October 1, 2006

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Whew! Can't hardly believe it's October... Harvest is in full swing here.. Lots of corn in .. Some of the soybeans aren't ready yet.

I spent the day helping harvest grapes.. Pretty neat when I lot of people get together to accomplish something like that. I especially enjoy it , because I get to meet some people that have some of the same interests I do.

I also can't believe the black walnuts on the ground this year.. I'm putting lots in the driveway to get hulled and then I like to set outside and pick them out.

My Hubby has been gone most of the weekend. He is coming home in a few minutes to pick me up and I think we are going out to eat supper.

I haven't had time to go to any of the local apple orchards , I have been so busy with other things.. But what a beautiful Autumn it's been so far...

What's going on at your place?

Falls Mills, VA

Getting ready to mow the LAST field of hay here, YEAH! Serviced the sickle bar mower today and hooked the tractor up to it. Mowed about 10 acres two weeks ago but it rained so much that it ruined. Baled it anyway, maybe we can sell it to the highway dept for mulch. Fed a little of it to the cows. Its is so far gone that it is already heating up, we were afraid to stack it in the barn because of the danger of burning the barn down. Stacked it out in an open area. It will make quite a mulch pile!

It rained here yesterday evening. I went out to check the cows after dark, there was steam lifting off all their backs.

Picked a row of indian corn I had planted. The colors are all over the rainbow. Tied it up into bundles of three and hung them along the porch eve. Seems like it is a little blessing everytime I walk under it on my way out of the house. Maybe it is just a way of remembering how neat it is to watch things grow.

Got a few pumpkins from the garden. Our walnut trees are dropping walnuts now, too. Picked some grapes last week, too. The neighbor had more than they could use, so we got the extras. Dark, sweet grapes, hadn't had those in years. Had our first fire of the season in the fireplace last week. The leaves are just begining to turn here.

Finished the installation of a home security system, we have had a rash of break-ins in our community recently. There have been a few arrests, the break-ins seem to have slowed.


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Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

That corn is really neat looking. It is a real comfort to know that you can raise your own.

I was wondering if your could go on and feed out hay like that before it goes bad instead of wasting it?

Falls Mills, VA

We fed as much as we dared. I am afraid to feed too much of it though. Moldy hay can make many types of livestock sick. Cows may be somewhat immune since they chew a cud (the chewed grass ferments some in their stomaches). I just don't know. Anyway, 90% of that cutting went to waste.


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

KathyJo, I wouldn't feed moldy hay. Too much risk of mold in the hay being inhaled while they are eating and there are some toxins in moldy hay too. But it will make great mulch for the flowerbeds and garden next year. Hopefully it will get hot enough to kill the seeds in it. Wear a mask tho when you open up a bale or you may inhale the mold and toxins too. Many farmers have ended up with 'farmers' lungs' from moldy grains and hay that they weren't careful enough around. Once you get it you never get rid of it. Many die within a couple or 3 years because it develops into cancer.

Vegas,NV Filbert, SC(Zone 7b)

WOW, the infomation that I learn on this site is unbelievable. My husband is a painter and I know alot about mold when it gets into the house but with out your comments I never would have thought about the hay mold and "farmers' lung". Thank you

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Did anybody watch "Extreme house makeover" Sunday night. I only watched the first few minutes, but the family lost the father because of mold in the house they had bought. He was sick for a while, kept getting worse, then in bed one night he went into a siezure & died right there next to his wife. How sad.
I would imagine there are lots of different molds & everybody would have different tolerence to them, just like allergies.

southeast, NE

Hello everyone! Weird weather - probably will go from summer straight to summer. On Sunday we had record high of 94.

As far as moldy hay, we feed the big round bales. We try to keep it covered so it doesn't get moldy and spoil. However, the outside gets a little black but inside is okay. We go ahead and feed it and let the cows pick through it. We also grind our hay and mix it in with the silage. However, we never feed moldy hay to the sheep. Cows seem to handle it better than sheep. You could always ask your extension agent. They might be able to test the hay.

I've seen presentations on toxic mold - very scarey. My parents old farm house had a musty smell to it. When they moved out, we couldn't believe the mold that was along the walls behind furniture. Sometimes wonder if this didn't lead to some of my dad's health issues.

