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Veggie Yields...

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

Could someone give me an approx. amount of yields, per plant, of the following veggies, please? I know that the number can be influenced by a number of factors...I just want to know a round about figure for a normal crop.
Thanks in advance!

Hot Peppers
Bell Peppers
Green Beans

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

I had cucumbers last year...I think it was about four plants, and they took over 2/3 of my garden and I had cucumbers out the wazoo....only planting one this year. I don't remember what kind they were, I'm still kinda new at this. Hope that helps a little.


Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks Kristie...that's a start!

With all the seasoned gardeners out here in DG Land...there's no one that can give me a generalized idea?
I'm hoping to plant this weekend and I'm down to "working in" these last few veggies. I don't want to plant too much of one of them and have it take over the place like Kristie said and then not have hardly any of another veggies.
My main concern are the green beans and okra.
For example, will 2 okra plants provide me with okra for dinner through out the summer or will 2 plants give me enought okra to put in jars, say 20-25 pint jars and make pickled okra?
Same with green beans....

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Depend on whether you like it fresh or stored in the frig for a couple of days. Okra gives you tow or three pods every oth day per plant. Green beans (bush)will give you about a peck at picking 15 ft row (roughly 50 plants) you should get two pickings, maybe a third smaller one depending on cultivar. Some like Commodore, will bear over a longer period but you will only get maybe a half gallon at a picking.

Summer squash, two- four fruits per bush, twice a week depending on cultivar. Cantaloupe, 2-12 fruits per vine depending on cultivar. The small ones have more numbers.
Bell peppers 4-12 per plant depending on cultivar. Hot peppers run from dozens to hundreds depending on cultivar.

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

Thank you so much Farmerdill!
That's just what I needed!
Have a wonderful day... :)

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that cucumbers can be staked or trellised if you want to keep them off the ground and from taking up so much room(I didn't do that last year). I don't know from experience if it works, but that's what I've heard. That might help save a little space

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks Kristie! That's what I'm planning to do!

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

No problem...good luck with the veggies!

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