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Deep East Texas, TX
(Zone 8a)

November 29, 2006
12:10 PM

Post #2952778

In case you hadn't found it, Dave now has added a nursery and gardens listing to DG. Let's start adding any nurseries around us on this link. That way, when you go on a nursery tour, you can map out your plant shopping trip. This will be great for scheduling vacation time also. This is the link for the above:

Edited to unlink the above (didn't work!) link and try this one...

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Josephine, Arlington, TX
(Zone 8a)

November 29, 2006
5:04 PM

Post #2953456

Thank you for letting us know Podster, I didn't know about this forum and I think it is a great idea.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

December 8, 2006
3:21 PM

Post #2981605

podster, thanks for starting this thread. One of the important differences that will distinguish this feature from other general "trip advisor" or "yellow pages" sites is the input from each of us as gardeners.

Please add your feedback for the businesses you've patronized and the public gardens and parks you have visited. It helps other gardeners and the business or organization.

For smaller businesses and organizations, this type of "word of mouth" is their only form of advertising. And for businesses of any size, unsolicited testimonials are priceless - they can't buy that type of good will.

Here are the Texas listings so far:

You can narrow this down to a particular category (garden center/nursery, or public gardens, etc.) You can also plug in your ZIP and specify a radius (especially helpful if you live near the state line and want to see everything in your immediate area.)

If your favorite nursery or park/garden isn't listed yet, let us know and we'll add it, or start the entry and add what you know (we'll fill in the blanks.)


Josephine, Arlington, TX
(Zone 8a)

December 8, 2006
8:14 PM

Post #2982588

Designs in Nature
5501 East IH20
Fort Worth, Texas 76140
(817) 561-9248

Green Mamas Organic Garden Market
5324 Davis Blvd.
North Richland Hills, Texas 76180
(817) 514-7336

Main Street Home and Garden
603 West Main Street
Decatur, Texas 76234
(940) 627-0235

Petal Pusher’s Garden Emporium
813 Straus Road
Cedar Hill, Texas 75104
(972) 291-7650

Redenta's Garden
5111 W. Arkansas Lane
Arlington, Texas 76016
(817) 451-2149

Redenta's Garden
2001 Skillman St.
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 823-9421

Rohde¹s Nursery & Nature Store
1651 Wall Street
Garland, Texas 75041
(972) 864-4445

Stuart Nursery and Landscaping
2317 Fort Worth Highway
Weatherford, Texas
(817) 596-0003

Tinker Grove Gardens
6230 Colleyville Blvd.
Colleyville, Texas
817 488-3525

Tim¹s Landscaping INC.
7319 W Vickery Blvd.
Benbrook, Texas 76116-9219

Weatherford Gardens
2106 Fort Worth Highway
Weatherford, Texas
(817) 594-6055
Metro (817) 341-0152

Weston Gardens in Bloom
8101 Anglin Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76140

Wholesale only
Bluestem Nursery
4101 Curry Road
Arlington, Texas 76001
(817) 478-6202

Brazos Rim Farm
433 Ridgewood Rd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-1057
(817) 740-1184

((817) 937-0204


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

December 8, 2006
9:21 PM

Post #2982819

Josephine, I added all but the 2 wholesale nurseries and the landscape company - at this point, we're steering this feature towards businesses and organizations (public gardens, etc.) that can be accessed by the general public. Since you provided this list, I'm hoping you've done business with each of these retail sources, and can give feedback for the benefit of fellow gardeners ;o)


Josephine, Arlington, TX
(Zone 8a)

December 8, 2006
10:07 PM

Post #2982988

I have only done business with Redentas Garden, Weston Gardens, and Green Mama, the list was recomended by the Native Plant Society of North Central Texas.
I didn't know that you wanted only nurseries that we have had personal experience with.
If that is not o.k. you can remove the others, no problem.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

