Journal Feb 8th, Thursday

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Good morning, all
What wonderful sunshine we're having. Yesterday planted some of the cuttings I had rooted this Winter - brugs, confederate rose tree, roses,etc. Is there any greater satisfaction than planting our cuttings? Moved some lantana to make room for my new plants.

Ferterlized and side-dressed everything in the beds. Wow, that's hard work!

Seedlings are doing great - salvi, rudbeckia, catnip, tomatoes, etc. I won't take a chance on frost with them yet.

Today will set out more cuttings and move some daylilies. The Mock Orange, hydrangeas, fig trees, Queen Anne's Lace, etc. are all budding out. Can hardly wait for the flowers!

Have a great day,

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all! Karla-thanks for the "send Lisa the tractor" vibes-it worked.
Miss Grits you sure are an early bird this morning! Don't blame ya'--taking advantage of every moment of this beautiful spring-like weather we are having!
The tractor arrived yesterday around 4:00. It is so cute (if tractors can be cute)! It is not one of those big boys, just perfect for me! We already used it for the business. Yesterday afternoon we planted 2 11ft balled and burlap Crepe Myrtle trees for a customer. We used the tractor to load and unload those heavy trees and place them by their holes! Talk about a back saver! DH left with the "little sprout" this morning to do a ground leveling job! Making $$ with it already!
Some folks want to grow up to be DRS., lawyers, etc...I always wanted to be a farmer.I think it is official, yesterday we were allowed to get our first tax break...Our taxes on the tractor went from 8% to 4%, because DH told them I will be selling veggies... I'm a farmer!!! 39 years in the making...Always said that was what I wanted to be when I grow up, does that mean I grew up yesterday? hee, hee, What's that? I think I hear the Green Acres theme again! Bye folks, happy plowing! Lisa

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

So glad Lisa your tractor opened the door to your dreams!
Grits..those new plant babies sure sound nice!

Spring didn't hit here yet. Seeds are sown indoors and outside. I'm still dealing with sick kids..colds, pinkeye, ears..etc :( At least the chickens are laying now..missed those fresh eggs! Have a good day everyone.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

good morning,
grits, you are so lucky-the only thing green around here is ME with envy!
Lisa, I know you are one happy girlie-oh yeah you grew up
one happy woman! ;] I hope everything goes great for you n family!(Lucky) Is the tractors name lil sprout-cute!
Today n last night we(michigan)got hit with snow,ice and freezing rain...suppose to warm up and just rain. It is very slippery n slushy around my area. Im hoping all the rain will melt the snow and I can see my garden soon! Tomorrow its suppose to reach a high of 48!! early spring early spring early spring!!!!
Wrestling meet tonight at home! I cant wait-my other luv besides gardening. I luv watching Teig wrestle-as long as noone gets hurt!
Everyone have a great day-you lucky lucky southerners!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. We have a bright pink sunrise, 3* and NO wind! For the last 2 days the wind has howled and the wind chill was -25 to -30. Of course you don't hear about that on the national weather reports, they don't know Oregon exists most of the time and then only the rainy side of the state. Hubby left this morning on a 3 day trip to that rainy side, where they are expecting snow later today. I hope to go riding later if it gets to about 25*. Lisa and Grits, I would love to be helping you dig and plant. It will be April 5 before I plant any seeds, those will be tomatoes and squash to start in the basement. My old water bed heater (a 36x18 inch mat) is my heater for keeping the seeds warm. One warm year I was able to plant things like cabbage, beets, chard, onions and peas in the garden about April 1, but never in several years since then. One year we had a blizzard on April 12, I was glad I didn't have seeds planted that year. That was probably the other extreme. Dave and Lisa are having so much fun with their tractors, that makes it fun for me too. Adult size toys. I missed getting here yesterday, by the time I had any time to play on the computer the day was about gone so I just waited. We went to town early, had breakfast, hubby got our car from the shop and went to a meeting, I ran an errand that then the truck wouldn't start. Someone gave me a jump start and I drove to the tire place where we got the battery, it turned out to be dirty or loose connections, the battery is ok they say. Just in case, I parked it where we can get to it easily to give it a jump start if that is needed. Things went pretty much like that the rest of the day, but we did get a cabinet delivered and missionary supplies picked up that are on the way with hubby today. Oh, good news, the flower bed bunny is still with us, it must have been another one from the same colony that the owl got. I did find a half eaten rabbit on top of a wheel line wheel when I was riding. Anyhow, OUR bunny is here munching and looking at me through the window, hubby saw him running across our driveway yesterday. I wonder how many rabbits I will have to relocate next spring when the cute little things become cute little nusances....... eating my flowers and vegies. Everybody enjoy the day and count your many blessings.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

