Growing wildflowers in drainage ditch?

Bethany, IL(Zone 5b)

I would like to start an area of wildflowers in the drainage ditch in front of our farm house. How do I get rid of the grass growing there now, and when should I plant...fall or spring? Should I ROUND-UP or burn?
Thanks! Pam

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

HI Pam, and welcome to Dave's.

This is a subject that the Indigenous Plant forum could give you more information on than you ever thought possible. There are some members over there that are from Illinois and could give you a list of natives to plant in your ditch, and which way would really be best to irradicate the grass. In the past, I would have said RoundUp, but lately there have been some studies that lean toward RoundUp being harmful to amphibions, so I'm being really careful about using it.

Bethany, IL(Zone 5b)

Thanks Kathy, I'll check that forum. There is just so much info at this site, I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to look first. I spent 2 hours lastnight just trying to absorb all the wonderful people and information!

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