December 8, 2006
10:53 PM

Post #2983135

No, it's fine - as long as they sell retail, they can stay. But if you have others that you know of, but haven't done business with, I'll probably beg off and let you add them instead of me ;o)


Josephine, Arlington, TX
(Zone 8a)

December 8, 2006
11:11 PM

Post #2983160

Thank you Terry, I appreciate it.
Denton, TX
(Zone 7b)

January 6, 2007
3:42 AM

Post #3057642

Lovelace Nursery Landscape
P.O. Box 39
Sanger, TX 76266

This is a great place to get antique roses...very reasonable.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

January 6, 2007
9:41 PM

Post #3059593

Thanks! I added it here if you'd like to submit a review:
Boerne new zone 30, TX
(Zone 8b)

February 26, 2007
6:05 PM

Post #3227070

I added to the nursery and farmers market for Boerne.
College Station, TX
(Zone 8b)

March 16, 2007
11:03 PM

Post #3290093

I was at Bonnies Greenhouse in Waco yesterday. Really nice ladies, especially Karen.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

March 16, 2007
11:49 PM

Post #3290298

AuntAnne, here's their entry if you'd like to post a review:
Austin, TX
(Zone 8b)

May 1, 2007
8:54 PM

Post #3452811

Hey Terry,

Floribunda Nursery has closed, I am not sure if their other services on their website are available.

Howard Nursery has closed.

Both in Austin, TX

McKinney, TX
(Zone 8a)

May 3, 2007
10:39 AM

Post #3458658

Terry, Pecan creek in Coppell closed also. I made note of it on their review, but you might want to remove it.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

May 3, 2007
10:56 AM

Post #3458725

Thanks! Dave is working on giving me the ability to add a "closed" note to nurseries that are gone-but-not-forgotten ;o) Once that's in place, I'll go through and mark all those that have been mentioned.
New Caney, TX
(Zone 8b)

May 15, 2007
10:43 AM

Post #3499069

Joshua's Native Plants
504 W 18 th
Houston, Texas

A wonderful nursery for native plant lovers


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

May 15, 2007
12:19 PM

Post #3499349

I added them here: - please leave a review for them when you get a moment; I'm sure they'll appreciate it! ;o)
New Caney, TX
(Zone 8b)

May 19, 2007
2:53 AM

Post #3512961

Happy to give them FIVE STARS
Colleyville, TX
(Zone 8a)

May 28, 2007
5:34 AM

Post #3543951

Tinker Grove Gardens at 6230 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville 76034.
817 488 3525
Just found beautiful daylilies for $9.99. At HD, $12.99.
Nice selection of some unusual plants, and some demo gardens


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

May 29, 2007
12:09 PM

Post #3548027

bananna18, I think this is the place you're talking about: Wanna leave 'em a review? I'm sure they (and other gardeners in your area) would appreciate a plug!
Gilmer, TX

June 11, 2007
12:36 PM

Post #3601366

Smotherman's Nursery and Landscaping
1122 West Marshall (Hwy 80)
Longview, TX 75606
A little pricey but they have things you can't find anywhere around here except Blue Moon. They have a big sale sale on Labor Day week-end and all plants, trees, shrubs are half price.

301 W. Methvin
Longview, TX 75601
They are heavy into vegetable plants and seeds. They have a vast array of gardening supplies. This is a family owned business and they are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Houston, TX
(Zone 10a)

June 25, 2007
4:19 AM

Post #3655090

All in One Nursery
Houston Texas
Northfield ... off 43rd between 290 and hempstead
Waxahachie, TX
(Zone 8a)

July 18, 2007
6:21 PM

Post #3751022

The Greenery
On Hwy 77 between Hwy 342 and Sterret Rd

I've never been unable to find what I was looking for there. They specialize in landscaping, pottery and stone.

