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Plumeria help

East China, MI

Please any one out there with some cuttings or seeds that they are willing to share with a 7th grade student that wants to show her science class that the plumeria can be grown from a cutting and seeds please contact me at

Thank you

Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

It is Easter and a slow weekend, angie...but I am sure someone will answer you before long....I don't have any plumerias...

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands(Zone 11)

Angie - I would love to help since I have Plumeria's in many colors and varieties, but I also live in a place that seems to restrict what gets exported to the States. All of our mail goes through Honolulu and HI is VERY picky about what goes in and out. I can state unoquivicably that they grow from both cuttings and seeds....I have done both. But take heart - this is a great site with many wonderful and generous members....someone will come to your aide soon I am sure. Again, wish I could - but I have tried sending seeds to other members with no luck....very sorry.

(Zone 1)

Angie: You should post your request over on the Plumeria Forum! There are a lot of people on that forum with really great information on these plants and I bet a few of them would offer you cuttings as well as seeds for your project! Click on this link to go to the Plumie Forum:

Good Luck With your School Project!


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