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(Zone 9b)

March 6, 2007
3:15 AM

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Ursula’s 2006/2007 seeds
(updated March 2007)

Spring is close! Plan your new gardens with the freshest seeds available, since I live in the Southern Hemisphere (late Summer down here) and new species are being added as soon as available.

Please check my latest additions. You will find some amazing species!

Click on the links that will take you to useful sowing/growing information and pictures in DG’s Plant Files. Don’t forget to scroll down and read the ‘Comments’ section. You might also want to check the following web pages for additional information: Tom Clothier, The Seed Site and Thompson and Morgan.

Please feel free to contact me about any additional information you might require, as well before as after purchasing my seeds and remember that these seeds were harvested late 2006/early 2007 (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere), so if you want to sow them in the Northern Hemisphere in Spring, they will require (especially the High Andean species) a cold treatment.

From the Central Valley (Metropolitan Area), Z9b:

Alonsoa meridionalis (20+ seeds for US$3)
Do not allow children/pets to play with these seeds, as they contain a muscle relaxing component.

Alstroemeria angustifolia (15 seeds for US$3) mixed colours

Alstroemeria ligtu ssp. simsii (15 seeds for US$3)

Alstroemeria pelegrina (10 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Alstroemeria pulchra (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Alstroemeria pulchra var. maxima (10 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Argemone hunnemannii (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Argylia adscendens (7 seeds for US$5) Only a few packages NEW ADDITION

Calandrinia grandiflora (20 seeds for US$3)

Calceolaria biflora var. obtusifolia (1 knife-tip for US$3) seeds are fine as dust.

Calceolaria corymbosa (1 knife-tip for US$3) seeds are fine as dust.

Calceolaria integrifolia (1 knife-tip for US$3) seeds are fine as dust.

Calceolaria petiolaris (1 knife-tip for US$3) seeds are fine as dust.
Many, many small lemon-yellow flowers (Perennial)

Calceolaria thyrsiflora (small shrub) (1 knife-tip for US$3) seeds are fine as dust.

Conanthera trimaculata (15 seeds for US$3)

Corynabutilon ceratocarpum (10 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Crinodendron patagua (tree) (12 seeds for US$3)

Eccremocarpus scaber (30 seeds for US$3)

Embothrium coccineum (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Eriosyce curvispina var. horrida (15 seeds for US$3)

Fortunatia biflora (syn. Oziroe biflora) (12 seeds for US$3)

Gaultheria phillyreifolia (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Geranium berterianum (10 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Leucocoryne ixioides (12 seeds for US$3)

Libertia chilensis (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Lobelia excelsa (15+ seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Lobelia polyphylla (15+ seeds for US$3)

Mutisia rosea (7 seeds for US$5)

Oenothera stricta (30 seeds for US$3)

Olsynium phillippii (15 seeds for US$3)
This one is very much like O. scirpoideum, only that it is not as hardy as O.s. and has longer stems.

Oxalis articulata (5 bulbils for US$3) NEW ADDITION only one package available

Oxalis rosea (20 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Pasithea coerulea (20 seeds for US$3)

Phycella ignea (15 seeds for US$3)

Rhodophiala advena (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION mixed colours

Schizanthus tricolor (20+ seeds for US$3)

Senna arnottiana (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Sisyrinchium graminifolium (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Solenomelus pedunculatus (12 seeds for US$3)

Stellaria cuspidata (20 seeds for US$3)

Tecophilaea violiflora (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION
The most intense sky-blue flowers for a small rock cutie

Teucrium bicolor (15 seeds for US$3)

Trichopetelum plumosum (12 seeds for US$3)

Tropaeolum brachyceras (6 seeds for US$3, or 12 seeds for US$5)

Tropaeolum ciliatum (8 seeds for US$5) The flowers are more ‘orangish’ than in this picture

Tropaeolum tricolorum (5 seeds for US$3, or 10 seeds for US$5)

Tweedia confertiflora (12 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION
Lovely fragrant vine

The above listed plants have their natural habitat in Central Chile, which is a Mediterranean Climate (like California). This means we have little rainfall during Autumn and Spring. Winter rain is moderate compared to other areas. We also have some non-lasting superficial frost. The plants listed above are probably hardier than just to our zone 9b. Good drainage is a must.

From Northern Chile/Atacama Desert:

Caesalpinia spinosa (7 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Rhodophiala bagnoldi (15 seeds for US$3)

These plants grow in the driest desert of the world, either at the coastal area or close to water courses.

From the High Andes Mountains (hardy to at least a Zone 6b):

Alstroemeria exserens (10 seeds for US$3) Only a few packages available

Alstroemeria pallida (15 seeds for US$3) (mixed colours)

Alstroemeria umbellata (15 seeds for US$3) dwarf species

Calceolaria arachnoidea (1 knife-tip for US$3) these seeds are fine as dust.

