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what to do?

hickory, NC(Zone 7a)

ok the past month we have lost 2 calves(we think to coyotes) when we find them dead they are either got magets on them or they are bones ,so we arent sure what is going on,we know there is coyotes around here and as dry as it has been we think their food source is running out and that might be why they are going for the calves but then we heard yesterday that there is 2 black panthers in morganton which is about 45 minutes away so now we are thinking it could be black panthers,has anyone else ever had to deal with something like this and if so what did you do to get rid of them,we have heard through the grape vine that they have put the coyotes here to get the deer population down,well i thought that is what the hunting was for lol we are putting up 3 strains of wire around the fence,hoping that will keep them out, my husband has bought a thing that sounds like hurt animals to call them in to kill them but no luck i would love to hear what you all have done to get this resolved plmk and thxs for your help thxs

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