Desperately need bunny supplies

Buffalo, WV(Zone 7a)

I've gone bunny crazy and need water bottles, feeders, kindling boxes, etc. I'll buy or trade plants or plant books for this stuff. Need cages too if anybody local sees this. I bought 3 Mini Rex and 2 Mini Lops yesterday and will be getting Holland Lops, and more Mini Rexes tomorrow. Spur of the moment but it's getting my depressed self out of the house! Bunny info is welcome too since I'm new to the rabbit thing. Oh, one of my bunnies was bred yesterday on the way home so should be having babies in a month ;~D Can't wait!

Here's the Mini Lop pair. She wanted nothing to do with the buck yesterday but is very amorous today. He's trying but is very young and too small so he may not be able to breed her yet. Very frustrating for her I'm sure LOL.

Thumbnail by Wvdaisy

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