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Clear adhesive fooled me the first time...

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

First let me say I love Bond 527 and will continue
to use the product. It does not always come in the
packaging as show, sometimes the tube is sold alone
in a display.

However, while a previous project using clear glass
adhered to a painted surface tricked me into thinking
it was clear adhesion, my current project shows otherwise.

I am presently adhering clear tempered glass to a clear
vase of good size. Initially it was beautiful and clear, making
the vase appear cracked rather than having pieces glued
to it. This morning I woke to inspect it, only to find the adhesive
had not only bubbled, but has what I would call spiderwebs
beneath the glass pieces.

For this particular type of project, clear on clear, I will use
an alternate product next time.

Any suggestions other than
plain white glue or Weldbond? Great products, but not the
type of adhesive I prefer to use on glass to glass.

Many thanks for any clear glass to glass adhesive suggestions.

Karen Marie

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