Jireh Jeans - New Designer Jeans

Jireh Jeans from South American are coming to the U.S. They are made to make your butt look better. I saw them on Despierta and just had to have them.

They are hard to find but you can get them at www.syberdon.com.

Worth every penny.

Ripon, WI(Zone 4a)

I can't get the Jireh Jeans page to download all the way. I know Victoria Secret also has some jeans specifically designed to improve your butt. I think the price runs about the same as the Jireh jeans. And they really do work!

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

The $$$ you have to spend is ridiculous for me. Way too pricey. Trying to find the correct size was next to impossible altho they had lots of different brands. Thanks.


Rehoboth, MA(Zone 5a)

LOL, just checked in on them, I would have to gain at least 40 lbs. obviously not for me

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

Hey 80.00 bucks isn't bad...Did you like yours Luckylady?

Thornton, IL

Fashion Bug carries a brand of jeans ZanaDi, that really fits! I got a great deal the other day on two pair, for $33. They were 40% off, then an extra $15 off for being instantly approved for the store card. (The regular price is $40 a pair). I got a pair with butterflies embroidered on them, and a plain ole basic pair. They really fit and flatter the full-figured gal. My husband loves them too, LOL.

Miami, FL

I bought a pair of jeans in Dallas in a store called Premium Jeans, the brand is ZENSO JEANS, they are amazing, they really lifts your butt, I tried the victoria secrets ones, I bought them for $79, but I returned them the next day they don´t work at all, I bought Zenso for $85 and I decides that I will only wear this jeans, I´m saving for my next pairs, yeah, because they are not cheap, but they are unbelievable, should try them!! see you later!!

New York, NY

I went to the site and had the same problem as "goldfinch4" , but I still got to see some of the jeans. The jeans look great, thats for sure, but I think that won't be the case when I put them on. oh well

"dont' worry, be happy"

Los Angeles, CA

Information on those Zenso jeans, please. A girl at work, has those jeans, I knew something was different on her, but she never said it was because of the jeans, she looked like she has done some sort of surgery, or something because she was off for 2 weeks, everybody asked her what she have done and she kept saying, ¨lot of exercise¨, and the jeans she always wear are Zenso, now I know. Nardillas if you could give me more information, or where to get them in LA

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

"Lots of exercise" hehe................ that's a good story.......I'd stick to it ! It is actually a lot of exercise to walk the mall for as long as it takes to find those special jeans that just make it all click. Off for 2 weeks............ yep, she probably had to "shop" for 2 weeks to find the right jeans to do that. haha. Wears me out. I've tried on 20 pairs of jeans on one day before finding a pair I liked the fit.

I love all the new jeans, there are a lot of brands and cuts out there. I just have to try on all of them to finally find the ones that flatter my back side. Seems the problem I've had is that when they fit so cute in the butt, the waist is so low it feels like I have to pull up my pants all the time. Ugh, the price we pay........ hehe. It is really a good thing when you find a brand that works so well isn't it.

Scottsdale, AZ

finally some real women who have tried the butt lifter jeans and like them. now that I know this, I'll search for some for myself. Thanks gals

New York, NY

I wear zenso jeans, they are great I love them, but i think buttlifter jeans are not for everybody, i have a regular body, my butt is not where it should be, or where it was when I was 20, on the other hand my friend has a big butt and when she tried them her butt looked huge, I mean, if you want to cause a commotion you can wear them. Buttlifter jeans are more for people that has no butt at all, or has a little, but these zenso jeans besides lifting your butt, make your hips look smaller, so they help to look good, anyway, they work for me!!

Scottsdale, AZ

marclau, you sound like a friend of mine who says her butt is now at the back of her knees. It's not but she always says that.

New York, NY

I wear zenso jeans, they are great I love them!!, but I think buttlifter jeans are not for everybody, the truth is that they make you look good in the way that they lift your butt and squeeze your hips besides they are not low rise neither high, they are in between, anyway, a woman with a big butt, will look huge in a pair of buttlifter jeans, my friend tried my jeans and she has a bg butt, she looked three times beyonce and jlo together it was something from another world, to much for me, anyway, I love zenso they make me look good, because I don´t have to much butt or it is not where it supposed to be it is a little bit down, and it helps me a lot, this brand works for me!!