Roland's Nursery & Landscape
1901 N I-35

I bought there 1 time, not a good experience! I've heard others say good things about them, but I like The Greenery better.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

July 18, 2007
10:03 PM

Post #3751968

The Greenery:


Hope you'll add your $0.02 worth for each - what you know will help others!
Wichita Falls, TX
(Zone 7a)

December 10, 2007
12:27 AM

Post #4278658

This is where I buy most of my Texas Natives.

Wichita Valley Nursery
5314 Southwest Parkway
Wichita Falls, TX 76310
(940) 696-3082



Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

December 10, 2007
2:11 AM

Post #4279124

earthtiller, here's their listing:

If you would leave them a review, I'm sure they would appreciate it (and so would other gardeners looking for good places to buy!)
Southlake, TX
(Zone 8a)

March 19, 2008
9:06 PM

Post #4683430

I am surprised no one has added North Haven Nursuries in North Dallas
Garland, TX
(Zone 8a)

March 20, 2008
12:09 AM

Post #4684106

Here is North Haven's listing:
Gainesville, TX

March 20, 2008
2:29 AM

Post #4684914

Ok, heres the best kept secret in Gainesville.

Kadens Florist (its also a nursery)
1938 Rice AVe
Gainesville, Tx 76240

940-665-4354 website. This is the oldest single family owned nursery in Texas, 122 years. Mr. Kaden does all his own veggie starts and only sells what grows well in our area. If he doesn't have it it may not grow well here.

He is an Aggie grad and about one of the nicest people you would ever meet. I went in and one question turned into about an hour and a half conversation. He never seems rushed and will answer any and all questions. He also makes his own potting soil from his own organic compost that is out of this world...ask Melvatoo I gave her some.

McKinney, TX
(Zone 8a)

March 20, 2008
1:13 PM

Post #4686013

Cool. Thanks for the tip Debbie. My stepkids live up in Gainesville, so I will have check it out. :)


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

April 1, 2008
1:10 PM

Post #4739760

BTW, I tweaked the entry a bit:

It looks like their name is technically "Kaden the Florist & Greenhouses), and I added the coordinates so the map shows up now ;o)

I hope you'll add photos and reviews - if it needs any further tweaking or correcting, let us know!
Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

April 1, 2008
1:48 PM

Post #4739918

I see everything on my list is there except Wabash Antiques.

Bloomers in Elgin, TX

Houston Plants and Garden World in Houston, TX -- multiple locations
Wabash Antiques in Houston, TX
Another Place in Time in Houston, TX
Buchanan's Nursery in Houston, TX
Cornelius Nurseries (owned by Calloways) in Houston, TX -- multiple locations

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Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

April 1, 2008
2:01 PM

Post #4739981

You can add any garden center, farmers market, etc. that isn't already in there - let us know if you need any help!

And...just in case y'all a need a reason to add pictures, reviews and new listings, you *do* know there's a fun contest underway right now, right?
Gainesville, TX

April 1, 2008
7:02 PM

Post #4741541

Will do the review and try to do the photos.

Sugar Land, TX

April 4, 2008
2:15 PM

Post #4755860

Enchanted Forrest and Enchanted Gardens

Caldwell's Nursery

All three are family-owned businesses in the Richmond/Rosenburg area in Ft. Bend county. Absolutely LUV these two nurseries.


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

April 4, 2008
3:07 PM

Post #4756132

If you care to add reviews and/or photos, here are links to all three:

Enchanted Forest:
Enchanted Gardens:
Caldwell Nursery:
Conroe, TX
(Zone 9a)

April 14, 2008
1:58 AM

Post #4804749

Has anyone in my area been to Hope Farms open yard sale that is put on every spring and fall? They have great unique plants, perennials, herbs, roses, gingers, and daylilies plus much more. Plants are sold mostly in 1 gal containers and the plants can be seen growning in the landscape.
Every weekend starting April 27 to May 25. 9 to 4. Groups on weekdays by appointment only.
If anyone wants anymore information let me know.
Mico, TX

