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Droopy tomato plant

Mannford, OK

I started my tomatoes indoors in Feb. I am ready to plant them but one had become very droopy and the leaves are curling under. CAN ANYONE tell me why or give me suggestions on what to do. I donít want to plant it with the others if itís diseased, but don't want to start over needlessly either.

(Zone 7b)

Need more information to help determine the problem and give good advice.

What variety? Some varieties do tend to be "droopy", for example, some heart/paste types.

How old is plant, what size pot?

Did you recently take it outside w/o gradually acclimating it to outdoor conditions (sun, wind, heat, cold) - otherwise known as hardening off?

Anything on the leaves like spotting or uneven coloration?

Evergreen, CO

If any of my little tomatoes look funny or are runts, I cull them out. Better safe then sorry. Usually start double what I really need anyways.

Good luck!

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Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

sheeba, how are your tomatoes looking?

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)

Anna Russian looks funny, but is a really good heart shaped one.

Mannford, OK

I bought the seed from Burpee. Tomato Viva Italia Hybrid

The best tomato for soups and ketchup. Vigorous plants yield an abundance of 3 oz. fruits.

80 days. The best tomato for soups and ketchup. Vigorous plants yield an abundance of 3 oz. fruits. Disease resistant. Determinate. Burpee exclusive.

I have put it in another room, away frorm the other tomatoes. It just look very unhealthy. I have it in a (6-inch diameter) pot. I sterilized the pots. I keep them indoors until the end of March after which I plant them with a wall of water around them incase it gets to cold.

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