Miami, FL

Hi,.......My I just saw this conversation....and i wanted to tell u guys that....I found this jeans ....that are made in Brazil their name is ZAWARY Jeans....and they lift up ur butt too....there was also this Peruvian pants and i bought like 3 pairs....I love them!!! jaja....I think I'm not wearing normal pants anymore!! This is in Miami in the famous 20 st... It was on a store called DALY FASHION!.....try them actually they are much more cheap than the zenso and the jireh...they were from 34.98 till 50.98 all of them...wow I'm surprised about the price lol!!! well it was just an advise....

Bridgeport, CT

Can anyone tell me where to buy these jenso jeans in CT or New York? I am dying to try them on before I buy them from their website.

Sherwood, AR

I've been looking for these jeans every where, could andyone tell me where I could get them, besides their website...I would like to try them on first..my body is wierd..Im usually never the same size of jeans depending on the style..I just moved to Arkansas, don't know much around here, but I am going to Dallas in a month and my family lives in Los Angeles...so if anyone know where I could find them please let me know asap...Thanks

Bridgeport, CT

I have been trying to find them too??? What is up with that

Lamar, AR(Zone 7b)

I could never order clothing that I want to fit, they must be tried on first. Same as bras & shoes.

Sherwood, AR

I found the zenso jeans and ordered them they are magnificent...they really do work...I love them I couldn't be happier with these jeans....I love wearing them they are expensive but well worth it.....I recomend them to everyone....if anyone wants to find them in California or Arkansas let me know I could give u the person's # who sells them...so you could see for yourself...buy them they are great.....

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Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

Are you serious? There are really jeans now that lift your butt? Can't think of anything less useful. It you want your butt lifted, exercise. What happens when you take off the jeans? Let me guess. Your butt falls right back down. Everything on me is falling and I don't mind. It comes with age. LIZ

Bridgeport, CT

I have finally found and bought the zenso jeans. They do really work and I love them. They are very expensive but definitely worth it!!!!I have no butt so to get one at all is amazing. :)

Englewood, NJ

Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum. I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me where I could find these Zenso Jeans in New York or New Jersey???

Bridgeport, CT

I just bought them and they really do work!!! There is a ldy that sells them out of her home in Queens New York. Look online to find her number or I will look for it for you and write it on here. There is also this store I am going to try in Manhattan for the Brazillian jeans called Sawary. I will let you know once I try them.

Astoria, NY

strwbrysonme can you please give me the phone number of the women that you purchased these jeans from, I live here in Queens, NY. For some reason I cannot purchase them from their website, or if anyone knows where they are sold in New York I will really appreciate it. …………… Thanks

Bridgeport, CT

Hieee! I lost the number for the lady in queens. I am, though, going to go to Manhattan this week to look at the brazillian jeans. The website is www.hotsexyfit.com. You should check it out. I'll let you know if they have any good jeans there though. Ciao!

New York, NY

You are so right about those jeans
I went to hotsexyfit store in New York and they have a lot of different ones. Not just the Zenso but the had Sawary and others. The lady told me they are opening a chain of stores so stay tune for a hotsexyfit store near you. Their focus she said is jeans that make your butt look rounder and not flatten it.
Check their site at hotsexyfit.com and you can call them to ask questions or for the jeans for the butt.
good luck

new york, United States

Hi everybody, I went to the store where they have those buttlifter jeans, and I have to say that zenso jeans are incredible, the other line savary i didnt like it at all, they don´t lift the butt as zenso, they fit more like a normal pair of jeans, anyway i went down there just to try them and I end up buying like 4 pairs of zenso , my husband wanted to kill me but on the other hand when he saw me on those jeans, he couldn´t take his hands off me, lol.
I LOVE ZENSO JEANS, I thinl I´ll become and addict on those jeans.

Los Angeles, CA

Hello my name is jean carlos, i have the zenso jeans that you are looking for, i am a designer and distributor in Los Angeles so here is my website thank you all

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hey... i also have to say that price is too high to afford. I think you can get new ideas to be more stylish in a cheaper way, if you go to a website like http://restyleme.com/.

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Hope this will help.


CA, United States

I love all the new jeans......It should be branded....and stylish...and skin fit...

Deer Park, NY

I love these butt lift jeans but thought they were too expensive. I just found out that Syberdon Enterprises (from the first post) has cut their price in half. Now I can actually afford them. Thanks Luckylady, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have found them.

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