Monday, October 30

southeast, NE

Hello everyone – thought I would check in and hope that everyone else checks in too.

Weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. Did a few outside “get done before snow flies” paint jobs, clean ups, etc.

We’re still waiting for farmer to harvest our corn and beans. He was supposed to get to it last week and then it rained. Have you all noticed what corn prices are doing? Price per bushel is steadily increasing and when I checked this a.m., corn was up to $3 a bushel. That is $1.50 higher than year ago. Supposedly a lot of farmers are holding on and waiting till price gets higher and price is also increasing due to ethanol blend, etc. When ours is harvested, we will probably hang on till at least the end of the year depending on how farm income looks.

DH, neighbor and I moved calves/cows around on Saturday a.m. and dh hauled 11 feeder calves (mostly steers) down to sale barn. No one got hurt, no one screamed, and nothing got loose! Amazing! We also sold a few heifers and steer calves at private treaty club calf sales and were very happy with the results. And Julia also bought a few replacement heifers. She has always wanted a white shorthorn heifer and she finally found one. She calls her “Snowflake”.

Last week Julia and four of her FFA students went to National FFA Convention in Indianapolis. The students (all girls) behaved themselves and they had a great time. Nebraska chartered several buses to haul various chapters. American Express gave each FFA advisor a loaded card $75 to use as they please so she took her students to a “fancy restaurant”. We always chuckle at her though as she is petite and young looking and a lot of people assume she is a student. She was walking through the hotel halls late at night and was chewed out for not being in her room as it was assumed she was a student.

Well better get back to work – you all take care.

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