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Mutations From Saved Datura Black Currant Swirl Seed

Perrysburg, OH(Zone 5b)

Here's one of two different plants with the same characteristics I grew from some Datura, Black Currant Swirl seed I saved last year. Veriegated, dark and light both, and they produce tiny dark purple flowers and a berry type fruit instead of the standard thorny pod. Could this be a cross poll. with a nightshade or is it just more probably a result of the hybrid inbreeding? I also had other mutations on 2 other plants such as HUGE buds that don't open and leaves that look like gnarled claws but these seem to be reverting to normal as the plants mature. Does anyone out there have an answer or shall I just enjoy the wonders of plant diversity and keep enjoying my gardening fun (I'll do that despite the answer). Thanx in advance. Max

Thumbnail by maxvine
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