Help! Where do I start with our new farm?

Easton, KS(Zone 5b)

All my dreams have come true. We bought an 80 acre farm and moved to it. The land is hilly and rocky and woody and beautiful. We have 15 acres in Brome. We have plenty of water - a large acre+ pond that is spring fed and 3 smaller ponds for stock.
This used to be a dairy farm - it was neglected for quite some time. I know there is a ton of stuff to do, and I'm a bit lost. My DH travels a fair amount, so I need to do most of this myself.

We have some horses in the pasture and I have 6 chickens and 10 Guineas. I'm interested in raising critters for wool, like Angora Goats and rabbits and maybe an Alpacca or two.
We have tons of pasture, lots of woods, lots of rock.
I want to grow something I can sell at the farmers market in town. Maybe berries? Herbs? Heirloom veggies?

I lost my job right after we bought this piece of heaven, so I need to do something to make some kind of income (doesn't have to be huge) so I feel like I'm helping out. Our son is grown up, so it is just my husband and me. I would so appreciate any suggestions, ideas or advice any of you can give me.

I have spoken to our County Extension Agent, and he is new and is not terribly helpful.

Most of the other farms in our area are dairy and cattle farms, and almost everyone is growing corn because of the prices. I don't want to grow corn!

Thanks so much!

Beth Donovan

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