Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, Here we are buried in drifts of beautiful snow. When I tried to open the door to go outside this morning I was pushing snow out of the way.

I made a quick trip to the barn and let the sheep inside. Anyone else in the drifts?

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

We got nothing...and Lisa was so excited with anticipation. She and Sally went and bought mittens and earmuffs.

(the lady at the store had to show her how to 'work' the earmuffs.)

Now can you get this visual of Lisa, all bundled up and sitting on a bench outside her shed, looking at the sky, and calling me every hour and asking?

'is it coming?'...'how much is it going to snow?'...'when will it start?'....'will my goats freeze?'...'where does Jesse get chains for his truck tires?'...'do I have enough supplies?'...

I haven't talked to her this morning yet...but I'm sure she's dissapointed...but relieved too.

southeast, NE

LOL about Lisa!

Kathy Jo - we got "nada" - a few drops of freezing drizzle and that's it. We missed it by about 170 miles as Kansas City really got it. Some of my coworkers were in Kansas City for a conference and made it back yesterday - said it was a real mess down there. Lots of Nebraskans worried about getting down to Kansas City for tomorrow night's Big 12 Championship game with Oklahoma.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

LOL at Lisa looking for snow. It sounds like she is ready for it. Melody, you have an entertaining new neighbor. They will all have a ball when (and if) it snows. I hope they are getting settled in ok and keeping warm. I think the thought of not staying warm enough was a big concern for Lisa, but I kept telling her she just had to learn to wear shoes!

We have about 2 inches on the ground and more coming down, but it isn't snowing hard so I don't expect much even if it continues all day. Since daylight it has barely covered the windshield.

I bought some Tarda tulip bulbs yesterday, so now I have to see if I can still get a shovel into the ground. Thankfully we had some snow cover before the almost 0 nights, so I think it will work without having to resort to using a pick. I also have 2 bags of potting soil that I need to pry up off the ground and move into my greenhouse, one of those jobs I kept looking at when it would have been much easier to do it.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

I prayed for moisture.. Didn't expect this.

I went back to the barn , it's about a quarter of a mile from the house. I always walk it, but have to lift my legs up as the snow is over my knees. About three miles north of us got the most.

I wondered is Lisa was going to get to experience snow.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We have sunny to partly sunny & 24.
We got an inch of rain a few days ago.

Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

So far we're at 13"...the county plow has been out on our road once this morning. DH is just finishing shoveling to the barn after plowing the drive (he's been plowing for 2 hours). He's about 6 ft tall and the drifts are mid-thigh. Thankfully, the wind is slowing down some and the sun has peeped out.

stay warm everyone

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Hi Catherine,
You're not that far away, I could see the cloud bank of in th SE.
Don't we just love winter. It seems to be getting everybody this time.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

It isn't here yet. We just got back from Erie. It poured down rain so hard that you could hear it in the stores, then the sun broke through for a bit, then more rain. All of the little creeks look like spring runoff and the big creeks are in flood right now. We are looking for snow tonight and through the weekend. Except for the rain, I would have been comfortable without a coat most of the morning.

I can see Lisa sitting out there wishing up a snow flake.

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Hope she will get some snow soon!

No snow here of course, it's Louisiana.. But it's real cold... and water in birdbath is frozen! It showed it's very cold!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I had 7" in our yard but hear Sedalia about 13 miles SE of us got over 14". Depending on who you talked to it was 12" - 16" in their yard.

Our farm tenant came and drove his tractor up and down the drive and in the yard clear up to the garage door on Friday. Saturday he was back with a blade on the back of it to really clear it out. The road between us and the highway are either patchy or glare ice depending on which one you are thinking of. Fortunately the glare ice one is a straight tho somewhat hilly gravel one for about 3 miles. The patchy one is blacktop and has several sharp curves in the same distance.

Jack is in very serious and possibly terminal condition at the VA hospital in Columbia. Many problems all hitting at once. I'm not sure he has the will to live any longer. I can't blame him if he doesn't. The history of this last episode is on the Healthy Living forum in the Weight Loss Challange threads starting about mid October. That is where I hang out most of the time nowadays. There and the Central Midwest Gardening forum. That one has some of the info too.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

(Sheryl) Gainesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

Wishing you strength & peace during your tough times, Leaflady.

Benton, KS(Zone 6a)

The BF and a friend of his were hunting during this last winter storm. They were between Wichita and KC but I think closer to KC. They were pretty miserable in the barn they were staying in...guess they had to fix the wood stove and then discovered they didn't have any more dry wood. The other heating devices weren't able to keep up. Now that both men are home - safe - and warm....they decided they didn't have such a bad time and will try again next year!

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