Tahitian Gingers

Geneva, FL(Zone 9b)

I have a few plants of the big-plumed Tahitian Gingers. They are growing pretty quickly. As I haven't tried them here before, I assume I should keep them in a large tub once mature and overwinter in the heated greenhouse if I wish to see blooms, right? My Alpinia purpuratas do well in a large pot, so I was hoping these could be persuaded to as well. Any advice?


Viera, FL(Zone 9b)

What genra are you referring to as Tahitian Gingers?
Liz :)

Geneva, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi Liz,

Alpinia purpurata---Double flowering red ginger-- AKA Tahitian Ginger.. This ginger is much different from the regular A. purpurata in that the flower stalk actually branches and forms a HUGE (more than a foot across), red ball, instead of the small cone.



PS--I am surprised Dave Skinner hasn't popped in here?? Dave??

Viera, FL(Zone 9b)

Since Tahitian is also a purpurata it would also be a zone 10 and should grow for you under the same condtions as your others.
Dave is currently out of the country, but you never know he might still check back in :)

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Geneva, FL(Zone 9b)

Nice Costus barbatus, Liz! I had a large pot of them I brought from my old house when I moved back in December. I put them in the gound and they are now blooming. I find once they are well established, they seem to take the cold snaps fairly well, though once that cane freezes, generally no blooms for the coming year. :( This is one of my fave gingers, and much much better behaved than their speciosus cousins, who tend to spread all over the place. LOL

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