the cow ,steer, chickens,ducks,&pigs

Concho, AZ

Hi, All just this weekend .I found a sign for some farm animals.I thought I would just buy the steer to butcher in the winter.Well we buy the steerthe lady tells me it hard to load the 1yr old steer without his Mother so she give me this cow thats bred for $100.00 and give me 5hens 2 rooster and 5 ducks. She had a New Hamshire White sow thats bred & A boar they are 1.5 years old weigh about 350 apeice.I bought them for $400.00.The lady thruogh 25 steel fence panel with all hardware. This fell into my budget perfect.
Our Lord Work Miracle

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(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

wow you did make out good there

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Wow! what a deal. She almost paid you to take them.

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

How blessed you were!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

God sure shined on you in that deal. She was likely trying to cut down a big feed bill. The price of feed is going through the roof. If the situation were mine I would put the steer in the freezer as soon as he is big enough, now if possible. I'd keep the best rooster and make dumplings of the other one. If the ducks weren't muskovies I'd eat all of them or trade them. The next time the moon was right I'd cut the boar and put him in the freezer soon.

We feed too many mouths that don't produce but our DGS lives with us and he loves animals so we have lots of "pets". We all enjoy them but it does kinda go against my frugal grain. LOL I doubt there'd be enough meat on the hamster to bother skinning him, anyway.

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londonderry, Australia

wow great deal u are lucky


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

What a blessing. I agree with Cajan on nearly everything.

Only I'd keep the ducks for eggs unless they are Ruens. Even then, I'd butcher the drake and keep the hens. Ducks are great bug eaters and the eggs are wonderful. Muscovies fly unless you cut the feathers on only ONE wing short so they are off balance. If they can fly they will be on top of vehicles and all buildings pooing all over everything and that eats off paint quickly. But they are great mothers so if you want more keep the drake. Muscovies are also good butcher birds. All dark meat. I skinned them to not have to mess with the feathers. Whether or not I would keep the chickens depends on many factors. I only have banties because standard and large size chickens can desimate a garden in no time with the scratching they do. Banties do enough damage and eat almost as many insects as a standard size chicken. Banty eggs are just as good too. It just takes about 2 of them to make one med. size egg. Banties are also good mothers most of the time.

That boar would have to be cut and butchered asap. I don't know about signs of the moon but I do know you have to wait several weeks for the hormones to get out of his system before he will be fit to eat. At his age he may never be fit to eat. Packing houses would turn him into pet food. Maybe you can just sell him at the local livestock auction to recoup some of your money and buy feed for the bred sow and piglets with it.

I'd have that steer in the freezer as soon as I had put about 100# of corn or sweet feed thru him to tenderize the big muscle meats. How much hay and feed have they been getting every day? He needs about 3 - 5# daily to get him ready for slaughter if he is over 600#. If you can get the slaughter house to hang him for you and let you take him home a quarter or so at a time and work up that meat yourself it may save you some $$$$. Maybe not. Just check and see. Is momma cow bred back? Important issue if she is to be worth keeping. If not, maybe turn her into hamburger for the freezer unless you know someone with a bull you can turn her in with to get her bred. If she is very old she may not breed so is freezer meat anyway.

GOD bless and keep you and yours.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

The thing with muscovies is that they lay everyday like chickens and they don't need water to swim in like mallards do. Do mallard hens lay like muskovies? It has not been my experience but the mallards around my house are wild so that may make the difference. I have 2 mallard hens and 6 drakes. Should I keep the hens for eggs or trade them for muscovies? All my fowl are in a pen because of predators. I have 1 bantam hen and 3 bantam pullets. I also have 4 bantam roosters and 1 white leghorn rooster. I would like to trade 3 of the bantam roosters for some hens. They are hardly big enough to bother with eating. The leghorn rooster is DGS's pet so I guess he is here until he dies. His name is Spike and we brought him back from the brink of death when he was a chick. My 1 bantam hen is not laying and I assume it is because they are all molting. When she goes broody again I will put some large stock eggs under her.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I wouldn't have Mallards. They fly by nature because they are wild birds. I prefer Khahi Campbells for eggs. They will lay as well as most if not any chicken. Muscovies may not REQUIRE water to swim in, but they love water to bathe in. KCs don't even bathe that often but do appreciate a pan of water to sit in on hot days. However KCs aren't good setters like Muscovies are. And they don't tame down as well either.

Your hens may not be laying well because there are too many roosters to harrass them. Get rid of all but one rooster.As he becomes more and more related to all of your hens he will have to be quarenteened or gotten rid of too. Go buy a new rooster of the breed you really want. Or do without one at all. Unless you want chicks, you don't need a rooster and the hens will do fine without one. Mine are happy to not have one around. Well, one young chicken has started crowing so he will lose his head when bug eating season is over. So he is assured of seeing several more sunrises. lol. We have about 13 more baby chicks some of which are sure to be roosters. They won't get to live thru the winter as they eat feed that is expensive and I'm on a limited budget. In the spring I'll go to a swap and buy some new blood.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Will the hens set without a rooster?

