Are you a bipolar spender cheap vs WAY expensive??

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

well folks....are you like me....are you cheap on some things
and on other things you spend WAY TOO MUCH? here is me:


i buy cheap washing stuff
i buy USED designer clothing
wont dry clean stuff (only use the dryer method cleaner)
i buy cheap toilet paper & paper towels
i drive a toyota with 266,000 miles
i have to check to see where i can find the cheapest of everything
i buy cheap undies and pjs
i WAS doing trades for postage in the plant forum till i realized
that i could buy stuff cheaper than paying for took
me about 5 'for postage' transacations and 50 bucks to realize
that i was paying way too much to get something 'free'


buy starbucks everyday
buy ANY kind of food i want with no regards to price
waste tons of stuff
have to have expensive cosmetics
have to have high end jewelry
have to have high end car that is parked most of the time(cause i am too cheap to drive it)
have to have designer clothing
buy tons of magazines, dvds and books at full price

i know there are many more things i do that are on opposite of the spectrum.....
do you spend on oppossite ends of the spectrum??

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