Leggy Datura seedling

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I am growing Datura for the first time- and of all the plants I have started in my kitchen, they are much more leggy than any other flowers- not sure why as they are all getting the same light. Just natural light from the windows- I have a tiny apartment and haven't worked out a way to get lights up.
I'd take a picture, but my other half is out of town and has the digital camera :-(
How deep do you all plant these when you pot up? A lot of my annuals I just bury down to the cotyledons and they do just fine- can you do this with Datura?
My Lilac La Fleur (I think thats the name) is the tallest- its getting its first set of true leave right now, and is 3 inches tall. For contrast, the double whites and the triple yellows (in the same flat right next to the Lilac) are only 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall. They were all started on March 14th.
Have another question as well- some of the other Daturas that haven't germinated yet have this white fuzzy looking stuff around the seeds- is this normal or something bad? Do I need to start those over?
Thanks in advance- I am REALLY looking forward to these Datura this summer! Such a pretty plant. Samantha in Philly

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