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Allie's in labor...

Campobello, SC(Zone 7a)

got your attention, didn't I? ;-)

about 1, Allie laid down and my MIL and I were out in barn at the time so we just went over to watch her. She started a funny grunting noise that was different from her normal "I'm laying down and not comfortable" grunting noise. My book says Stage 1 takes about an hour so I checked my watch. Went into Thump's stall to check her back end and everything was bulging out (not baby, just inside of her canal) and could see fluid dripping but wasn't sure if it was urine or fluid. She was moving her front legs like a dog running in his sleep and just very very agitated. I wait until 1:50 and call vet. Describe all to her and she says she's on her way...it sounds like labor. Allie gets up and starts eating just before vet gets here of course. Vet gets here and does exam. Allie's dilated and baby is in pelvic canal and Allie is very unconcerned. Vet says she just needs to push. Water has not broke yet. Vet left short time ago with instructions to watch her very very carefully because if water breaks and Allie doesn't push, they only have 20 mins to pull baby out. Vet couldn't believe she wasn't pushing already and would have helped her along if she could have grabbed a foot.
So, looks like we will have #2 today :-) Heading back out now to physically check on her. Vet is making me call in every 30 mins and just talked to her as I was typing this. She said get out there and look under her tail before next call.

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