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Yes, they will.

When I had hens we didn't have a rooster. Somebody gave us a banty hen, and the next spring she went broody. We removed her clutch of eggs and replaced them with a dummy egg, which was fine with her. I couldn't find fertile eggs, so I bought a few chicks from the feed store and put them under her after dark one night. I peeked in at her a couple of times and could see that she was coming out of her trancelike state as the little chicks wiggled beneath her. In the morning when I checked them, Ms Banty was a happy and very protective mother.

I think possibly the key to the success in this story was the fact that I let her set for enough time to be about right for chicks to hatch, and then put them under her after dark so she had all night to wake up to being a mother. She thought they were hers.

Her little brood of chicks quickly got so big that they couldn't all fit under her, since they were full sized chicks and she was a banty. With a similiar mismatch of sizes, 6 is plenty. I think I had given her 10. When they were about a month old they raised her right up off her feet when they were all under her, but she managed to keep them warm enough until they had feathers.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

What a fantastic deal! Your freezer will soon be filled to the max!!
Do you know what kind of ducks and chickens you have? With 5 pullets you only need one roo-he'd make great chicken and dumplings!
We had KC ducks,too. I was never without eggs. Even in the winter with no extra light, I always had at least two or three eggs(8 ducks). They are the best for baking.

We just brought a pig to market yesterday. We've got 2 steers one of which is heading very soon to market. Just looking for a trailor to haul him there.

Paris, TN(Zone 6b)

Great deal carmens!

Thanks for the info on KC's Sue and Leaflady - we are wanting ducks in the future, but it's kind of like chickens, I really am having a hard time knowing what type to get for our needs. Do duck eggs work well for eating too, or is their taste different?

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

they are richer in flavor, I love them a lot of people dont. I will get some ducks maybe next year.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I don't really taste much different. Maybe they are richer. But all our birds free range so even the chicken(banty)eggs taste rich.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I've found a very slight difference but they taste great fried and make a fab omelet! My DD won't eat them but I think it's more psychological! She thinks one should only eat chicken eggs-that's a teenanger for you! She's the one that wouldn't drink the goats milk so you can't go by her tastes.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

that was a great deal . Your are very lucky ducky LOL pun intended. :)
Teens are funny arn't they Sue. LOL mine turns 18 today
Cajun what a cutie that DGS is !!!! what kind of moon would you cut the boar ? mars is in the moon this week ? acutally right next to it !! so i was told by my crazy aunt who is a stars and planet person LOL i just think its neat :)
I have often wondered about the water duck thing. i guess a kids swim pool would work ?
I like ducks
I m Sue too LOL

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I used a kiddie wading pool for my khakis they loved it! It's abit of a pain to empty and scrub out but it's worth it! Just make a ramp for them to get in and out. This way you don 't have an accidental drowning from a duck getting exhausted try to get out. Found that out the hard way :(. It wasn't from the kiddie pool but I was using a deeper watering tub used for cows. I recently sold my Khakis to a neighbor and now I only have one Pekin-just lost her sister to a tomato choking incident. :( She's with my chickens right now so I just have a large dog food dish for her to take her daily bath in.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

The moon should be at the knees or below to be sure of less bleeding.

I love duck eggs for everything. They make the bst cakes.

Ours swim in a big horse feed tub. Easy to dump and clean. They can only fit 1 at a time but taking turns and learning patience is a good thing. LOL

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

The tub is definetly easier to empty! the kiddie pools are a bit flimsy so they tend to bend in the middle when dumping out the water. I've been splashed more times by sloshing water!!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

I can believe that on the splashing. Hard to do with my kids in it . Then they bend and break. I get more wet than the kids.
Water tub sounds good .
Cajun good to know on the moon. Sounds logical. The more i learn from my aunt the more i think it makes sense :) IMHO :)
do goose eggs make good pickled eggs ? or does it not matter. I love pickled eggs .

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

I make a KILLER pickled egg. I plan on making them with my small eggs this winter and sell them to the bars.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

oh really luvs2 . Might have to share your reciepe hmmm. I was wondering do you use beets too or just eggs. I was thinking of doing both in a jar ?
oops sorry didn't mean to hijack a thread
my bad sorry
bowing down with humble hands :) lol

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Quail eggs are great for pickling. Bite sized.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I use a kiddy pool. When the current one starts to leak I just put the new one into it. I think they are 4 pools thick now. I have a boat bilge pump to empty it. You hook it to a 12 volt battery like on the lawn mower. It empies in mintues right where I put the hose end. Then I do have to wash & redump it.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

A small fountain pump works well. Just let it run outside the pool rather than recirculate.

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

my secrete to the eggs, I take the juice(the brine) from sliced jalapeņos and add to the brine for the eggs, let them set up for about 2 weeks. They are perfect.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

anything with jalepenos in it is good to me
that sounds awesome luvs2 mmmmmm
oh quail sounds good too.
Those pumps are handy arn't they Leaf. I have seen many farmers use them .
Im glad i saved my kids pools from last summer LOL they are in storage and will come in handy. :)

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I saved the ladder from the pool(the pool deflated from leaks along the seams). I placed it in the chicken yard and they roost on it at night! It's three rungs high. I love recycling stuff!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Carmen...I am going to reply regarding your pigs...

