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when to fertilize cuttings

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I have all these wonderful babies, now when do they start eating and how much? Full strength or do I dilute it?


Depending on how much water your soil retains, etc-but as a general rule-don't fertilize them heavy until the roots are formed. Go heavy on the last two and light on the first one-ie...0-5-5 for a few days or 0-10-10 even. Still, I wouldn't worry about fertilizer with cuttings or even watering for that matter unless the soil drains very fast. The faster the soil drains the faster roots will form and the less chance of rot...of course one must water more to compensate. When in doubt, follow what the plant tells you. If the leaves are wilting water, if the leaves are not wilting then don't water. If the leaves are wilting and the stem is going soft, chances are its been overwatered for several days already. Once a Brugmansia has formed a good callous one can be more generous with the water and the fertilizer. #1 cause of death among Brugmansia are people trying to baby them. Listen, don't baby.
Hope this helps,

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

yes, that helps. Now, can you go to the id forum and identify brugcrazy's baby for us all???

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Yes, Brugmansia, please go to the ID forum because I sent you one and it's apparently in Post Office heaven. Sending another tomorrow.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

so sorry, how rude of me, I didn't say please!!! Please, sir?

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Nice to have Liz and tiG doing all my work for me. LOL

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