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SOLVED: ANother mystery from my friend's garden

(Zone 9a)

Could it be some sort of hardy orchid?

Thumbnail by ardesia
west Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

It looks like a crinum to me. What kind, can't tell without a closer straight on shot of the bloom.

(Zone 9a)

A crinum? Well, I am not aware of any that are so small. This bloom is only about an 1 1/2". I was unable to get a straight on shot as it was in the middle of a heavily planted bed; had to use the zoom to get that picture. It is hard to tell but the flowers/buds are arranged along the stem not at the tip like on my various crinums.

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

very cool! my first thought was crinum but looking closely I can see what you mean about the blooms being arranged along the stem.

is this a bed you can get babies from???????????

(shameless hint)

Horsens, Denmark


(Zone 9a)

I am hoping........ :-)
Being able to ID it would help. LOL

Clyde/Fines Creek, NC(Zone 5b)

I could not find one that matched in PF but could it be a species of Ornithogalum or something closely related?


Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

might be a good guess....they sure are pretty! Any scent?

(Zone 9a)

Couldn't get close enough to sniff. The flowers are arranged a lot like some of the ornithogalums but the flowers sure are different.
Think I'll cross post on bulbs and or tropicals.

Bessemer City, NC(Zone 7b)

Somebody please, what *is* that thang?

(Zone 9a)

I went back last week and looked at it again. The flowers are gone and are you all ready for this? It is a common green airplane plant. Well, maybe not so common as the flowers were pretty showy when it was in full bloom. We were all stunned to see what it was.

Bessemer City, NC(Zone 7b)

Am I ever surprised!


Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

by airplane plant are you talking the common spider plant ? (not spider lily)

Here in S. GA I've never heard any plant referred to as "airplane plant"

(Zone 9a)

Yes, that is it, both common names are used for this one.

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