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Crossed Pepper seeds

North Hills, CA

Does anyone know if a single pepper pod can produce seeds that are different from each other?
Some true to the plant and others crossed in the same pod.
I know a plant can have a pod thats seeds grow something different than another pod off the same plant.
I know people who keep their pods seeds separate until they grow a few out before mixing them together in case a couple pods got crossed even thoufgh they tried to isolate the flowers.

Helena, MT

I purchase a hot pepper plant called Pretty-in-Purple last year. Some of the saved seeds spouted short and purple seedlings, others taller and green. Possibly a hybrid or could have been cross pollinated. I left the plant in a pot not far from a couple of other potted hot pepper plants. Personally if I want pure seeds I purchase them from a reputable supplier.

North Hills, CA

I've got Pretty Purple but not Pretty in Purple-2 different plants.

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

It is possible, because each individual seed has to be pollinated. If there are several source of pollen within the same flower, than some seeds could be fertilized by different pollen types.

Helena, MT

As mentioned, I don't bother with saving seeds, and until just recently I had not seen the Pretty-in-Purple advertised in any seed catalogs. I liked the plant well enough to use it as a border in a new flower bed I'm planning this year, so I saved the seeds. Thought about tossing the larger green seedlings and just planting the smaller purple ones, but just for fun, I think I will plant some of both to see what results is.

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