November 18, 2006

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Time for a new journal thread I think..

Cool to see so many people getting into the farm life. Lisa, Do you think you will get snow where you are moving to in Kentucky?

It's a busy season.. I am trying to be more prepared for Thanksgiving. Today I am going to roll out and dry the homemade noodles. Hopefully get them cut and frozen.. Then all I have to do is pop them in the chicken brothe.. Also getting the chicken boiled and hopefully deboned today.. Will freeze the deboned chicken and broth. get it all put together.. early Thanksgiving morning. The squash all got peeled , cubed , parboiled , and frozen last week..

I have a very pregnant pigmy goat up in the barn. She is wider than she is tall. I sent Hubby to get replacement milk in case she has more babies than she can take care of.. Several people on my list for bottle babies..

Also , a bit of a surprise new calf.. Her Mom lost her calf this Spring. She was quickly bred back and has a beautiful heifer calf with those goggle eyes.. Her hip joints seem pretty loose.. But she is very happy and healthy. She let me rub her all over and scatch her head. . Mom could care less what I do.. All my cows seem to not care much how much I move around them.. Lots of them are grown up bottle calves.. I am very wary around new moms though.

It's chilly and overcast here today. What's going on at your place..?

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