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25+Brugs and Dr.Sues Seed for trade


I have 25+Hybrid seedlings of mine and a bag of Dr.Sues Seeds to trade if anyone is interested. These are too big to ship out so I am looking for someone in the near vincinity. It would be nice if someone wanted them so I could get them out on Monday. I of course may be able to get talked into a few cuttings of other hybrids as well if someone were interested. Haven't counted out the seed, but it looks like a hundred or perhaps 200 seed. At anyrate, seed will be included as a free bonus if someone would like to negotiate something with me. 2 dollars a Brug would be okay as these are all fairly large Brugmansia if someone wants the entire collection. I will toss in a few very nice named hybrids as well for luck at my discretion and perhaps a potted one to boot. Arlene knows the quality and size of Brugmansia I trade in pots if anyone is interested in verifying with her. If someone wants some cuttings of my other Brugmansia that have already bloomed as well, this can be arranged as well. Just be ready to take a few trees worth of cuttings home. These are all genetically unique so they will be able to breed with each other. As everyone knows, I tend to breed different species together each time so I get tons of variability. I also love to use the Dr.Sues as a Seed parent. Regardless, you can rest assured there is a full selection of different varieties to chose from in this collection. These are all one year old seedlings that have been through 18 degree weather in pots outside so they are hardy as well.
Ahh, this would help, I am in the Gainesville-Jacksonville area more towards the North end of Florida. 45 minutes to Gainesville and about the same to Jacksonville.

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Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

brugman, why didn't you just email me?

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia - you're killing me here!! So near and yet so far !!!. I've been sitting here gnashing my teeth over all your tantalizing offers. That's it! I'm moving to Florida.
I'd be one of the few Canadians down there without blue hair


Arlene, wanted to give others a chance as well and I figured you had a large supply of Brugmansia already. If you want them though they are yours first as I know you will post pictures of these when they bloom. See you bright and early then at the ussual meeting spot? Ahh, you had best just e-mail me again with the particulars. I am such a crazzy one as you know. Best bring some versicolors for you ayy? I don't like versicolors that much, but I do have some very nice versicolor hybrids. If your into that extremly long frilly look with flowers.

I personally prefer the smaller type aurea flowers.

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Brugmansia, you must have heard me groan from here. Liz probably heard me:)

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

brugman, you already have mail, i have calls into the possee....., if someone else is really close would be willing to work with them, too. and sase some of those seeds for those far away....
liz, i have a great canadian plant friend that i met at home depot, we live about 2 miles apart! she has one of my brugs in her yard.

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Arlene and Brugmansia- husband going to West Palm Beach on a waterskiing training thing in September. I swear to G. I'd sacrifice hime to customs.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

water skiing in canada, what an exotic job or is it for fun? if he were coming closer i could load him up, that's about 5-6 hours from here...

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Fun~~ He loves these road trip things. Goes to FLA or CA every year. I'm serious! Would submit him to airport dogs.

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

tiG- I heard that groan!

Burlington, ON

Liz, pour me a Canadian, would you? ( and I don't even like beer but the above posts are enough to drive "us Canadians" to drink!

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

tiG pick me up on your way down. We need a vacation any way. I was in Canada last year and I was in line going through customs on the way home and the lady ahead of me must have had some blue coloring for hair that she was trying to smugle out. They pulled her out of line about the time I put my keys and other things in the tray. I got so involved in watching what was going on I left the things in the tray. When I got to Atlanta and no keys and it took me about 4 days but they were nice enough to send the keys in the mail. My expense of course. Lucky for me someone was along and didn't leave their keys in Canada. A long walk from Atlanta to Lagrange.

Franktown, CO(Zone 5a)

I would love some seed. I can pay for your postage.

Woodsville, NH(Zone 4a)

To live so far away from all the great Brug growers is so depressing.DH keeps telling me we should move to a warmer climate. Hmmmmm Florida?