January 19, 2009
2:30 AM

Post #6022119

I went to Caldwells Nursery in Rosenberg yesterday and bought a chlorphytum I had been looking for. Very informal place with a huge collection of bamboo. Has anyone tried to grow bamboo in the Hill Country?
San Antonio, TX
(Zone 8b)

January 20, 2009
3:12 PM

Post #6028027

Regarding bamboo, I'm not sure quite where the boundaries of the hill country are. My dad grew it for many years in Waco. Actually it's still growing. He started it with a piece he got while driving in the city's Cameron Park area maybe 30 years ago. Over the years it has become a good-sized stand in the corner of his yard. LiseP
Canyon Lake, TX
(Zone 8b)

January 20, 2009
4:33 PM

Post #6028350

I have two varieties here at Canyon Lake.

New Waverly, TX
(Zone 8b)

January 24, 2009
6:32 AM

Post #6043796

We have a Timber bamboo doing well.
Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

February 28, 2009
5:06 PM

Post #6202191

Plants For All Seasons
21328 State Highway 249 (at Louetta)
Houston, TX 77070
Phone (281) 376-1646
Fax (281) 376-2553

Every Day 8:30-6:00

Huge selection of trees, annual flowers, vegetables, shrubs, vines, some of the best selections of organic fertilizers, soils, and compost including full line of Ladybugs compost products including bagged leaf mold compost, sheep manure, cotton burr compost, etc. products which you cannot find at big box stores.

They are notable this year for including the full line of Chef Jeff's vegetable transplants with detailed descriptions of each variety. Very helpful, English-speaking staff, will help load and carry products to your car. Reasonable prices.

Sounds like an advertisement, but I am writing this with no compensation and based on my visit there yesterday and past visits as well.
Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

February 28, 2009
5:07 PM

Post #6202193

Plants for All Seasons is not even listed in DG's Garden Watchdog. :( How do I suggest an entry?
New Waverly, TX
(Zone 8b)

February 28, 2009
6:03 PM

Post #6202457

Feldon, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a link "Add a new company to the list.

Plants for all seasons has been around for a long time. You are right, they are helpful and knowledgable.
Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

February 28, 2009
10:45 PM

Post #6203624

I looked and apparently Local Nurseries are not supposed to be entered into Garden Watchdog. *boggle* They're supposed to go under Go Gardening. I'll take a look at that.

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Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

March 1, 2009
12:29 AM

Post #6204108

I posted a review. ;)
Sugar Land, TX

March 8, 2009
3:38 AM

Post #6236246

I'd like to add Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Texas (south- southeast of Houston)


Murfreesboro, TN
(Zone 7a)

April 7, 2009
5:07 PM

Post #6377873

feldon, we have two listings for Plants for all Season:

NickTexas, Maas is here:

Please do let us know if you need help looking for a listing, or adding one that isn't in Go Gardening yet. We're happy to help!


Josephine, Arlington, TX
(Zone 8a)

October 24, 2010
8:10 AM

Post #8172962

I would like to add anew nursery for Texas Native and adapted plants, it is owned by one of our members Jamie Laws. It is called;

700 W. Davis
Dallas, TX 75208
phone 214-952-3378

Please go there and check it out.

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Round Rock, TX

June 5, 2011
4:31 PM

Post #8611265

i like this place, plants, trees, fish, pond supplies and classes...

Hill Country Water Gardens

1407 North Bell Boulevard
Cedar Park, TX 78613-7085
(512) 260-5050

Ben Wheeler, TX

August 4, 2011
2:59 PM

Post #8737041

Here's one for the list.
I've not been there in 6 years but they have lots and lots of Cactus! Planning a trip back in that direction next week.