Calceolaria biflora (1 knife-tip for US$3) these seeds are fine as dust.

Mimulus luteus (1 knife-tip for US$3) these seeds are fine as dust.

Montiopsis sericea (15 seeds for US$3)
This time I am sure I labeled my seeds correctly. If you bought them from me when I had doubts about my labeling, please let me know with your next order and you will get a free package.

Olsynium junceum (15+ seeds for US$3)

Olsynium scirpoideum (15+ seeds for US$3)

Oxalis squamata (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION
(seeds are of the dark pink one – non-invasive species with a fleshy root, like a carrot)

Rhodophiala rhodolirion (15 seeds for US$3 – I had a great crop this year!) mixed colours

Schizanthus coccineus (20+ seeds for US$3)

Schizanthus hookerii (20+ seeds for US$3)

Sisyrinchium arenarium (15 seeds for US$3)

Sisyrinchium striatum (20 seeds for US$3) bright yellow!

Stachys grandidentata (12 seeds for US$3)

Stachys phillipiana (12 seeds for US$3)

Tropaeolum polyphyllum (7 seeds for US$5)

Tropaeolum sessilifolium (6 seeds for US$3, or 12 seeds for US$5)

Zoellnerallium andinum (12 seeds for US$3)

The plants listed above are native to the Chilean portion of the Andes Mountains, and grow at altitudes between 2400 to 3000m above sea level. They are all perennials except for the two Schizanthus species. I can only guarantee they are hardy to at least a zone 6b, because that is the climate where they grow. However, they *COULD* be even hardier. Once the Winter snow has melted, they get very little water from Spring rain and even less during Summer. Good drainage is a must, except for Mimulus luteus and Calceolaria biflora that love ‘wet feet’. Do not over water the other species.

Non-Chilean species:

Adenophora koreana (15+ seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION

Adenophora liliifolia (15+ seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION

Adenophora potaninii (15+ seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION

Adenophora stricata ssp. sessilifolia (15+ seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION

Adenophora tashiroi NEW ADDITION (15+ seeds for US$1.5)

Asarina scandens (mauve-pink flowers) (20 seeds for US$3)

Asarina scandens (violet blue with white throat) (20 seeds for US$3)

Cynara cardunculus (15 seeds for US$3)

Galega officinalis (free upon request – check your regulations, because this can become a very invasive weed)

Geranium pyrenaicum ex ‘Bill Wallis’ (12 seeds for US$3)

Hybrid Freesia (gold-yellow, very fragrant) (12 one year old bulbils US$3) NEW ADDITION

Jacaranda mimosifolia (tree) (15 seeds for US$3)

Lathyrus latifolius (Everlasting Sweet Pea) (7 seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION

Lathyrus? (10 seeds for US$1.5) NEW ADDITION
I neither know the name nor do I have pictures. These ‘Sweet Peas’ grow at a friend’s holiday house at the beach. Very floriferous, clusters of small, pink, VERY FRAGRANT flowers.

Platycodon grandiflorus, white with blue ‘spreckles’ (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION
Please read the caption of the above picture. I must add that one of the plants that produced only white flowers in Spring/Summer has currently its second flush of blooms and they are all ….. spreckled.

Podranea ricasoliana (20 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Potentilla nepalensis ex Miss Willmott (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Salvia verbenacea (attracts bees and butterflies) (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Godess’ (15 seeds for US$3) NEW ADDITION

Minimum seed-order is 3 packages.

Postage is US$3.50 for up to 10 seed packages, regular airmail (can take as much as 2 weeks!).

I have tested ‘priority mail’ by mailing two different envelopes for the same person, the same day, one ‘priority’ and the other just regular airmail. Both arrived the same day. This was tested on three occasions, so I do not think it’s worth paying more for ‘priority’ mail.

If you want your seeds to be sent via registered airmail, please add US$1.50 (i.e., US$5 for postage of up to 10 seed packages).

I will not send more than 10 seed-packages (plus bonus) per mailer, in order to be able to use regular airmail rates; otherwise, the PO would apply ‘small parcel’ rate and charge for a minimum of ½ Kg.

Seeds will be sent in new bubble mailers and they will be wrapped in aluminum foil before being placed in their bags.

BONUS: for every 10 packages ordered (each worth U$3 or more or a total order of US$30 or more), you will get a surprise bonus package (valued at US$ 3). If your order exceeds US$50 (not including postage) you will get an additional Bonus of either 2 seed-packages valued at US$3 each or one seed-package valued at US$5; these seeds will be of YOUR CHOICE (please ask for availability).

I have a Business PayPal account (accepts credit cards and checks)

Please order via Dave’s Garden-mail or, indicating ‘Seed Order’ in the reference.

Thumbnail by Ursula
Click the image for an enlarged view.

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