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Vinca in Trouble?

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Hello All,
I think I have finally gotten my flower bed looking good! LOL Although the Salvia is being taken over by the Dahlias! LOL Although the Snapdragons still look snakey and ugly to me! LOL But they have flowered! The yellow ones seem to flower most and last the longest!

But I realized today that about half of my Vinca which has done awesome this summer is turning a very light green color, I don't think it is yellow. And it is still flowering and does not look like it is stressed.

I was wondering if it just needs a good shot of Miracle Grow, or if something else is wrong.

I will try and get a pic in the A.M.

Thanks for your help!

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi tx,
Is it in full sun? They love sun.
If it is then I would give it a shot of MG for sure. How long have they been in ground?


Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Vinca will grow quite nicely in the shade too. I have mine on a north-facing wall and it's beautiful. Sounds like that shot of Miracle Grow would be a good idea.

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

It probably needs some micronutrients. Miracle grow would solve that. Seems we all agree. Miracle Grow is miraculous. Why aren't we getting paid by Scott's for promoting their product???

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Good idea momo. I think the least Miracle Grow could do is pay for a one-year subscription to DG for all of us who have promoted their products (yeah, riiiight!).

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

LOL Oh yes I would not mind getting paid! LOL

They have been in the ground since May, or the middle of.

I gave them a good drink of MG 2 nights ago and I think they are turning a little greener. I will give them some more in a couple day.

Man is it me or have the boards really quieted down since the 4th of July! LOL

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Summer vacation time before the kids have to go back to school.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

That is true! 6 or weeks!! LOL Man I still feel like it should be mid-June!

Sydney, Australia

If the weather is really scorching I think vincas like a little protection..our sun is a killer in the Summer and the vincas in the more sheltered situation sure looked a whole lot happer and healthier than the exposed ones....just my own experience.:)

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Same with us here in Mississippi. Our sun gets REAL hot too--that's why mine is on a north wall. If I put it out in the sun, it would be gone by now but, while mine is only flowering sporadically, it's still very lush and green here in the middle of July.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Well here in the Panhandle of TX we have not had many days in the high 90's or over 100! Lucky us!! LOL

The plants on the northwestern side of the bed (The bed in in the middle of my yard on the east side of the house, it was there when I moved in!) have seemed to get ALOT thicker and grown more, except for the one right in the corner! But the southern side just has not done as much!

They are greener now that I gave them MG and I think I will give them another good drink of it tonight!

I also think they might just be getting to full and crowded by the Dahlias! So I think I will thin them some and move some to the southwestern end of the bed.

I have wondered all summer why that side of the bed has not done better and them plants in the corners have not growen as well! LOL

I planted them in angled rows so you would think everything in the row would grow the same, but.....

I will get a pic of them! I forgot to do it the other day! LOL

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi txflower, dont go over the top with your plant food, I would say once a week or every two weeks would do it, remember, the food will work over about a week and too much will give the plants such a boost, they will maybe tire themselves out, I find my vinca's grow in a bit of shade better than full sun, if you stick little bits of the stems in the soil, they will root and you will get more plants, well I grow the perennial ones that creep along the earth, so maybe you are growing different ones from me, but they are all really nice plants. good luck. Weenel.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Well they seemed to start turning darker green again after the MG. But then have faded again. I know they are getting enough water, so I guess I just need to add the MG every week.

I will make sure I get a pic tomorrow! I promised I would on another link and have just been too busy! LOL

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Gardeners are always busy txflower, so dont beat yourself up about it, as you have had some better results after feeding, then I guess that's the answer, you say they dont lack water, so your doing the right thing, maybe you just have the type of soil that dont hold onto the neutrients and water as good as you think, so keep checking for the lack of either, then next year if you can get hold of some manure/compost, add that to your soil as it helps to hold onto both the things I mentioned, and also lets air into the soil a bit too, if you want to know how much manure/compost to add, well the answer is, as much as you can get hold of or buy, as you can never add too much of these, your plants will reward you ten fold for it and it will save you time and money on artificial feeds as you wont need to add quite as much and as often. Good luck and hope all is well for you. WeeNel.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

LOL Good to know WeeNel! YOU seem to know ALOT about plants! LOL

I did add two bags of bothe organic top soil and organic potting soil before I planted this year. I thought it was WAY to much after all the trouble I had in the begining! I thought it was just staying to hot! LOL But I think I just needed to water more!

I did nothing to the spot int he back where my daugter planted things, as a test! The soil has clay and in one spot sand in it! So it waters different then my bed! But those plants have nor growen a lot either, so I am feeding them more and I think it helps! LOL

Here is a pick of my bed!

Thumbnail by txflower
Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Here is the Vinca (top of pic), Dahlias, Salvia, and trhen a little Dianthus in the bottum of the pick!

Thumbnail by txflower
Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Aaahhh--my advice wouldn't work for your vinca. Your's appears to be the annual variety. Mine is the evergreen perennial type. I've never grown the annual but I believe it does need sun. Mine (like WeeNels) does better in shade, especially here in MS where it gets terribly hot in the summer.

Sydney, Australia

Hi I like your flowers...very pretty....but vincas do require protection
if the sun is harsh....they won't die but will suffer their way through it.
That type of vinca sets seeds in my garden (morning sun afternoon shade position) and pops back up in Spring.The perennial type also needs even a little more shade to look it's best.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

Thank you so much for your help! I will see what I can do. My father told me to give the whole bed grass fertilizer! It has nitres (sp) and other things that plants like. He told me to just get the crystals and sprinkl some around the bed.

Makes since. But I have to go and look for some. Ower Wal-Mart as cleared out EVERYTHING from the garden center. It seems really early to me! LOL We will not get a freeze until October.

Whitehall, PA(Zone 6a)

Not sure if you are concerned about using chemicals or not, but grass fertilizer is very "chemical" and really does nothing for the soil long-term. A good organic source for nitrogen is blood meal. Grass clippings are good too.

Orange, CA

Grass fertilizer is usually very heavy on nitrogen which may help green them up, but will probably discourage flowering. It would be best if you use a balanced fertilizer that also boosts flowering.

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

HUMMM..Well the only fert. that they have been gettting is Miracle Grow. And the Organic top and potting soil that was mixed in to the bed in May before they went in the ground.

I don't know what Blood Meal is. But it does not sound like something I would ready the back of the box of! LOL

I am still trying to find things to plant here this winter! Any Ideas?

Gloucester, MA

I use epsom salt for all of my plants. It is not really a salt, it is just a bunch f salt like crystals. By the way does anybody want to trade? Check my want and have lists if so and mail back.

Orange, CA

Blood meal is a very slow release nitrogen. It can be used with wood chips or sawdust to help them decompose without robbing the soil. It should be a lot more gentle than lawn fertilizer.

Whitehall, PA(Zone 6a)

You should be able to find blood meal at any HD or Lowes. It's good because it actually helps improve the soil moreso than just being a quick-fix chemical type of fertilizer. If you work to improve the soil you will have less fertilizing to do in the long run, and happier plants. No brand name or anything (although Miracle Grow is selling it now under their "organic" lineup).. just look for a box or bag that says "Blood Meal". It stinks to high heaven, but is said to also help repel chipmunks, rabbits, etc. Besides, I really only notice the smell when I'm actually applying it anyway.
I also use epsom salts. Someone in another forum mentioned to try to get "nursery grade" epsom salts if possible, as it will have higher concentrations of nutrients than the stuff you can buy from Walmart or wherever.

Gloucester, MA

Yeah, I bought mine at Sam's Club, which is owned by Wal Mart. I will check for the nursery grade stuff, thanks!

God Bless!

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