I want to try making liquid soap

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I have looked up some recipes and it appears to take a few days to make. The first day it takes hours or stirring. I have also looked up making liquid soap from shavings of some of my soap bars that don't have a strong enough scent or cut wierd and that got kinda thick after a few days. Both recipes have water, the first is of course with the potassium hydroxide and the second water used in rebatching. Do I need to use a preservative?


Gulf Breeze, FL

To make liquid soap you replace the lye with potash which is also known as potassium hydroxide. It saponifys the oils but never get to the point where they harden into a bar. You just need a SAP table for potassium hydroxide so you get the formula right.

Soap Making Guide

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Anything that you add water or liquid too would best be served by adding a preservative.



Newark, NJ

I add a preservative to mine.

There are many recipes of making soap and candle which we can easily get searching on net.Many websites offer so many DIY tasks where we can get the answers of our queries.

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If you are just using it for your self i make mine with 1 bar of soap add like a quart of water heat in pan to mixed add like one tablespoon of glycern to keep from clumping when mixed add to half a gallon of water i use for this for laundry soap to you can add borax and or washing powder to make it a high cleaning agent works great and cheap i use natural soap from http://www.soapnbath.com it is a good natural cleaner

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