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Ever seen this before?

Port Townsend, WA(Zone 8b)

My lilly, the best one of last year's garden, this year decided to use a curling iron. Ever seen this before? Why is it doing this?

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Maybe leaf rollers? I don't know much about them so I don't know if lilies are something they'll bother or not.

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

LOL. I was assuming ecrane was suggesting they were using hair rollers instead of a curling iron...until I realized leaf rollers was some sort of pest....hehehe

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Does look like leaf rollers. Easy enough to determine--unroll a leaf and, if that's the problem, you will see them. I always clip off any affected leaves and spray the rest of the plant with an insecticide. Just to be on the safe side, I take all the leaves I clip off and put them in a Zip Lock bag before I throw them in the trash.

Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

Or burn them. I tend to like the thought of the little critters frying. Ohhhh, cruel!

Port Townsend, WA(Zone 8b)

I unrolled a leaf. I don't see a thing. Any other suggestions? Today it looked like it would still put out a flower. Not sure what is going on. Could it be from overcrowding?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't know of anything that causes that besides the leafrollers--did you just look at one leaf or did you look at a bunch of them Could be a few of the rolled leaves have been abandoned. I'm also not sure if they stay in the leaves all the time or if there's a certain time of day that you need to look. Try googling leaf rollers or leaf roller caterpillars, I'm sure there's a lot of info out there about them.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

Let's Go,

My guess would be a virus (disease) is causing your problem. I bet the folks on http://davesgarden.com/forums/f/lilies/all/ will be able to ID the cause.

Here in the near tropics I have only found 3 lillies that will grow for more than one season and one of them is the Easter Lily (never really thought of them as desirable).

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