Falls Mills, VA

WooooHooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!....Doing the happy dance here....finished baleing the last of the hay this evening. The haying is done for this summer! Gave the cows some bales of clover and orchard grass....they were in Hog Heaven.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Our neighbor's cows are back on our place for a few days, then we will take them down the road to the corrals and sort out 2 that have a date with the butcher, and another group of the 1st calf heifers with their calves and the breeding heifers. The bull will go to bachelor quarters and the remaining cows and calves will come back here.

About the same time the rams will be put in with the ewes, they have all been acting lovesick for a while.

My farrier will be here Friday for shoeing and trims. I will only get one horse shod this time, Patch will be going down the trails for 3 more endurance rides and the season will be over. Breezy gets to keep his shoes to protect his feet in case something happens to Patch and I need to use him one more time. My retired horses get the trims.

Breezy, Patch and I spent last week riding in the Owyhee canyonlands of SW Idaho. We went 5 consecutive days and covered 260 miles. The weather was good all week, 40 or so at night and 85 to 90 every day. It was hot for riding but we slowed down and did just fine. I'm still a bit tired but the horses look great. I've been trying to catch up at home and the horses have just been eating and resting.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Greetings ~

Rain on Sunday - real drops of water - more drops than you can even count! A full inch gently sprinkled down over the course of 3 hours. Then a light dusting of drops on Monday. Cloud cover on Tuesday to let it soak down instead of evaporating straight on back up. That's about an inch more than we've gotten all summer. Last time it rained, it was mostly lightning and just started a bunch of fires in the Reno/Carson City area.

Gold and red leaves on the nectarine tree and some yellow ones on the peach. I am really thrilled that the peach survived the summer with the neglect and damage that it sustained. I hope it shuts down in time for winter and gets a good winter's rest and root establishment. Maybe in 2008 I'll let it set a few fruit.

The 3 apple trees don't look at all sleepy, although it looks like active growth for the year is done. Clothes pins to train young branches to wide angles was mostly successful, but wasn't 100% due to late start. Next year I will try to keep up with the growth better. The Royal Gala is pretty robust looking. If it fruits next year, maybe I'll let a few ripen. The other apples get another year of being barren for sure. Our rescue tree even looks like a tree now, with leaves and everything.

I really need to rip out the tomato jungle. Lovely, green, had pretty flowers, but not one tomato. Too hot during the day and the 30 and now 40 degree day to night temperature swing may have something to do with it. Light frosts are keeping them pruned, but really, they should go and make way for peas - which are loving these cooler days.

50+ bearded irises are in the ground and greening up. Our dog, Duke, rearranged them all for me, so I'm not sure who is planted where - but they are dog-proofed now, and it looks like everyone will stay where they are now.

66 lbs of daffodils arrived along with 23 lbs of other assorted spring bulbs. I was hoping they would arrive in time for planting last week end, but no such luck. Hope the weather holds and they can get done this weekend. The new dogs have solved the rabbit problem, but seem to have brought their own bulb arrangement ideas with them. Everything goes under chicken wire, now. With 4 1/2 acres to dig up, it's funny how they want to mostly dig where I have planted stuff!

Fairway Maple has little winged seeds getting ready to take off on the wind. I hope I catch a few - I'd like to plant them just to see it grow. It's all such a miracle.

Wish I could take some of that spoiled hay off of your hands - I've got a bed of garlic that would love some of that for winter mulch :-)

It's such a blessing to be able to have this little spot of sand and my tiny little orchard and all.

Take care, everyone.


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Karla, I know what you mean about the animals rearranging the bulbs for you. For us it is also banty chickens and ducks. I use lots of old refrigerator and freezer shelves to protect smaller areas and wire to cover larger ones.

Winter is coming upone us. I'm praying for a nice long Indian Summer in a couple weeks. We usually get at least a week of it sometime in early Nov. if memory serves me correctly. The yarden is in fairly good condition and weeded. I want some days to go to the cafe' and work on the perennial bed over there and get it ready for winter. It seems every day I plan to go it turns, cold, rains at least enough to keep me inside, or I have to go to town for something. Or I am so tired and/or sore from what I have already done I can't do anything anywhere. I want to take the weedeater over there and just take a lot of stuff down. But mowing isn't an option because of some shrubs, etc. and iris don't take well to being mowed off so short. So it is mostly manual labor.

Lots to keep me busy today so I need to get going.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

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