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Tulips in containers?

Ulster Park, NY

I'd love to plant a very large container (tire pot) with red and rainbow chard
and early tulips (Prinses Irene)

How do you do this? I'm not sure the tulips would survive the winter in the
containers. I had lilies in several a few years ago, they only made it in
one out of three (rot). I often see tulips in containers. What's the trick?
Do you overwinter the bulbs somewhere else, and plant them later (when?)

Any suggestins?

Saugerties, NY(Zone 5a)

I dont have a answer for you but I wanted to say I hope your enjoying todays beautiful weather, I'm loving this 52, I have the back door open and I so enjoy the fresh air without my face freezing off LOL
Still in Lake Katrine

Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Planting in pots can be pretty easy. I planted tulips & daffodils in a pot last year and left it inside my garage. I watered them once thoroughly and then never looked at them until March. They came up beautifully, a bit earlier than what I had outside. You can even put them inside, starting in February, under lights, to get really early ones.

Ulster Park, NY

Magnolialover, how cold does your garage get? Mine freezes, but it would be dry.
I suppose the pot could go back outside early to mid March? The chard could be
winter sown about end of March, I think, I'll have to check.

I checked Van Engelen, they're finally out of all the early tulips anyway. Maybe I'll take some
from out of the ground.

Hi Christine! Yes, nice week coming they say.

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