #6854985

this was pure LUCK... best find ever.
Buffalo, TX
(Zone 8b)

July 28, 2009
10:07 PM

Post #6876992

Every once in a while I'd do a search for some type of plant information. DG almost always came up at the top of the list. I finally decided to investigate it further.

Loved it here from the start and still do.

Jesup, GA

July 29, 2009
11:36 PM

Post #6882134

I was trying to find some info. on some of my plants. And there it was! I got the answers that I needed as well . Then I decided I would go exploring through Daves Garden. I liked what I saw and read there ,so I, joined. I like learning how to do new and different things. Love the forums, all sorts of good info.
Mount Airy, GA

July 31, 2009
7:21 PM

Post #6890260

Google...Both husband and I Love it ALL!! The best.

Dennis and Ellen
Dallas, OR
(Zone 8b)

August 18, 2009
9:39 PM

Post #6962043

I guess I would have to say 'Other'.
I found out about this site from IslandSheri when I met her in the Marshall Islands.
Wish I lived closer, would love to get to know her as a friend.
Portland, OR
(Zone 8a)

March 29, 2010
2:37 PM

Post #7664924

I wanted to buy a plumeria cutting, and I was using a search engine to do research to choose a cultivar.
Anchorage, AK
(Zone 3b)

April 8, 2010
10:10 AM

Post #7689465

Surfing the web.
Richland Center, WI

April 12, 2010
10:31 AM

Post #7699779

Google search for Winged Asparagus Peas.
Algonquin, IL
(Zone 5a)

April 22, 2010
7:12 AM

Post #7726773

I subscribe to GARDEN GATE MAGAZINE and read about DAVE'S GARDEN in an article.

East Aurora, NY
(Zone 5b)

June 5, 2010
1:47 PM

Post #7861554

Google during an image search for a weed(sticky willy) and I didn't have safe search on! oops
Cabin Creek, WV
(Zone 6b)

July 13, 2010
4:48 AM

Post #7964411

Found DG on google, however its sad that you have to pay to use the beneficial forums. I think i'm going back to gardenweb as they never make you pay to use any of their threads to post.
Dahlonega, GA

July 13, 2010
5:25 AM

Post #7964459

For less than 1.67 a month ? A good ' How To ' book on dozens of subjects would be far more expensive .
Hanceville, AL
(Zone 7a)

February 9, 2011
12:48 PM

Post #8362901

Found it by accident, from another site. I have enjoyed it.
Hanceville, AL
(Zone 7a)

September 30, 2014
3:18 PM

Post #9950658

Stumbled upon it. Luciee

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