Cactus Ranch
511 VZ County Road 1104
Canton, TX 75103
Broaddus, TX
(Zone 8b)

August 9, 2011
8:07 AM

Post #8746357

Zone 8b, Heat Zone 9 deep Southeast, TX on Lake Sam Rayburn
3535 WEST STATE, HWY. 21
8 acres of the most healthy plants, a wide selection of Texas Super Star & the latest hybrids. It has earned a 5 STAR rating . East TX is beautiful even in August! Come see us!


Grapevine, TX
(Zone 8a)

September 9, 2011
3:28 PM

Post #8801102

I just went to a new nursery south of Austin called Reid's Nursery. It is on the smaller side but had a good selection of natives that were in great shape, even after this record breaking brutal summer. The owner uses organic practices and holds a lot of seminars. Check it out if you are in the area.

Reid's Nursery
5550 FM 2720
Maxwell, Tx 78656
Carrollton, TX
(Zone 8a)

September 12, 2011
9:56 PM

Post #8806190

I'll second Hill Country Water Gardens in Cedar Park. I didn't see on list Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg. Amazing place.
Ben Wheeler, TX

March 26, 2012
9:19 AM

Post #9057540

Living Desert
12719 W Highway 71
Bee Cave, TX 78738
(512) 263-2428

Located directly across Hwy 71 from the Hill Country Galleria

Hours of operation:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:30-5:00
Fulshear, TX
(Zone 9b)

January 17, 2013
10:39 AM

Post #9388219

Enchanted Gardens
6420 Fm 359 Rd Richmond, TX 77406
(281) 341-1206
My favorite place!
Aurora, TX
(Zone 8a)

July 15, 2013
4:50 PM

Post #9600178

A WONDERFUL Tx nursery is Pipe's Flower Ranch.

These guys grow and sell the most amazing, top-quality plants at very reasonable prices. The co-owners have been in the business for 20+ years and their employees are years' long vested people with a plethora of growing knowledge. Local municipalities frequent them for common area plantings and garden clubs have long kept them atop shopping lists. I highly recommend this nursery.

And fyi, Green Mamas closed up about a year or so ago...=(
Whitesboro, TX

July 15, 2013
8:01 PM

Post #9600496

My favorite nursery is fairly new over on Hwy 380 in Crossroads, Elements Nursery: They also do landscaping. Had an amazing selection of harder to find plants this year and were great about ordering in plants I requested. I make the 45 minute drive at least once a week during spring and it's well worth it, even with several other nurseries much closer to me.
Lewisville, TX
(Zone 7b)

March 30, 2015
9:53 AM

Post #10045246

I recommend Painted Flower Farm in Decatur, for TX native plants, they do sell retail & their website is updated regularly so you can see what is available. Sorry no photos.

Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

April 8, 2015
7:25 PM

Post #10050647

Love Joshua's!

1015 Arlington St. 77008 in the Houston Heights (713-863-0708)
Pretty fun place. It's mainly online, but are open 1st and 3rd weekends during the growing season. Prices are cheaper than website when attending the sales. Almost across the street from Buchanans in the Houston Heights.
Dallas, TX

June 5, 2015
3:16 PM

Post #10088441

Noticed a few places that either aren't listed or maybe my search wasn't wide enough. Here's one.

Marshall Grain Co. (Grapevine store)
3525 William D. Tate, Grapevine TX
Phone: 817-416-6600
Note: Home page on website might say Fort Worth but click around and you'll get info for the Grapevine location.

Great selection of organic supplies. Good prices, frequent sales. A lot of helpful articles covering a variety of subjects.
Staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Also sell pet food.

Recommend that you sign up for their email list.
Dallas, TX

June 5, 2015
3:29 PM

Post #10088458

Brumley Gardens (Bishop Arts location)
700 W. Davis, Dallas
(Website and email list apply to both locations.)

25% Off Purchases by Seniors on Thursdays (true at Lake Highlands store as well)

Smaller than their Lake Highlands location. If they don't have something in stock they will try to get it for you. Call ahead.

Friendly, helpful staff.

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