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

Geeezz, NOW i read this..hub was laid over at a truck stop in jacksonville friday for 8 hours waiting for a load...
just to think of ALL those babies that slipped through my hands

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

oh Jen!!!!!!!!! :( so close and yet so far!!! If my husband didn't have to do some repairs for our son this week, I'd get him to drive me down, it's not that far (emphasis on *that*)
ah well:) I still have my lovely babies and they bring me joy even with no flowers, so I'll go out tomorrow and revel in them, I'm even going to flip a coin to see who gets to be first one planted in the ground. One of karma's? one of Eric's? maybe an odd one so I don't lose those?? oh, the decisions that have to be made!

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Please, please I have no Brugs and I'm jealous of all yours!! Would you consider some seeds for a SASE??????


Ahh, whats better than buds already being on some of these Brugmansia? In fact, if the truth be known-two are hand selected out of my batch. These two are in order: 1st is the earliest bloomer, heaviest bloomer, best seed setter and best pollen donor-has twice the amount of seed of any other seedling or parent plants for that matter. 2nd, tallest fastest grower-2 times as fast with me striping the leaves off completly 3 times while it was growing and it still is growing slow it down-versicolor with an aurea calyx, not to mention its an early bloomer as well, but not as early as the former. Both bloomed within 7 months of planting them from seed, both are repeat early bloomers. Of course as you all know if it doesn't bloom within the 1st year from seed I throw it away....Rambling as always.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!! I was sitting here, perfectly content with my babies, and then you describe things that make my mouth water!!! Stop it!!!! LOLOLOL!


Ahh, well tig-Brug fever isn't it great! Msjen, now if I had known I could have been persuaded to give out a few more Brugmansia...suffice it to say though that the great Brugmansia give away has stopped until the kids drop another football or soccer ball through some branches or perhaps a few months before winter comes if all of my branches aren't full of seedpods. If they are I'll have to take cuttings and root all of them together to let the pods mature protected from the cold. And for the seed lovers out to get them, I am all out for the time being. Hmm, enough people out there have enough different Brugmansia that they should be able to get a few seedpods going though. In fact, I think a few have started trying already.

Just thought I would post this here as a bit of the myths, legends, etc surrounding Brugmansia and Datura is discussed in that artical. I personally like legends and myths, but I don't advocate anyone trying to make them a reality. Anyway, for those interested take a gander. Brugmansia arborea that this place sells as seed is actually Datura metel black if memory serves me. A purple metel that is purple on both sides of its skirt. A truelly marvelous Datura and one that is not commonly seen.

While their Brugmasia id may not be the best in the world, they do have a superb listing of Datura seeds and varieties, species, etc for those who like Datura.

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Newberry, FL(Zone 9a)

Brugman and Arlene,
Thank you so much for sharing some of these wonderful plants I have recently become so fond of, thanks to Arlene! My husband actually likes them better than about anything else in the garden.
I know we will enjoy them very much!


Ahh, has she shown you the Culebra though? Thats my pride and joy and if I only had one Brugmansia that would be the one I would have. I must confess, the B.Butterfly and B.Roseabelle are close runners up though.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

yes, and a little later will show everyone these tee tiny little wisps that you rooted... robin and i are doing the joy dance! i am lucky to have brug fanatics so close by. robin, glad to have you for a partner. between you, me and your mom newberry is going to be quite fragrant at night. brugman, there is a culebra living with robin now. and i have no idea what dorsentia is! i probably won't get pics up until dark, talk to you guys then.


Ahh, Brugmansia heaven. I eagerly await your posting those lil Culebra Arlene.

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

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I will be posting a picture of some of my hybrid seed pods in the near future. Most of these come from my hybrids crossed to other hybrids I have created. So, these are not crosses you can make on your own simply by purchasing the right plant. Just wish I had a picture of one of the other seedpods I had as it was trully fat...the pollen from that one went onto my longest drop down aurea type flower, but rest assured the seedpod looks like pure versicolor. Just picked today as a matter of fact. Just 7 seed pods though...only two involving my own hybrids as seed setters and pollen donors. The other 5 are my crosses to a known cultivar. 1 seed pod from a Frosty pink as I made the crosses both ways on the 5.

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