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Bargains at Brimfield

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

Hi - here are two pictures of vases I picked up at the Brimfield Antique Fair. The first is a pale green frosted glass jack-in-the-pulpit vase. I have used white lisanthus, white obedience plant, and white asiatic lilies.

The vase was offered at $45 - I picked it up for $25.00 Also bought a tall, narrow Pinwheel crystal vase for $8.00 (suitable for glads and delphiniums), and shorter, heavy (modern) crystal vase for $4.50.

The Rockport pottery vases started at $498.00 - too rich for my purse.

Thumbnail by Seandor
Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

Here is my other "find" I know they are not an expensive item, but I feel pretty pleased to pick up the pair for $8.

The "fence posts" are filled with foxglove, pinks, cornflowers, linaria

Thumbnail by Seandor
Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

I like both of them!!!!!!!!!! but I love the first one..............good buys and great looking

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

thanks, gessiesgail :-)

New Orleans, LA(Zone 8b)

Neat vases.

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

Thanks :-) There were soooo many vases - but alas, limited funds :-)

Warren, PA(Zone 5a)

Love the fenceposts and your mix of flowers in them! Creative.

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

Yeah - the fence posts are kinda cute. There really were some beautiful Rockport vases - absolutely amazing - but too expensive for me. The Brimfield Antique Show occurs three times a year - May, July - and September. So I will go back again and see what bargains I can find. Who knows - maybe I will win a lottery and will be able to buy a Rockport lol

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