Need help for my new datura!

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

I received a Ballerina double yellow (or triple?) datura in the mail from an ebay seller yesterday. It was a tiny bit wilted, but not bad at all for being in a dark box for three days. Anyway, it was in a 3" pot, the plant being 4" tall. I planted it immediately in the ground. I watered it well, working its pot soil into my native sandy loam, and watering it well. I live in the high desert of S. Calif. Very, very dry. The temp outside was about 80. Well, I went out several hours later, and the plant had collapsed! I mean, wilted to the ground. Not even standing up anymore. I shaded it (it only got about two hours of sun yesterday) and am hoping for the best. Do you think there's any hope? Should I Superthrive it? Any other suggestions? Thank you.


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