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Can i plant rhizomes now?

Lowell, MA(Zone 6a)

Hi forum, hope someone can give me some imput. i bought two oriental poppies in rhizomes, i know i need to plant them before winter sets in; can i still plant them outside?. I am afraid they will freeze outside; then again i am new at this. I am in zone 6b.

Thanks in advance!

Pittsburg, MO(Zone 6b)

I'm not sure, but I would wait. I'm in zone 6b too. Our weather has been too strange here. I have a few things that I got and I'm waiting until spring to plant outside. I think it is too late to put them in the ground and take root enough not to cause damage to the plant. I did plant them in a large container and have them in my garage. It will stay about 40 to 50 in there unless we have a long freeze, then I will put them in the basement. It is too warm there for me to store over the whole winter.

Just thought I would let you know what I'm doing.

Lowell, MA(Zone 6a)

Ohh nooo! Since then i planted the rhizone out on the ground. :( The guide that came with was so clear about planting it as soon as it got to me that i just followed those instructions. I searched online and got no clear answer. I hope it survives, i mulched it very well, and the weather hasnt been that bad ( i think). But that's just for me i dont know for a rhizome.
Roby thanks for answering, i do have some Cyclamen and Ranunculus that i didnt plant outside and now i am glad i didnt. i think i will do the same you are doing, and plant them in a pot in the basement for now (mine is cold already).

Again thank you!

Pittsburg, MO(Zone 6b)

If you mulched it good, it may survive just fine. I'll cross my fingers.

Lowell, MA(Zone 6a)

Thank you, it will be needed. :~)

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