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passion flower

Orange Park, FL

I've got no idea where they came from, but I've got a ton of your basic passion flowers growing alongside the edge of my driveway, mostly sprouting from what is left from a large heap of oak tree mulch. My oldest son talked me into accepting a "load" of mulch about 3 years ago. When he told me a "load", I figured maybe a pick-up truck bed full of oak branches and leaves that had been run thru a chipper.
Boy, was I suckered. He was working part-time cutting trees down in the neighborhood. He backed up a large, full-sized dump truck alongside the driveway and left a pile of oak chips that was 4 feet hi and about 8-10 feet in diameter. It has taken me 3 years to use it all up in the garden.
But this year, now that the pile is down to no more than a molehill, I've got passion flowers growing everywhere out of the molehill. They all just popped up out of what was left of the mountain of wood chips. And they have been waiting for 3 years to sprout.
It is so late in the day now that I can't get a good photo. The flowers have all closed up. Tomorrow morning I will get out there with my little digital camera, take a pic, and post it.
It just doesn't seem logical (Spock) that I would get passion flower plants shooting up out of the remains of a 3 year old pile of oak tree chips.
Any ideas?

Sydney, Australia

Well some birds may have donated them (or bats) in their poop
in my garden the birds donate grapes/mulberries and cape gooseberries amongst other things.What kind of passionfruit are they? with a bit of luck they will be edible (instead of ornamental) I have many different types of passionfruit....perhaps you can show us a flower.

Orange Park, FL

Chrissy, Here's a photo I took 10 minutes ago. It's 4:40PM here right now. I don't have a clue about passion flowers or passion fruit, I guess I'll let a few of the plants continue to grow and see what I get.

Thumbnail by blmlb
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You sure do have passion flowers, these are vines and can be quite rampant, I agree with Chrissy that a bird visited your pile of mulch, but on the other hand, wherever the mulch came from, maybe mixed in with it, were bits of the vine already growing and now they have had the light of day given them, they have been able to sprout away, you need to give these vines quite a good support as the stems do get very woody, they should also give you fruit, whether edible, will depend on the vine, the fruit is about the size of a large egg, has a dark brown/greenish hairy skin and a fleshy green centre which if edible, is sweat, nice chopped into a fruit salad or green salad, they also have very small edible seeds, quite a root run but can be grown in a large pot with good compost and kept well watered. hope this helps you out,
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Sydney, Australia

G'day ....the banana passionfruit is the fuzzy one with a pink flower ...this looks a lot like the passiflora incarnata.I don't know if you can eat the fruit or not...better check with a nursery.If you are interested the edible passionfruit we have in Australia are the black passionfruit/Panama gold and Panama red and a few others...they are so yummy if you live in a warm climate ask your suppliers about them ...I have heard that you can tell an Ozzy from anyone else by the way they eat passionfruit....the non ozzies spit out the seeds! ...noooo you swallow it down like oysters seed and is a real taste sensation!.the banana passionfruit are very pretty to grow but the flavour is insipid and the birds spread it far and wide.Go check out any edible passionfruit and grow them they
will cover up eyesores and look lush and well as giving you lovely flowers and mouth watering fruit to put into pavlovas and icing...cordials ...over ice cream and best of all just fresh (eat with a spoon) :)

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