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toronto, Canada

Is it too late to start with seeds ?
.last year I had a bunch of seedlings which I started in jiffy kits .had four kinds of morning glory ,herbs , flax .which I loved the whol;e season .
this year I feel I am late .help me friends ,...............:)

Thumbnail by asifuzma
Blyth, ON(Zone 5b)

I wouldn't worry too much asifuzma. I haven't started my herbs, flax, or morning glories yet either, and I won't be for two more weeks. Since I can't plan on transplanting outdoors much before the Victoria Day weekend there isn't much point in starting these very much earlier than that.

Circle Pines, MN(Zone 4b)

I am a bit further south than you, and I JUST started mine last weekend. Depending on your last frost date (not sure of your zone), you could start the 8-10 week seeds this weekend. I usually do a two week staggered plant, so next weekend are my 6-8, then in two weeks my 4-6, and then my 2-4. You can usually read how early to start on the back of the package. I tried doing things earlier a couple years back, but didn't have room for all the bigger plants under the lights and I had to keep moving my little portable greenhouses indoors at night because it was still too cold. I try to time it so that everything goes out two weeks before I plant in the ground end of May.

So no, you aren't late!

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