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Hillside walkways and stairs

Vista, CA

I looked everywhere for images of garden hillside walkways and stairs. I got nowhere. I don't see any books with this kinda stuff in it and I wasn't able to find anything using Google.

So we roughed out a plan. Experimented with a few things. Tried to find the best paths up and down the hills (with the help of 2 hyperactive Border Collies) and this is a partial view of one of first and certainly the favorite of the 7 side-garden walkways and stairs up and down the garden hills surrounding our house. (not very tidy because it is still in the works) (BTW a 20-ft long x 8 ft tall white lattice will hide the fence at the top of this image.

What I need now is the eye of a designer to look at it as say what colors and forms are needed to fill in and where. We can add rocks, bolders within reason...Nothing that needs a crane please!. I am nuts about lizard gnomes, big and colorful.. so far haven't found what I can imagine and I am not a ceramic artist or any other kind of artist, just know what I want!.

Most of the present plants will stay. They are favorites and are well established. soo that bounds things a bit.

edited addition below
We made the final decision to put these steps here based on 3 facts.

1. It was the most difficult slope to control on which to control water erosion.

2. It is the most acute slope from which to service plants

3. It was a path most often traversed up the hill by the 2 Border Collies.


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