If they are that big already, and you wish to raise more, I have to disagree with LeafLady about cutting the Boar.. I would go ahead and keep him for stud to your sow...Then you can cut any males you get from those breedings and put them in the freezer at about 120 to 150 pounds... Best time to butcher is from the second week of October to the end of November...If you are raising them strictly for your own meat you CAN breed father back to daughter, but not to granddaughters... you would need a second boar for that...2 boars to service every other generation would do the trick...Give you plenty of meat, and some pigletts to sell to pay your feed bills...They sell good at about 110 pounds for butcher...or you could sell them as soon as they are weaned..

A 1 yr old steer is perfect for the freezer this winter...again, butcher late fall...The cooler the weather the better for the meats...also if you want more tender meat, you need to have a way to kill them that they don't see it coming...If they are tensed up, they tighten the muscles, and the meat will be tough...Pen up anything you intend to butcher a few days before, so they are not stressed...Old Indian methods...Deer and other wild game are shot while they graze, preferably while eating with the head down...they don't see or hear you, they are not tense...Tender meat... :-)

I would never kill a cow unless she was just too old to breed...Obviously the lady you got her from had access to a bull or semen to get that steer calf from her...and if he is only a year old, she is obviously a good breeder as of last year...I hope she is already bred for you, and that will give you time to find a bull for her once she drops the new calf...

Good luck and I envy you your wonderful bargain!!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

If your boar has any age at all to him, I wouldn't even consider cutting him. Have you ever tried castrating a 70 pound hog??? I have and it ain't fun. Takes 10 men to hold the hog and I had to cut fast. (yes, I did all the castrating when we had h ogs). The one plus was it was easy to find what you needed to find to get the job done. Plus, it is a real stress on the pig at that weight and he could die. Optimum time to castrate is when they are about a week old. The meat will taste like boar and it will be a waste of time and money getting him butchered and processed. Trust me, you do not want to smell boar meat cooking, let alone eat it. Optimum weight to butcher a hog is in the neighborhood of 250 pounds. Remember, there is waste from the hide and bones and guts that is not "meat", so you will not have 250 pounds of finished product. We sold a butcher hog privately, it weighed about 260-270, somewhere in there, and the hanging carcass weight was 172. This is before it was processed, so there is bone in that weight.

Before you even think of breeding your sow and raising her pigs, you have to remember that hogs are extremely destructive animals and it will take a good fence (with possibly an electric wire close to the ground to deter rooting) to keep them in. Hogs will continually work a fence and once they find a hole and get out, well, the fun is just beginning. For the hog. For you??? Try and keep 'em in after THAT!!!!

I am not qualified to comment on chickens, ducks, and other fowls..........never raised them. Hogs and beef, now, I have experience in them. LOL

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Well i m sure learning alot from you all
Ok so let me get this straight . Don't butcher a boar ? just don't taste right or smell right in the meat eating dept . ?
yikes on the castrating a big hog/boar . ? ! LOL poor Anna . :) *wink*
Ummm can i ask another city girl question
a hog is a ? uncastrated male and a boar is castrated ? or is it the other way around .

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Boar is uncastrated. "Hog" is sometimes used by "the older generation" (older than mine, believe me) interchageably for boar. A barrow is a castrated male pig. Sow is a pig that has had a litter (or more than 1) and a gilt is a female pig that has not had a litter.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

My FIL uses the term hog.
when at a TSW he asked for Hog fence and the young gal looked at him " what 's that " i guess now they call it cattle panel ?
he got what he needed. finaly . lol
ok thanks Anna
so don't butcher a hog or boar due to the taste and smell ? is that right.
this city girls is learning .

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Forget about using the word "hog".............unless you are talking about a whole bunch of them, as in "Hey, everyone, the hogs are out and we need to go chase them back in". LOLOL Up here we have cattle panels and hog panels. The hog panels are only 36 inches tall, the cattle ones are taller. They are all usually 16 feet long, tho.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

aaaahhhh got cha

Waddy, KY

And if you hear the term shoat it's a weaned pig.

It's also not necessarily good to run pigs with springer cows. Years ago we had a cow freshen in a field with the hogs and looked up to see the old sow dragging the new calf across the field with the intention of having it for supper....


none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

that is good to know. yikes poor calf
oh i feel so country already ! :) lol
learning all these terms

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I believe it Janet. I had a sow that would follow me around the farm which I allowed until she chased after the lambs. Her intentions were not honorable. After that she lost her traveling privileges.
Here she is following my DH

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Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

My Dad had a milk cow that ranged the woods until milking time in the evenings. She started coming in dry and he thought someone was catching her and milking her in the woods so he followed her and found the theif to be a young pig nursing away!

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