I went out to get the mail-the side roads are solid ice-the trees are bending, my pine in the front is now touching the ground from all the ice!!! I guess its getting worse-powerlines are beginning to sag under the tree branches. I hope it starts to warm up QUICKLY!
time to get off the puter-have a good day all!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Dori, The little one and I just went to put mail in the mail box...bare feet and shorts...sorry...Lisa

It's over 50 degrees here today (cooled down from yesterday's high of 65) and I'm heading out soon to do more work outside - in a short sleeved shirt.

Sorry Dori...


Kennedy, NY(Zone 4a)

I think I'm gonna move to the Bayous... get me some nice weather... you people are making me sick! hehehe

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Nepthys, don't worry. Wait until August - you'll here us zone 9ers looking for releaf from the heat! Here in the San Joaquine Valley, CA, the dormant season is the HOT season. Ok, the corn likes the heat, but the tomatoes, and strawberries start wilting, and the smell of overripe peaches asualts the nose... btw, you haven't had fun until you've spent a summer in a humid part of The South. Miss the dogwood and wisteria from Savannah, GA, but I sure don't miss the 100* and 99% humidity summers! Rain just condenses out of the air at sunset. Food turns mouldy practically as you watch it (I learned about ziplock bags, tupperware and bleach while living in the south:-)

Lisa, don't grow up. Just think of this as, well, a new childhood! Glad your tractor and family have bonded so well! Enjoy!

Kid ran a red light and hit my little pickup (dakota) last night :-( No injuries, so I guess we should count our blessings and not snivel too much... He was amazed that my attitude and the attitude of the other person he hit was, "Oh, well, stuff happens". Made me chuckle. He was so stressed. I guess, after a certain age, you figure that if no-one's bleeding, the kids are all ok, there's food on the table and a roof over your head, it can't be all bad. I'll be feeling pretty mad tomorrow when I have to drive the little neon to work, though. I'd take the F350 4 door (still has all its original paint, so it isn't really a country truck), but there aren't any spaces big enough at work, and it'd cost an arm & a leg in gas...ok, I just thumped myself on the head and reminded myself: no-one's bleeding, the kids are all ok, there's food on the table and a roof over our head... ;-)

I'm hanging out waiting for the insurance lady... sounds like a good time to start some seed trays...

Take care everyone!


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Nepthys, I just read another thread where you mentioned you missed GA - so I guess you didn't need a lecture on the joys of living in the south :-) Truth is, I miss GA, too. Savannah in the spring was the most beautiful city I've seen, and nothing prettier than miles and miles of corn and cows. I guess I'll have to move to the Corn Belt when we finally can quit the suburb life.


(Zone 5a)

Good Morning err, afternoon to everyone. I just had to share that I made it to 43! Can you believe it? It took me 43 years to get to live on a farm. This is going to be my best year yet. It's foggy here in Illinois but it's also mid 40's. Have a good day everyone!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

It started out so nice and warm this morning then began to turn cooler followed by some nice gentle rain for the entire afternoon.
I baked bread this afternoon. Used some sugar replacement with cinnamon and butter for a cinnamon/sugar roll so DH could eat it safely. Made some dinner rolls and loaves too. I make the rye and whole wheat flours fresh just before adding it to the wet ingredients, & use molasses to sweeten and give the yeast something to feed on.
DH, DGS, & I pounded and banged, lubricated, and pried, then finally got the right rear wheel bearing assembly off the van. He had it off about 2 weeks ago and it was so easy. Of course then we didn't have the new part here ready to put on. And he was feeling good that day too. We'll put it all back together either later tonight or in the morning.
Lisa, it sounds as tho that tractor was a wonderful buy. I'm so glad you were able to get it. Yes, I agree they can be real muscle savers.
Have a great evening everyone.

hit 70 degrees today and I worked digging up Nandinas. Those devils are massive - 8 feet tall and a rootball that weighs at least 100 pounds. I had to get trish to help me lift the thing out of the hole I dug (and it was a big hole).

I'm sore sore sore and will by sore sore sore sore sore sore sore sore sore tomorrow. ;-)

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