Where can I buy some geodes or beautiful crystals?

Lindenhurst, NY

I love the beautiful crystals or geodes, anyone know where I can buy them at a reasonable price? Also, any websites which will tell me which crystals are good for certain things? Like ______ crystal is good for health, etc.


Divernon, IL(Zone 5b)

What size geode are you looking for? Any particular type (ie- Mexican Coconut, Keokuk, Hamilton-Warsaw, Ochos)?

Thumbnail by jmorth
Lindenhurst, NY

HI Jmorth - yes, the ones I like are the ones with the purple crystals or pink crystals. I've seen them before, a long time ago in gift shops.

The size would be whatever I can afford (like 20 - 25 dollars, which I guess is not very large ??)


Cincinnati, OH

There should be rock and gem shows near you.

Lindenhurst, NY

Thanks UUallace. They have 2 near me, one in July and one in August. Thanks

Guthrie, KY


She sells crystals with Metaphysical meanings, she's a great seller.

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