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Portland, OR

I live in Portland Oregon, on the bank of a bend of the Columbia River. I am located 10 feet above sea level. The construction site next to my house dug down to bedrock - about 3 stories deep, the left over dirt was piled up. I have been finding the most interesting things in this pile of dirt. I will bring home a clod of dirt wash it & soak it in ammonia & bleach (out doors - of course) then sit in awe at what is left behind. I am aware of the geographic history regarding the Glacial Lake Missoula, Columbia River Gorge & Willamette Valley. Does anyone have any comments on these finds?

This "rock" has a very obvious thin outer shell that is rainbow colored & on the back side an ooze of whatever is inside. It seems to have a break about half way down it. I tried to pick way the inside material but cannot.

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