Journal Feb 2, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good morning all! Dreary morning today. Lots of excitement last night. The guy down the road horses escaped...all 5 of them. That always adds for fun at 4 am! The temps are in the high 40's. I just can't wait for spring..(sigh) You folks have a good day, Bye, Lisa

southeast, NE

Good morning all! It's cold here - windchill is below 0 but is supposed to reach 20's this afternoon.

I remember when our cows would visit people. We used to put our cows on pasture and corn stocks that was adjacent to a small development. One day some kids must have decided to explore the area and left a gate open. There is a small lake near the development. The cows just took a nice walk around the lake. Luckily the ground was frozen and the cows didn't leave any chuck holes.

Notmartha - maybe you have a future Olympic wrestler. The guy that upset the Russian wrestler attended the Univ of Nebraska and is a farmer in Wyoming. He is now in some seed corn advertisements.

You all have a great day!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good day ~

Have fun at the wrestling tourney! Dori, I too plan to be in the hot tub tonight. Winter commuting in a 5speed truck is just awful on my old knees - this is the first winter we've had the hot tub, and my knees felt almost like summer knees this year.

Saw some wood sorel, mustard weeds and CA poppies in bloom in the field next to work today. The miniature rose near my front porch (miniature flowers, large bush) has two bright yellow blooms on it. Tulip tips inching their way up!

High School has the day off today, so one of my daughters came to work with me. Kinda boring for her, I think, but we had lots of fun going out for an extra long lunch. My other HS DD went out with friends, and my DH and DS are going to dinner together after DS's dr appt. I think no-one's going to cook or eat a real dinner tonight!

Sunshine! Sunshine! Yipee! (We'll see what I think about sunshine, oh, about August!) Cherry trees starting to bloom - Feb is Nat'l Cherry Month, I believe. Can't wait to make home made cherry vanilla icecream with those great big, juicy bing cherries! MMMmmmm!

Blessings, everyone.


Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

HI All,
I have a minute to say hi (kids are lined up for computer! I hope everyone has a great weekend! My plans are to attend the auction in New Jersey for a change of pace, get some outdoor stuff done, more seed sowing, laundry and more laundry, maybe a movie :)

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